Brian’s Column: The Parable of Nocium

… and Nodoum

TrollarchyPart 1 of this column is here.

Logan Dance was called a swing doctor by some, but really what he did was help people to find their way thru the thickets and weeds of life. Frequently, these choke points were nothing but old paths, leading nowhere now, to which the client had become accustomed, trapped. Almost always the habits were self-imposed, at the beginning out of a sense duty, and were now held in place by inner force, a realm of the ‘musts.’ Logan’s technique was simple: ask a few questions to identify the source of the burden, discover the authentic thrust of personal energy inside, maneuver the client to a position to  drop the burden (without resistance and without hurting anyone), and let it go. Continue reading

Donut Hole: We’re Off to Leave the Wizard

Dorothy and Toto dispel the illusion of power
by Brian Wright

The Wizard of OzSometimes I wonder whether the moral allegory of The Wizard of Oz is all we need to set the world straight. Remember the timeless movie we Boomers grew up with as a spring ritual on TV: A girl on the threshold of adventurous maidenhood finds herself in a daydream that turns into a nightmare—until she realizes everything she needs is right here at home. Symbolism is rampant within the original turn-of-the-19th-century novel by Frank Baum, and in the movie none more so than the scene where Dorothy, her dog Toto, and her three farmhand-surrogate protector-friends enter the chamber of the Great Oz: Continue reading

Guest Column: The Politics of Obedience

Discourse on Voluntary Servitude
by Etienne de la Boetie

la BoetieA most interesting blast from the past… accompanied by a complementary and contemporary video: What keeps the tiny minority of the state and its enforcers in charge of the rest of us? Fascinating question, and timeless answer. From Larkin Rose: Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Time Now to Johnson Up for Liberty

Notes from the 2012 LP of Michigan Convention
by Brian Wright

Embassy SuitesAnother one for the books. The 2012 nominating convention was organized this year by Renee Lewis, setting at the luxurious Embassy Suites in Livonia, 02 June 2012 (01 June, too, if you count the last-minute Senatorial debate between Mr. Scotty Boman and Dr. Erwin Haas). Continue reading

Brian’s Column: The Freedom Philosophy

Reemerging in America at an opportune time
by Brian Wright

Freedom Philosophy and Ron PaulToward the end of February 2012, preceding the Ron Paul primary in Michigan—I say Ron Paul Primary because no one else in the field of Republican (or Democratic) presidential candidates seems to actually be there, you know, like they’re just empty suits signifying nothing—on February 28, I was fortunate to attend a Ron Paul rally at Michigan State University, in the MSU Auditorium, East Lansing. It was quite windy and chilly, but hundreds of students arrived as much as an hour early, fighting the campus’s horrendous parking situation, just to be sure to get a good seat for the free event. Continue reading