Guest Column: TSA Lethal Radiation and its Cures

Two stories you won’t get from the Lamestream
courtesy Infowars and Brasscheck TV

Editor’s Note: Normally, when publishing a guest column I try to excerpt with reference to the author’s article or column. In this case, I don’t think Infowars—in the person of Paul Joseph Watson will mind in the least my practically full transcription of his piece. It astounds me that—in this day of exposure of multiple high-level crimes and felonies, including the recent assumption by Obama of dictatorial powers of indefinite detention without trial and murder of ‘enemies of the state’—so many ‘good Americans’ accept that they must be either sexually assaulted or lethally irradiated by government agents (with the combined IQ of toast) for the privilege of flying. Maybe when these low-life morons start dying like flies, the rest of us will have the moral courage to end the Ongoing atrocity of the TSA. Continue reading