Guest Column: TSA Lethal Radiation and its Cures

Two stories you won’t get from the Lamestream
courtesy Infowars and Brasscheck TV

Editor’s Note: Normally, when publishing a guest column I try to excerpt with reference to the author’s article or column. In this case, I don’t think Infowars—in the person of Paul Joseph Watson will mind in the least my practically full transcription of his piece. It astounds me that—in this day of exposure of multiple high-level crimes and felonies, including the recent assumption by Obama of dictatorial powers of indefinite detention without trial and murder of ‘enemies of the state’—so many ‘good Americans’ accept that they must be either sexually assaulted or lethally irradiated by government agents (with the combined IQ of toast) for the privilege of flying. Maybe when these low-life morons start dying like flies, the rest of us will have the moral courage to end the Ongoing atrocity of the TSA.

1) TSA to test body scanner operators for radiation

TSA ScannersPaul Joseph Watson

Federal agency still refuses to retest machines after cancer warnings

Following reports of cancer clusters at Boston-Logan Airport, the TSA is set to test its naked body scanner operators for radiation exposure, but still refuses to test the actual machines that thousands of Americans are forced to pass through each day.

“After years of rebuffing health concerns over airport scanners, the Transportation Security Administration plans to conduct new tests on the potential radiation exposure from the machines at more than 100 airports nationwide,” reports the Los Angeles Times. Details of the tests were not announced publicly by the federal agency, they were leaked as a result of a request sent to government vendors to provide wearable dosimeters that provide measurements of individual radiation exposure.

The tests follow apparent efforts by the TSA to cover-up a “cluster” of cancer cases amongst scanner operators at Boston-Logan airport. According to FOIA documents obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, when Union representatives in Boston discovered a “cancer cluster” amongst TSA workers linked with radiation from the body scanners, the TSA sought to downplay the matter and refused to issue employees with dosimeters to measure levels of exposure.

The documents indicated how, “A large number of workers have been falling victim to cancer, strokes and heart disease.” Numerous studies conducted by prestigious universities and health authorities, including Johns Hopkins, Columbia University, the University of California, and the Inter-Agency Committee on Radiation Safety, have warned that the devices will lead to an increase in cancers.

Despite the fact that almost every independent study has concluded that the machines will cause cancer cases to increase, the TSA routinely denies the threat, and even claimed that the Johns Hopkins study validated the safety of the scanners, when in fact it said the opposite. Johns Hopkins’ biophysics expert Dr Michael Love warned that, “statistically someone is going to get skin cancer from these X-rays,” after conducting a study of the naked body scanners.

In addition, documents obtained by EPIC show how the TSA “publicly mischaracterized” the findings of a National Institute of Standards and Technology, in stating that NIST had positively confirmed the safety of full body scanners in tests. The NIST study warned that airport screeners should avoid standing next to full body scanners in order to keep exposure to harmful radiation “as low as reasonably achievable.”

After making assurances that the DHS would conduct further studies into the safety of X-ray scanning devices, TSA head John Pistole reneged on the promise in November.As we reported last week, the Department of Homeland Security is also set to expand the use of X-ray scanning machines at US border crossings, despite the availability of millimeter-wave machines that do the same job without emitting harmful radiation.

[Full story here.]

2) Real airport security—going to the dogs

Courtesy BrasscheckTV. First we created what has turned into the ultimate TSA abuses reference video…”The TSA is Out of Control” Then, we traced the problem to its source, a government-criminal enterprise operated by Michael Chertoff. Now, we present the solution.

Bomb Sniffing Dogs

Please share this video far and wide. Send the link to bloggers and writers and other influential people. A special request to StumbleUpon users to give this page a thumbs up. We can beat these devils, but we better get real info out before they drown the country in BS. Brasscheck TV has done its part. Now, we ask you to do yours.

Bomb-sniffing dogs work infinitely better than any high tech/high cost/high scam device… That’s why the FBI uses them to protect its own headquarters and why the US military uses them in Iraq and Afghanistan under the most hazardous and hostile conditions imaginable. We are being irradiated, lied to and put in real danger so Michael Chertoff and his friends in Homeland Security can rip us off. Meanwhile, Obama tells us it’s for our safety.

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