Stonebeam 27. ‘Covid’ and ‘Covid’ ‘Vax’ are Bioweapons

Important Catchup Two Weeks via Truth-Media on the ‘Covid’ Op
Story Shot 27, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 13 June 2021

Please share this digest of key links to important information, particularly to your medical professional friends—doctors, nurses, caregivers:

  • Let me start with the column by Children’s Health Defense, which reports on an audio confession given by Dr, Byram Bridle in the belly of beast, Canada: “We made a big mistake.” [He reports that spike protein pathogens travel all thru the body, causing immense harm:]
  • The CHD audio is shared by terrain theoryite, Dr. Thomas Cowan, in a 60-minute discussion He basically responds to the Bridle confession, “Duh!” ( Thank you, to John T. for the Cowan video.
  • Lorri B. points me to a fabulous discussion-Q&A by Dr. David Martin and Dr. Judy Mikovits at the “Free and Brave” Conference during the 3d weekend in May 2021: Key question is where is the link to “the next morning” by Dr. Judy, where she is discussing treatments If you find it please send to me at
  • From Dallas, on 6/5/21, a special “Event 2021” presentation by Dr. Richard Fleming was livestreamed by TheHighWire. He’s a highly credentialed, pro-vaccine allopath giant who proves current spike protein ‘vaccines’ are bioweapons portending our extinction: Also vital for those who want to know treatments for the spike protein poisoning, Dr. Fleming’s leading edge research is located here:

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