Guest Column: Free Don Siegelman, Selma, March 9

Give Some Thought to Helping Don Siegelman

Freedonselm2For some reason—actually, I’m very clear about what that reason is—I have a very sympathetic spot in my heart for Don Siegelman, former governor of Alabama, railroaded by the federal prosecutocracy during the Bush/Karl Rove era into prison for bestowing a routine not-for-personal-profit political favor. [Basically, Siegelman’s crime was being on a federal enemies list.] He’s sought release via the Obama justice department, but his appeals have fallen on deaf ears and hard hearts. Which is why I find the pro-Obama image on the sign right to be ironic. Help him out if you can. Remember, if former governors can be sentenced to hard time for political offenses, what do you think your fate will be?   Continue reading