Stonebeam 25: CBS III: Tactics and Widgets

Story Shot 25, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 12 March 2021

Note: This is the third in a series of three columns on the CBS affliction. Pt. I, Pt. 2.

If you have not read the first two Stonebeams in this series please do so to provide a framework and context for this one. Second, a special thanks to a special freedom warrior woman from, of all places, Jolly Ol’ (England), for the image at the right… and, more, for being an enthusiastic contributing audience, which has deeply encouraged me to write on the collective-brain syndrome (CBS) Strategy, Decollaring Guide, and Indie consciousness in general: Hail Susie of Sherwood Forest.

Instead of stretching the Robin Hood referent, let’s go to Hans Christian Andersen’s Denmark and his The Emperor’s New Clothes. Little Susie is today’s ‘Little Child’ of the fable, stating the obvious that the emperor wears no clothes.

Still the same old story, the perfect metaphor for holding the great collared-mind masses in bondage and in homage to—not so much the king, rather—the charlatan-soothsayer leeches and puppeteers who pull the strings of throne power.

In our modern case that’s the Klaus Schwabs and Friends of the Great Reset.

I’ll transition to a parallel analogy, the Wizard of Oz, to share a common truth:

Both the Grand Wiz and Naked King entourage generate a Grand Illusion, a Big Lie, to hypnotize a public rendered largely unconscious and compliant by OFFICIAL STORIES leveraging CBS. The Oz Tranceotron of smoke and audiovisuals, today, is TV.

How does Toto pull back the curtain on that, expose the old guy and his levers?

Then how do we rise like Dorothy to read the feeble dude the riot act and go home?

Here are plausible steps I see for Indies getting and keeping the CBS cure rolling:

  1. Roll out by presenting to your public officials—letter template.[1] Essence: “Are u aware of CBS as a major ‘viral’ threat to your constituents? Here’s how to fix.”
  2. Make available to public officials and to general public a CBS Questionnaire, e.g. “What is CBS?” “How do I know if I have it?” “How dangerous?” “Cures?”
  3. We’ll have easy-to-print-and-distribute minibrochures (~three-panel 5.5” x 8.5” two-sided equivalent), also business-card-sized cards to leave all over.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for materials tailored to individuals, academics, media, etc.
  5. Train the trainer and ‘heal thyself’ tools coming, programmed learning.
  6. Materials above I’ll generate in the next couple of weeks, but all leading to the book launch, ref. in progress.
  7. Piggyback CBS ed and remediation w/good Indie causes. Example, mass masking is “useless, unsafe, and immoral;” protest with complementary material.

Note: The CBS cure seems to entail realization of the global domination agenda.[2]

A few more comments and clarifications: Distinguish CBS from normal community-focused spirit and care for others of one’s community. For instance, rooting for the home team is an offshoot of natural species-identification, but sacrificing the kids’ lunch money for box seats is CBS. Harsh fraternal hazing is also CBS, and detracts.

Also beware CBS behavior originating outside the “public-official” context such as flat-earth societies or demagogic messengers of “God.” Frankly, I don’t see any approach as saving us from general CBS, EXCEPT mass-self-discovery and mass rejection of the syndrome: Indie consciousness and basic individual rationality all around.

Please go to Part II, here.

[1]  Detailed tasks and docs will be provided in Decollaring Guide book, Cures section.

[2]  The Thrive 1 video ( is a sterling presentation of the GDA and solutions.

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