Stonebeam 24: CBS II: Urgent Call to Action!

Story Shot 24, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 11 March 2021

Note: This is the second in a series of three columns on the CBS affliction. Pt. 1, Pt. 3.

All right, in Stonebeam 23[1] I developed a concept for a general psychological affliction of humanity that I am naming collective-brain syndrome (CBS)[2]—its nature, its ubiquity (everywhere-ness), and its threat to Independent consciousness and Being… that is, to the next stage of human evolution.

And I pointed to the probable psychobiological origins of CBS, and how what we’re seeing now with ‘covtardia’ and the Great Reset is a resurgence in global society, or attempted resurgence, of what Julian Jaynes calls “the bicameral mind.”

What’s next? Where do we go from here?

Where “we” = Independents[3] of the world and those embracing The Highest Ethic.

[Ultimately, I intend the “CBS Strategy” to effect Independents Rising.]

Big Picture and CBS Strategy

The big picture is to further the FLOW cultivation philosophy and fellowship (ref. thecoffeecoaster|Stones|Stonebeam 16) in complementary fashion with Thrive… which serves as an apotheosis-celebration of “Independent Being in benevolent community.” The major impediment to this humane goal, I’ve identified as herd mind (i.e. CBS) trapped, suicidally, in the global domination agenda (GDA).

Thus the CBS Strategy is to treat herd mind—enabler of the impending ‘covid’ Great Reset of world tyranny—as a deadly, clinical, contagious disease to “our kind.” And eradicate CBS by undermining both its predatory consciousness’ herders and freeing its prey herdies with tools of understanding and immunity.

Down to Earth

Who knew the ‘covid’ op would morph overnight into consensus totalitarianism?

I’m sure it even pleasantly astounded Hive-central[4] how easy it was for them.

So, as a spokesman for “Indie-central,” it’s my sad duty to inform my fellow Independents and woobie-Indies of the obvious: “We in a heap o’ trouble, boy!” Esp. now that large numbers of our friends and family members are “jabbin’ fo’ ‘Jesus’”—exhibiting the no-return, fatal, Level-I CBS symptom: catastrophic irrationalilty (CI).

Ref. and other legitimate alternative sources. No time to expand now.

VAERS and other natl reporting systems show unprecedented deaths and chronic neuro disorders for ‘covid’ ‘vaccines’ in the US and worldwide. Even those who know the risks, know their likelihood of recovering from ‘covid’ is in the 99.9% range, AND know that the ‘vaxxes’ do not stop infection are lining up for the Death-Jab Boogie.

This level of CI needs a major Shakabuku—swift spiritual kick to the head—to alter the playing field for fairness and simple common human sense. Enter the CBS Strategy. I’ll be discussing the widgets—they’re actually kind of fun—in tomorrow’s Stonebeam, “CBS III,” then put everything together in my Decollaring Guide in progress.

Please go to Part III, here.

[1]|Stones|Stonebeam 23

[2]  Repeating defn: CBS = Belief that one’s brain is like a hive insect’s and that one’s nature and moral duty is to follow the collective’s ‘voices’ w/o question, w/o reason. Ref., search “Sharing Healing Tools”. Note: we have less polite synonyms: herd mind (herdies), Borgsters (e.g. cyborgs), sheepsters, drones, etc.

[3]  Working defn: Independent = An Independent is a human person who exercises full and exclusive psychological dominion over his own mind and its judgment in all matters, never surrendering that responsibility to others who claim authority or consensus. He thinks for himself, never accepting coercion of anyone’s mind or body by another being or beings, human or otherwise. And seeks a world based on the nonviolation principle (aka nonaggression principle or liberty) and voluntary cooperation of individuals in benevolent community. Ref. The Truman Prophecy.

[4]  This is “Collective-Brain” control, e.g. ‘Great Reset’ Cabal, call it the “Toohey Complex,” in tribute to Ayn Rand.

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