Brian’s Column: The Constitution Solution

Another reason to always listen to your mother
by Brian Wright

This one continues again from the previous two columns that resulted from general consternation over O-Slammer-Care… I mentioned to Mom that the Constitution is simple: no federal authority for health care. She said she agreed with me on this one. “It isn’t in there. Government officials should know and make available the Constitution to their constituents.”

And then the light bulb went off!
— bw

Recall that I mentioned in my O-Slammer-Care and the Constitution column that I had spoken with a regular fellow, Mr. Robert K. Jones, at the Liberty Forum (March 18-22, 2010, Nashua, NH). He is an attorney from Connecticut who one day sort of scratched his head, and said “Gee whiz, I’ve been swearing to uphold and defend this document. Maybe I should read it and see what it actually says.”

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In his introduction, Jones states:

“I have two basic goals in writing this book (Securing the Blessings of Liberty: A guide to the understanding of the US Constitution). I want to convince you of two things:

  1. It is possible for you to understand the Constitution for yourself; you don’t need “experts” to tell you what it says.
  2. It is vitally important that you do so [read and understand the Constitution], because the document cannot serve its purpose if you don’t.

“If I can succeed in those two goals, then more important long-term goals will naturally follow. If you understand its importance and believe you can understand it, you will read it. If large numbers of Americans read the document for themselves, they will not only know if their government exceeds its limits, they will ‘know that they know.'”

At the convention there, I spoke with the author briefly when I first arrived and set up my own literature: The Sacred Nonaggression Principle, New Pilgrim Chronicles, Don’t Throw Mama off the Turnpike, and There Must Be Some Mistake. Robert is just a great guy, and, forgive me for saying, an “ordinary” guy, that if you were living back in the 50s in the suburbs you’d run into at the hardware store and compare notes on the kids’ treehouses. Perfect. Because if your neighbor who builds treehouses can read and understand the Constitution, so can you.

I will sort of double up in this column by making it a book review. The review part is brief. With minimum fanfare, Jones establishes the historical context for the Constitution—his book includes the Articles of Association, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation, and very brief discussions of a handful of key constitutional legal cases—then lets ‘er rip.

You know what, you’ll be amazed how straightforward the C is.

I won’t state there isn’t any room for interpretation, but there sure isn’t much. When the 1st Amendment begins “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” we know that the federal government cannot tell Tom Cruise to quit spewing Scientology on Oprah… or for that matter (because the 1st includes freedom of speech) restrain Oprah’s opinion about eating beef.

Similarly, let’s read two germane amendments, 9 and 10, 10 first:

  • 10th Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited to it by the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people—i.e. if it ain’t spelled out here as a power of the federal government, the federal government doesn’t have the authority to exercise that power.
  • 9th Amendment: The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people—i.e. the people retain all their natural freedoms regardless of whether the freedoms are spelled out in the Constitutionand the government must not mess with ’em.

The clear language of these two amendments, in particular, decisively dispels the so-called ‘elastic clauses’ statists have been imagining for two centuries. Take an average federal legislator, Republican or Democrat, ask him whether the federal government can do this or that, and he’ll say, “Without a doubt. The Constitution contains a ‘whatever we feel like doing’ paragraph that justifies and enables any legislation that the majority can ram down the throat of the minority.”[1]

Well, sorry Charlie, no mas.

Not Even Close

At this point Let me refer you to my former two columns, on O-Slammer-Care and the Constitution [1] and [2]. As literate human beings we don’t have to spend any time arguing whether O-Slammer-Care (excuse me, the Patient Protection and Health Care Affordability Act) is constitutional: it clearly is not. [And for reasons above and beyond forcing individuals to participate in a contract… though that’s a biggie.]

I find it grimly amusing that believers in big government act like you kicked their puppy dog when you remind them about the Constitution. “How dare you be so crass as to insist on some old document when a public good is at stake!” So we have to recognize a large inertial resistance among many educated people to the notion that the Constitution proscribes federal power… and that it does so in no uncertain terms. Which is why it makes them uncomfortable when you remind them about it, because they know you’re right.

What’s also scary is how many seemingly caring individuals have succumbed to the propaganda that the Constitution is irrelevant. And how far along the road toward tyranny we’ve let government come because not enough “educated” people stood up and said forcefully: “No, you do not have the authority. It’s in black and white. It doesn’t matter how many guys in robes you bought.”

Are We in the End Game?

The phrase ‘end game’ applies to chess—and by analogy to war and military strategy—when the opening moves are completed, positions have been established in the middle game, then pieces exchanged and each side is down to the few remaining forces necessary to either win, lose, or draw. My sense is that the ruling oligarchy—especially by forcing the health care takeover so quickly and launching so many totalitarian measures in Congress, from Real ID to compulsory national service—has sensed the people are on to them, big time.

To me, O-Slammer-Care and these other measures are signs of desperation: we are still in the middle game, yet the Dark Side is forcing its moves as if it had the end game taken care of. Pure wishful thinking. Thanks to the statists’ premature moves, such as health-care despotism, the people are staging for massive retaliation. They are uniting as never before. As I mentioned in my Midweek Meander last week:

My other major thought this week is that formerly single-cause people are beginning to connect the dots to see that their single-cause problem is caused by the same thing that causes 99% of all the other problems. That’s why I’m seeing from the latest Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth the title of a talk delivered by some little ol’ lady: “Treason in America: 9/11, the Wars and Our Broken Constitution.”

Consider the following major issues:

  1. The War on Drugs
  2. The actual wars “over there”
  3. 9/11 and other acts of state-sponsored false-flag terror
  4. Police state excesses, detentions without trial or notification
  5. The Fed and the oligarchy’s financial plunder of the people
  6. The perpetuation of the illegally applied federal “income” tax
  7. And now the feds want to put our health on their leash

What I’m thinking of right now is seven big ones, but it’s only off the top of my head. What I’m seeing is that a person who is passionate about one number is similarly knowledgeable and aware of the rest of them.  I tell you it’s a tsunami of freedom coming. As evidence take a minute to quicken the blood by watching this music video:

Right now the people—Joe the plumber, or Jim the barber, or Jane the candlestick maker—are putting two and two together. Quickly. And I believe the listening posts of the Oligarchy/Pathocracy are sensing that the people are not only at the breaking point, the people now have enough force within their own infrastructure of life—and within the spirit of popular resistance—to throw the entire ruling class out on its ass.

The next few months are critical.

What the American people do about the health care aggression is key. Will they cooperate like my friend who asserts: “Obamacare has become necessary to move toward the fairness and justice warranted in our health care system.“? Will they blithely turn away from considering any of the serious health detriments of socialized medicine to most humans? Or the fact that we can’t afford it? Will they yield to compulsion and regimentation, thinking that a man like Obama with such a smiling pretty face would never send them to a real concentration camp?[2]

Or will they scratch their heads and say, “Hey, wait a minute. This is America, and ‘we the people’ own the government, not the other way around. According to our sacred document, the feds don’t have the authority to regulate health care… or any of these other things—real ID, biometric implants, compulsory government service, police functions, aggressive war, torture, etc… It’s ‘how you say’ OFF the table!”? I sure hope so.

Mom’s Big Idea

So when I bring up the fact that the feds don’t have the authority for O-Slammer-Care or for a lot of these other things, she says, “Well, I never thought the Democrats should have tried to do anything with health care until they ended the wars.” But she totally gets the Constitution argument. Then she says, “You know what, anyone who runs for office needs to hand out copies of the Constitution to all his/her constituents. Not only that, everyone in government should be able to demonstrate that he/she has read and understood the Constitution. I wonder why they don’t do that?”

I say, “Mom, duh, do you really think that crowd in Washington wants us to understand that 99% of what they do is illegal… if not treasonous?”

That’s when the light bulb went off, and I thought about Robert Jones’ book and what he would like to see: 1) everyone to read and understand the Constitution, and 2) everyone insist on what they understand. If we could set up a cultural consensus like the Kindergarten Rules—don’t hit, don’t steal, don’t lie—where Americans learn, and learn to ‘worship,’ the Constitution at the age of five, then that simple social convention would arrest the tendency Jefferson noted for government to wax and freedom to wane over time.

Note: I’m not trying to shut out the anarchist premise—I personally find the Lysander Spooner “The Constitution of No Authority” worldview utterly convincing—but I’m suggesting we go with what we know. People will buy the Constitution today, not anarchy. If the country were to adopt the Constitution completely, we would reach 90% of the anarchist nonaggression ideal.

As I state in my previous column, O-Slammer-Care and the Constitution:

My sense now is a National Constitution Reading movement may be just the perfect strategy for challenging and eventually undoing the internal cause of the Barrier Cloud….

…the Constitution is at least a familiar idea, like a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. As it became clear that America’s salvation—we could get jobs and live decently, not aggressing upon others—would ensue from the Constitution’s rigorous exercise, what could be more natural… The Constitution is the perfect tonic, the magic pill, that can save our country and our world. But we have to take it (read it, push it) quickly and en masse; time is definitely running out.

The problem is we don’t have the time. We can start Mom’s Idea today, to make all American children come alive to Constitutional Liberty, but the Oligarchy has already launched extreme totalitarian measures. Still, we can meet these offensives in real time with elevating and sanctifying the Constitution among our adult countrymen… for the same reason and to the same effect as I advocate in the Sacred Nonaggression Principle.

Reading and Upholding

Major technique:

Every person in the freedom movement quickly read and understand the Constitution. Obtain large numbers of copies of the Constitution—I recommend from the Oath Keepers site (you may have to inquire, but I saw some very nice pocket versions at the Liberty Forum). Then in conversation with anyone about a federal government infringement of liberty, hand the person a Constitution, ask him or her to locate the authority for the infringement and be on your way. It also works with legislators, executive branch officials, judges, and letters to the editor. When the Oligarchy and its operations personnel are flooded by the Constitution for the slightest infractions, they will soon stop.

Note: Constitution “resisters” have numerous rationalizations as to why the Constitution should be considered simply a guideline, or that government power should not be bound by past documentation. [They never argue that people’s freedom should not be limited by past documentation.] We’ll deal with these rationalizations someday. But no objection to the Constitution can successfully hold that the Constitution is not the supreme law of the United States.

But it will take action from each of us, too. Meaning that not only shall we insist that our officials read and adhere to the sacred document, we shall hold them to it. And when they violate the Constitution, we will not obey them. Understand I am not advocating lawlessness. Quite the contrary, I’m advocating strict adherence to the fundamental law and to the nonaggression principle on which it rests.

So now we have a movement in which natural humans insist on the fundamental law and do not cooperate—to the full extent of their ability and prudence—with lawless superthugs who attempt to enslave us. Get as many of your non-freedom-community friends with any guts to join you in all such boycott or civil-disobedience efforts. The Tea Party movement sounds like a winner. Don’t be a lone wolf; become a supporter of Oath Keepers financially and morally. Because it may come down to that: active duty soldiers and police who refuse to carry out orders of mass incarceration and extermination.[3]

Starving the Beast

This is a penultimate thought as we approach April 15. One very important clause (Article 1, Section 9) of the Constitution is that Congress shall impose no direct tax on people’s earnings (without apportionment). The so-called federal income tax was not instituted, nor has it ever been implemented, as a direct tax on people’s earnings. It has always solely pertained to privileged earnings, such as acquired through federal government employment or holding federal public office.

We may thank the heroic and brilliant writer, Peter Hendrickson, for making the above airtight discovery through his book, Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America. The simple fact is that if you do not work for the federal government or for a federal corporation, you are not a federal taxpayer—according to the Constitution, statutes, and regulatory code. Pete has gone to the trouble of searching the files, and elucidated procedures for extracting oneself from mistakenly considering oneself as a taxpayer. Thousands of real human American persons have received upwards of $11 million from the US Treasury by filing educated returns and retrieving money erroneously sent![4]

But not nearly enough people who are nontaxpayers are ending their payments to the federales. The higher-up members of the ruling elites are terrified of Pete’s book, because they realize the law is on the side of the people. But you, that means you, simply must stop writing checks—or allowing your employers or clients to withhold money—to the Treasury. Clearly, you have the voluntary right to send money to the federal government, but considering that government’s manifest evils and the fact that it fully intends to deprive humans of liberty, why are you helping it? We need to drive a stake thru its heart. You need to step up and stop enabling the beast. Now.

Final Word

Without question, anyone in the federal legislature who voted for the government takeover of healthcare—or to resume the Patriot Act, or to continue to fund the Drug War, or to continue to destroy hundreds of thousands of human lives in the Mideast wars, or to support the Zionist genocide of Palestinians in Israel (etc., I’m only hitting the high notes)—is guilty of treason. [These individuals have actively sought to destroy the object of their oath of office; they have committed treason to the Constitution. And so does the president and his little band of marionettes—and the former president and his little entourage—more so: the presidents and their ‘men’ have actively committed torture and mass murder in defiance of the Constitution. They need to be confined, or at the very least subjected to a rigorous Truth and Reconciliation process.]

I know, sounds harsh.

Because that means millions of Americans have stood by and watched our country go down the toilet without so much as a peep. They have to wonder what makes them any different from the gangsters they enabled to take and hold unconstitutional power and authority. Regardless of how the elites deceived their way into power, they’re here now, and they regard you and me and the rest of normal humanity as livestock… at best. They are not our friends.

To make a long story short, thanks to some exceptional human beings, we have a marvelous tool that can sweep away the Oligarchy like holding up a cross in daylight to Dracula: the Constitution. It’s time to start blanketing the country in the Constitution… not to mention its root document: the Declaration of Independence. The sacred documents and the sacred nonaggression principle (and individual spiritual enlightenment) are far more powerful than all the armies of the world… not to mention O-Slammer’s stormtroopers. We need to dust these tools off and make our government toe the line, today. “Don’t oblige us to resort to arms.”

Here’s a PDF print version of the US Constitution.

[1] For people who actually believe that any of their whims are constitutionally validated by the elastic clauses, please check out my cribbed piece from Robert Greenslade.

[2] Another must-see: The Obama Deception. In every major leadership cult of the 20th century—Stalin, Hitler, Mao—the puppet king, adored by the common people, was granted extraordinary powers. And tens of millions were exterminated by the governments.

[3] Of course, if our Constitutional soldiers refuse to carry out orders for martial law and its many violations, we hope they will do so “in force…” so we may restore the Republic, eliminate the tyranny of the oligarchy, and get on with our lives.


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  1. Supreme Court decisions prove that the Constitution is a flawed document. Using the same document 5 people decide something is constitutional and 4 people decide it isn’t. Whenever a Supreme Court decision based on the Constitution is not unanimous, those in opposition should write an amendment that would have to be passed by 2/3rds of both houses of congress, signed by the president, and ratified by 2/3rds of the states before the law can be considered constitutional. If jury trials need to be unanimous, why not require supreme court decisions to be unanimous. Some claim it would be difficult to pass any new laws. But would such a result be bad.

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