Special Column: “General, I’m a civilian, I outrank you.” — Jim Rockford

Gigatax hike Proposal 1 goes down in flames, ‘regime change’ to follow…

RockfordOne of the most significant phrases from any film or TV series episode was uttered by private detective, Jim Rockford (The Rockford Files, 1974-1980), in response to a high military official who tried to order him off a case. May 5, 2015, will go down in history as the day when the voters of Michigan stood together and told a bat-feces crazy, malevolent, arrogant, and indolent state government: “Lansing, we owner, you servant.”  [aka, “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!”] Today’s unprecedented, monumental act of self-assertion sends breath-shattering shock waves to the gut of self-styled ruling oligarchies, at all levels, around the world.

Four… to… Friggin’… One!!!!

This just in: Latest totals as of May 6 pm: Y: ~350,000 (19.9%); N: ~1,406,000 (80.1%)

Like the gunfire from colonial militias at and near Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, April 19, 1775, or the famed rebellion against property taxes of the late 1970s in California, (Howard Jarvis’s Proposition 13), the crushing of Proposal 1 may very likely become the death knell of the Old World Order… which has gotten by with its predations by using the smoke and mirrors of bought media dictating “think and do this” to a complacent population. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: The Grand Shi of Nakagiri

Michigan Republican State Convention site of next big move on the weiqe board

Coming up slightly short in the vote count, but way ahead in the enthusiasm race, liberty Republican candidate for lieutenant governor in the Wolverine State, Wes Nakagiri, had the establishment forces all a-frazzled, wondering whether somebody forgot to grease the skids on the Juggernaut of State.

In the 2012 primary race, an excellent Forbes article described how Ron Paul was thinking in the long range strategy of shi (pronounced sure) as opposed to his opponents’ shorter-range power-politics plan of attack, called li in Chinese. In the long run, shi, in service of the ‘Freedom Philosophy‘—especially when accompanied by the Gandhian global truth force, Satyagraha—is the superior philosophy. Shi, like water, always wins. It’s just a matter of time. Do we have the time?

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Donut Hole: Taking Shots

Dream suggests Obamacare as screwy fantasy
by Brian Wright

Obamacare_ShotsThese new Donut Hole columns I’m writing are intended to be lighter fare, humorous, at least nonpolitical.

Still it’s difficult to make commentary that doesn’t bear on politics in some way: my first two Donut Holes dealt with sexploitation advertising with a mind-control agenda and how the Wizard of Oz shows political power to be illusory, respectively. Both of which try to illuminate threats to freedom and how to best respond. But I’m going to try again today, to stay light and away from politics, taking my comments from a dream so vivid I immediately rose to write it down: Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Healthcare Cider House Rules

Suppose they gave a law and nobody came
by Brian Wright

This column was originally written and posted on March 22, 2010, and you can see not much has happened to date the analysis. Obamacare isn’t even in place yet, but everyone knows it’s going to be pure hell:

Lots of activity on the Web, as you might expect, following the rather “intravenous heading toward Pluto” outcome from DC yesterday. My goodness, HR 3962 “Health Care Nationalization” passed by a 219-211 vote. What’s a mother to do?
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Brian’s Column: Obamacare and the Constitution

“You don’t have the power, Droneboy!”

Many of us Apollo 13 fans remember the exchange between the young lead engineer played by Loren Dean and Gene Cernan (Ed Harris) during heated discussions about how to get the astronauts of that mission back to earth safely. Basically, the plans everyone had for moving and navigating the ship, maintaining radio communications, powering the instrumentation, hydraulics, lights, and life support, etc. presumed an amount of power that simply wasn’t there… i.e. “we don’t have the power, Gene!” Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Omamacare I

Obamacare vs. Omamacare
Don’t throw Mama off the dialysis machine
By Brian Wright (originally published 2009-09-07)

You can look at this story as a continuation of “Don’t Throw Mama off the Turnpike.” That’s when she and I caravan my 2002 “Free State Audi” with her 1997 Mercury Villager into the middle of New York State for the purpose of selling said Audi to an unlikely buyer. (Note Omamacare has become a series of columns.)[a]        [Go to Omamacare II]

Roughly 10 days ago, Mama Bear went in for a checkup with the kidney doctor.[1] Whoops! Blood pressure is far too high, other symptoms conclusive of renal failure. [Now I’m kicking myself for pressing her into duty as my “wing man” on the long-range, Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Omamacare IV

Modern sick-maintenance system: fourth time the charm?
by Brian Wright

[Omamacare III]
Join me for the latest installment of what’s happenin’ to the Mama Bear (85) through the modern sick-maintenance system that is Henry Ford Health System. My journals have been following the services needed by my mom starting two years ago when she was prescribed hemodialysis for her kidney condition:

  1. Obamacare vs. Omamacare (I)
  2. O-Mama-Care II
  3. Omamacare III
  4. Omamacare V Continue reading