Book Review: The Truth Torpedo (2012)

Blowing off the Barrier Cloud
by Brian Wright
Reviewed by the author

The Truth TorpedoThis ‘modest expansion’ of my column of the same name ( actually provides several enhancements to the main message, which is:

The PTB[1] have deceived the people for purposes of expropriation and war. Here are seven of the current higher-priority ‘Naked Emperor’ truths to counter the deceptions. When these obvious truths are grasped and asserted en masse the final obstacle—what I call the ‘Barrier Cloud’—to a free, enlightened, benevolent, and abundant society falls.

One enhancement is explaining assumptions, that is making sure the reader is informed of how I use a key term—such as the ‘Barrier Cloud.’ Another is devoting a few pages of foreword where I plead for a sense of urgency:

The hard fact is our country cannot survive wars of conquest based on lies; torture, mass murder, and extrajudicial killings as official policy; horrific state crimes w/o prosecution… while the people go about their business—watching their sports and reality TV, drinking their beer, eating their triple-cheese pizza—as if nothing is wrong. The denial and turning away must  end; the health of our society and our souls requires that we stand boldly for what we know.

So to what do my Little Boy Truths pertain? I choose to consider seven:

  1. The 9/11 attacks
  2. Obama’s qualifications for president
  3. Global warming
  4. Chemtrails—atmospheric geoengineering
  5. ‘Cabalization’—Western financial oligarchy
  6. US Government as a terrorist organization
  7. The federal ‘income’ tax

My approach in The Truth Torpedo is simply as messenger. Most of the fundamental work of discovery and argument has been performed by a courageous and competent citizen ‘truth-army’ of researchers and writers. For the most part I simply refer to whom I regard as most notable, then link to their specific output. The book is short, on each issue only adding perhaps three or four paragraphs to what was written in the column.

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The Singular Importance of 9/11 Truth

The most critical Little Boy Truth to acknowledge and assert is the first one, that is 9/11 Truth. Fortunately, the evidence against the official conspiracy theory is mountainous and the main job of that chapter is to point the reader to some of the key documentation and writers/researchers. I also point out that the reason for resistance to 9/11 Truth is simple human psychology, not that the official conspiracy theory has any evidence to support it. From the 9/11 chapter:

“The official conspiracy theory of 9/11[2] is the Big Lie of the Millennium… and the even Bigger Coverup. All you have to do is read David Griffin’s summary document with a slightly open mind. So many other quality works exist. If you’re moved by engineering and science, visit the Architects and Engineers site ( Don’t forget the landmark Internet boy-wonders video, Loose Change.[3]

“Virtually none of the researchers of 9/11 starts out as a skeptic of the official story then comes to accept it—whereas, daily, thousands abandon the OCT for alternative, nonludicrous explanations. The perps remain at large; the moral fiber of the American people strains for a real investigation and prosecution… along with vast indictments for the war crimes and systematic torture 9/11 has been used to rationalize.

“The reason 9/11 is the granddaddy of all false-flag state terror ops is that the cover story (intentionally) pushes the deepest buttons of blind nationalist-religionist faith inside so many of our countrymen. As author James Douglass puts it:

‘The extent to which our national security state was systematically marshaled for the assassination of President John Kennedy remains incomprehensible to us. When we live in a system, we absorb a system and think in a system. We lack the independence to judge the system around us. Yet the evidence we have seen points toward our national security state, the systemic bubble in which we all live, as the source of Kennedy’s murder and immediate coverup.’

“Just substitute ‘9/11 attacks’ for ‘Kennedy’s murder.’ For many people, to accept the fact of their cherished nation-state system being implicated and complicit in the crime of mass murder of its own people is tantamount to committing psychological suicide. Instead they disconnect and/or deny. But, believe me, no one has died coming to the truth, neither will you; instead let 9/11 Truth serve as your own personal valiant catharsis—duplicated with increasing frequency millions of times over—leading to a spiritually healthy, free, benevolent, and abundant country and world.”

Every one of the seven so-called Little Boy Truths has this same effect for individuals… requiring them to challenge conventional authority, particularly if an individual is economically connected with that authority in some way. As Upton Sinclair put it:

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.

Coming into the Next Stage of Consciousness

All of the Little Boy Truths integrate with 9/11 and the others, providing a consistent ‘new paradigm’ of politics that makes sense for our species to be moving toward. In the foreword I state: “Along with my Coffee Coaster site, I have authored several books with libertarian and human interest content. My goal has been to elevate the simple nonaggression principle to the highest moral standard in society. In pursuit of that goal I have come to see spiritual awareness as integral to realization of a free society—with journalistic truth as the sine qua non, even the prime mover, of that enlightenment.”

One of my Free State spiritual allies Kevin Innes, a former leader within the Liberty Dollar enterprise, was imprisoned by the Cabal for two years—without trial (!). He walks the walk of standing for one’s beliefs. His words to me upon my posting of the Truth Torpedo column came at a time when I doubted whether so boldly bringing Little Boy Truths to the surface would be worthwhile. I use his beautiful and inspiring statement as a dedication… the consideration of which we may all prosper in spirit:

“The Truth shall set you free—but first it will piss you off! The Revolution begins within! When you start taking practical steps to not only strengthen your body and mind, but, more important, to strengthen your connection to that fearless spirit within you, the world as you know it changes inside and around you. This is a critical time in our human history and a critical time for you to finally exercise that boldness of spirit you were born with… and change the struggle for existence into a joyful adventure. You have nothing to lose but your limitations.”

Please keep these stirring words in your mind as you read the book, then as Jesus admonished: “you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” At least on these seven key issues. The Truth Torpedo is now available in free PDF form and as a 28-page book from Amazon. And of course, the original Coffee Coaster Web column appears here.

[1] PTB = powers that be.

[2] The official conspiracy theory holds that “19 suicidal Middle Eastern Muslim terrorists—their hearts full of hatred for American freedom and democracy—used small box cutters to hijack four airliners, crashing two into the Twin Towers of New York City’s World Trade Center and a third into the Pentagon, near Washington, DC. The fourth airliner crashed in western PA after passengers attempted to overcome the hijackers. The whole operation, which defeated a $400 billion defense system, was under the direction of a devout Muslim cleric—suffering from kidney failure and undergoing hemodialysis—using computers and issuing communications from a cave in Afghanistan.”

[3] A very encouraging development in early August 2012 comes from Dr. Alan Sabrosky, a Jewish U.S. Marine and a former director at the U.S. Army War College: he points his finger with certainty at a cabal of Israeli and American Zionists and Neocons for planning and executing the 9/11 crimes.

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5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Truth Torpedo (2012)

  1. The Truth Torpedo – Blowing off the Barrier Cloud
    By Brian Wright
    Reviewed by Dale Haviland

    This is a book with big ideas. And while there are not a lot of pages, there are links to a huge amount of online material.

    Wright has a simple premise: As an adult we tend to see what we believe; to see what fits our preconceptions. But very young people, without preconceptions, are more apt to see the truth when it is presented to them. (Studies show that even a preschooler’s creativity diminishes after a few years in school.)

    So then, what if we, as adults, looked at some of the major ideas of our time through the eyes of a preschooler? For example, the 9/11 attacks. Could an airplane flying into a skyscraper bring it quickly to a pile of rubble? What are the facts? What do you believe?

    Like it or not, you will find your preconceptions stretched.

    I wish there were fewer acronyms, and more of the online material brought into the book. Regardless, I highly recommend The Truth Torpedo.

  2. The Truth Torpedo: Blowing off the Barrier Cloud is a small book (22
    pages) that asserts 7 truths the United States Government doesn’t want
    you to know.
    1) The 9/11 attacks were an inside job.
    2) President Obama is ineligible to be president due to doubts about
    his birth-certificate.
    3) Global Warming is real and man-made.
    4) Chemtrails are being sprayed into our atmosphere by the government.
    5) The banking system is rigged to enrich themselves while controlling you.
    6) The U.S. Government is a terrorist organization.
    7) You don’t have to pay Federal Income Tax.

    Brian Wright states the “Truths” are obvious and can all be backed up
    with facts. However, these are very controversial and complex issues
    that are not so blatantly obvious to most Americans. Each Truth
    requires an enormous amount of explaining that the author does not do.
    However, he does give direction to the reader with plenty of references
    and sources to follow up on. Although this is not a comprehensive
    argument for each Truth, I do consider it a good starting point for
    anyone interested in searching a hidden agenda by our government.

  3. I did read The Truth Torpedo. It seems like it’s short enough that it could be more easily (and cheaply) distributed online, as opposed to in book format. I thought it was well-written and definitely some important truths.

  4. Brian Wright, proprietor, editor, and monitor of his clearly libertarian Coffee Coaster web site, had just sent me a signed and autographed copy of his latest publication, a 22-page personal treatise entitled
    The Truth Torpedo, Blowing off the Barrier Cloud, Open Kimono Publishing Co, V1.1, September 2012, with a personal request for my endorsement.
    From time to time I had been invited and permitted to post my own commentaries, points of view, and poems on his web site, with the provision that I took the liberty to state clearly that we do not necessarily share the same opinions on all matters of political interest and public concern. In fact we had from time to time differed quite sharply on some matters. We both make claims to be champions of freedom, each in our own way and style. Brian is an avowed libertarian. I am all for liberty with reason respect, and responsibility, but without radical imposition of constraining and restricting conditions.
    I am a champion of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I am a champion of all the rights and privileges which had been fought for and earned by the good, loyal, decent, hard-working, and patriotic people in the country….all the inalienable rights, and those added to over time by responsible legislation. I am also for a government of elected officials who will abide by their sworn duties to uphold all the laws of the country without exception, also applying to themselves, and to be real, true and actually honest servants of the people in the truest sense of a republican form of government and in the best tradition of honest and honorable democracy, not being beholden to, owned or controlled by special interests.
    Brian Wright will take his struggle one step further, believing in the profound libertarian principles that a government governs best when it governs least, allowing people the freedom of choice in all critical matters pertaining to their lives and livelihood. We have our differences in approach and methodology, but I salute his efforts to advocate ways which allow people options for their own free consideration and choice.
    We both believe : In Veritas! In Libertas!

    Brian can be reached for information regarding details of his new publication via:

    Signed: Gerhard A. Fuerst
    Retired secondary and university educator
    (Adjunct Professor of Social Science, WMU, ret.)
    Kalamazoo, MI 49007-4681

  5. I have known the author for decades, so I hesitate to risk a valued friendship. But he asked for my input, knowing my feelings from several conversations we have shared over the years. And, to borrow a phrase, “The truth shall set you free.” Having read this booklet twice, I have arrived at the following observations:
    1. It is generally well written. I saw none of the errors or typographical glitches that usually hide within initial releases. The text and the illustrations seem coherent. The quality of the publication is excellent.
    2. It does not defend the positions adopted by the author. He leaves this defense to other publications, which he references in detail. The net result of this “Reader’s Guide” approach is to leave the reader wondering about the gaps. If the reader has any doubts concerning the positions presented, those doubts will not be addressed solely by reading this pamphlet. Further, his frequent assertions that his “truths are so apparent to normal people” are not convincing to me. I must add that I have read several of his referenced sources, but they did not remove those doubts, either.
    3. What remains is rhetoric. I must admit that, knowing the author’s background in libertarian politics, what I expected and hoped for was a Thomas Paine paper…perhaps some soaring quotes from Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, or Thomas Jefferson. But what I found was some rather gratuitous lapses into painful slang. For example, phrases like “el barrier de crapola,”“a barnacle on the ass of progress,” and “gilded-ass poobahs” only detract from whatever case is being proposed – and make it read more like a transcribed internet rant.
    4. The subject matter is even more painful. I guess I could understand a spirited attack on the Federal Reserve or the federal income tax. But the approach here is not that these are problems that need to be fixed. They are instead described as evil conspiracies, invoked by shadowy unnamed figures in the back halls of unnamed government buildings and foreign banks. What’s more, they are thrown together with today’s latest internet rumors concerning 9/11 and aircraft chemtrails. A total of seven conspiracies are claimed, all initiated and supported by the U.S. government. I was mildly surprised that the Mayan calendar was left out. But the cure for this awful string of issues is purportedly not available within the current structure. Apparently, the only fix is revolution – throw the current government out and replace it with – well, something.
    After finishing the booklet for the second time, I was left feeling that I had just been yelled at, but not knowing why. If I had been inspired by the rhetoric to pursue it further, I could have read all the referenced sources. But I was not that inspired. Because of my background, I am personally skeptical of conspiracy theories anyway. To see seven of them in one place, all attributed to the U.S. government (pretty much everyone in the government except Ron Paul) just leaves me cold. It is not a book that will provide enjoyable reading. It is an extended guilt trip, but I have not been convinced to accept the guilt. If you happen to be fascinated by how evil this country is, then I could recommend this as at least one option to attempt to assign the blame. I do not share the fascination.

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