Book Review: Conspiracy Theory in America (2013)

The Conspiracy Theory [and Proof] of 20th-21st Century ‘Conspiracy Theory’
by Lance deHaven-Smith (University of Texas Press)

conspiracy_theoryThis marvelous book is a deep, practical scholarly dissection of the origin and application of the term ‘conspiracy theory,’ particularly in America in the late 20th century. DeHaven-Smith is Professor in the Reubin O’D. Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at Florida State University and former president of the Florida Political Science Association; he’s written several books and appeared on numerous national mainstream-media news and talk shows, as well as Alex Jones’ Infowars and other alternative outlets.

This investigation goes straight to the heart of the problem of the coercive state and its sycophants in mainstream academia and media (academedia) who dismiss causal ex- planations of political events with the simple utterance, “Well, that’s only a conspiracy theory.” From the book description on Amazon:

From the book description on Amazon: Ever since the Warren Commission concluded that a lone gunman assassinated President John F. Kennedy, people who doubt that finding have been widely dismissed as conspiracy theorists, despite credible evidence that right-wing elements in the CIA, FBI, and Secret Service—and possibly even senior government officials, and/or the Israeli state—were also involved. Why has suspicion of criminal wrongdoing at the highest levels of government been rejected out-of-hand as paranoid thinking akin to superstition?

Conspiracy Theory in America investigates how the Founders’ hard-nosed realism about the likelihood of elite political misconduct—articulated in the Declaration of Independence—has been replaced by today’s blanket condemnation of conspiracy beliefs as ludicrous by definition. Lance deHaven-Smith reveals that the term “conspiracy theory” entered the American lexicon of political speech to deflect criticism of the Warren Commission and traces it back to a CIA propaganda campaign to discredit doubters of the commission’s report.

He asks tough questions and connects the dots among five decades’ worth of suspicious events, including the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy, the attempted assassinations of George Wallace and Ronald Reagan, the crimes of Watergate, the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages deal, the disputed presidential elections of 2000 and 2004, the major defense failure of 9/11, and the subsequent anthrax letter attacks. Continue reading

Book Review: The Terror Conspiracy (2006)

Deception, 9/11, and the loss of liberty… by Jim Marrs
Review by Brian Wright

terror_conspiracyA highly informative book but as with all such exposés, you need to be prepared for your ‘Tory’ friends to pooh pooh the central argument and the mountainous evidence adduced for it. [Which to those of us in the Truth and Freedom Movement is grist to the mill of our demonstration of mind control by those in power.] What distinguishes The Terror Conspiracy from other tracts concerned about 9/11 and the crimes of the Ownership Class is the more general theme that 9/11 was a key part of a broader conspiracy of false-flag terror designed to put the world, and Americans, in particular, under the heel of that would-be tyrannical global financial oligarchy.

Jim Marrs is the author of Crossfire, reviewed in the Coffee Coaster a few weeks ago. That book shows that JFK was certainly not murdered by a lone assassin, based on evidence found and evidence destroyed or corrupted. Rather by a conspiracy of some number of men and agencies who had reason to kill the president. These men/agencies sat at the peak of the military/intelligence power apparatus… and still do.

Crossfire and The Terror Conspiracy (TTC)—my edition was the first (2006), so readers should definitely upgrade to the more recent edition (2011)—are vital links in the knowledge chain that will one day bring down the insidious ‘Unspeakable’ written about so cleanly by James Douglass, also in connection with the JFK assassination. TTC does focus on the Big Mama of crimes against humanity, 9/11, and lays out what has come to be the elemental consensus in the Truth community about the problems with the official conspiracy theory:[1] Continue reading

Book Review: The Truth Torpedo (2012)

Blowing off the Barrier Cloud
by Brian Wright
Reviewed by the author

The Truth TorpedoThis ‘modest expansion’ of my column of the same name ( actually provides several enhancements to the main message, which is:

The PTB[1] have deceived the people for purposes of expropriation and war. Here are seven of the current higher-priority ‘Naked Emperor’ truths to counter the deceptions. When these obvious truths are grasped and asserted en masse the final obstacle—what I call the ‘Barrier Cloud’—to a free, enlightened, benevolent, and abundant society falls. Continue reading