Movie Review: A Noble Lie (2011)

First terror attack on the Heartland…
clearly from the inside

Film by James Lane
Produced by Holland Vandennieuwenhof,
Chris Emery (narrator), Wendy Painting
In Association with We Are Change Oklahoma

“And in the months and weeks building up to the Oklahoma City bombing there was incredible conditioning on the news: ‘These people are scared of the federal government they’re terrorists, they’re going to kill you, they’re gonna bomb you, you watch.’ And then you look at the evidence, and sure enough, government and black op fingerprints are all over it. The establishment is going to have trouble orchestrating future atrocities like the Oklahoma City bombing because the public is really getting wise to their tricks. Oklahoma City is one of the best examples we’ve got where we can prove clearly that the official story is a fraud, that the government was involved, and is using it to demonize good Americans.” — Alex Jones

When I first saw that a film had been made on the Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995, as a libertarian Web columnist and reviewer, I was very interested, having read Jayna Davis’s work, The Third Terrorist, and generally having been aware of the complete lunacy and malevolence of the government’s official story and sham prosecution. But as a literary sort of person, I sought in vain for written material on what A Noble Lie was composed of; there really wasn’t much more than promo phrases on Infowars and other freedom movement sites: e.g. “This DVD is really good.” Not much to base a purchasing decision on.

To producer James Lane, himself, via email, I stated that I was reluctant to buy any film I hadn’t seen any documentation for; I asked for a complimentary copy in return for which I would supply a review. Roughly two months later I received the DVD in the mail, without comment or fanfare. I am glad to finally contribute what I feel is a necessary part of promoting A Noble Lie: simple English (or at least some English) describing and evaluating a landmark work in the fight for truth and liberty in America… and the world.

The documentary opens with a handheld camera filming while driving thru the countryside along Interstate 35 going into Oklahoma City, accompanied by acoustic guitar. [I lived in Oklahoma City in high school and was once very familiar with the glorified capital of the State of Red Dirt, Oil, and Baptists… and its surrounding landscape. And I’ve been back a few times. In general Oklahomans are salt of the earth and kindly.] We see a church and other buildings downtown, arriving at the scene of the crime, the Alfred P. Murrah Building, which was the target on April 19, 1995, when at 9:05 a.m. explosions ripped thru it: 168 people were killed,, including 19 children in a day care center, and more than 800 wounded.

Noble Lie refers to the propping up of a myth in order to ‘maintain social harmony’ and keep the elite in their present position. Reference Plato’s Republic.

This was the first incidence of ‘terrorism in the heartland’ and nothing would be the same again. The film does have distinct subject areas, but no table of contents specifically identifying these areas, which are roughly

  1. prior knowledge
  2. other suspects
  3. national media displacing local media
  4. the grand jury
  5. the independent Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Committee
  6. withheld evidence and murderous coverup
  7. spook prep of Timothy McVeigh
  8. the real source of damage to Alfred P. Murrah

The DVD uses a blanket approach, covering everything to more than a shallow level. Which is fine, much of what the producers reveal is not generally known, and the film provides a resource for further research. The filmmaker’s technique is to interview eight key people at intervals throughout, which tends to wind up in the viewer’s mind with a generalized awareness of the mountain of lies, coverups, and official misconduct to destroy the truth. Again, from Alex Jones:

“If we don’t expose the fact that Oklahoma City stinks to high heaven, the same people who carried it out are going to do it over and over and over again, and they’re going to use these frightening events to drive a stake thru the United States and kill our republic.”

The eight key people, all genuine heroes: their testimony, descriptions:

  • OKBICCharles Key, State Representative—With Dale Phillips forms the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Committee (OKBIC): took affidavits, paid for investigation, pursued establishing a county grand jury, very serious, fought government, a lot of people came to testify, trying for Congressional hearing, interviewed 329. Got the signatures to form a county grand jury, the government turned the grand jury over to the sitting DA who tried to investigate OKBIC. Phones were tapped. A book was written.
  • Hoppy Heidelberg, Grand Jury Member—Asked questions on the grand jury, then told to leave. Per Handbook for Federal Grand Juries: two responsibilities: a sword to convict criminals and a shield to protect people from unreasonable prosecutions. Original purpose of the grand jury to protect citizens from the Crown. Hoppy demanded in a letter to the judge that the jury be allowed to call witnesses, and was excused for that reason. Hoppy’s insights on the grand jury are priceless.
  • Police Officer, Craig Roberts, Tulsa— working case with Jayna Davis and David Hoffman, also two OKC police officers, saw biggest damage to the building was in the pit, went down three floors, but that wasn’t included in the report because it didn’t fit the DOJ FBI narrative. Unexploded devices in the early news reports. Governor Frank Keating notes the two unexploded devices. All later denied.
  • Jane Graham—A credit union executive, she was going to work that morning: two men w/ATF jackets were standing, talking to a third man. Never identified. ATF has never addressed its prior knowledge of the bombing. Afterward, she saw eight agents outside in clean black jumpsuits. She also witnessed men stringing bombs at the Murrah Building, some of them who were known to be at Elohim City.
  • Sgt. Don Browning OKCPD—Raised awareness of the unresolved early reports of additional perpetrators. FBI pulled out papers and files from Murrah instead of allowing rescue. Disabled video cameras from the building. 20-22 films that would have shown who was in the truck, confiscated. Told by FBI agent that people like him often ended up dead. Be careful what you say, which he considered a threat.
  • Jannie Coverdale—Victims’ family member, her two grandkids died. Went to live in Denver so she could attend the trials. June 11, 2001, she never got her questions answered. McVeigh killed by lethal injection in Terre Haute, Indiana. He left no message, without an autopsy, contrary to standard procedure for executed prisoners.
  • Jesse Trentadue, Atty—Brother Michael brutally murdered while in federal government custody. Supposedly killed himself. The FBI did it. Destroyed evidence, threatened people. Interrogation that went bad. FBI thought Michael was Richard Lee Guthrie, John Doe 2. The CIA was involved in Elohim City and created a PATCON sting operation.
  • Terrance Yeakey—OKC police officer killed by the feds. Knew too much. Yeakey was giving a traffic ticket in sight of the explosion, dropped that and rushed to the scene, pulled eight people away. Had accumulated evidence, was going to take it to a ministorage in El Reno. Talked about feds on his ass. No autopsy. Corrupted crime scene. Supposed suicide, but photos show he was killed in a torture-murder. The purpose was to send other first responders a message.

Prior Knowledge

Early police reports of two middle eastern looking men in a brown truck. Then McVeigh shows up and there’s a paper trail to Terry Nichols and Michael Fortier. The leads to the middle eastern looking men are not followed up at all. BATF, alleged target of the attack, wasn’t there, was tipped off, two agents lied about their bizarre behavior and being there during the blast. Whole issue of prior knowledge, several political figures including a US Congressman stated they knew, then later denied.

Bomb Squad at the Scene, Media Capitulation

Bomb squad seen across the street at in parking lot two hours before bombing. Sheriff’s department denies that it was there, despite multiple eyewitnesses. ABC’s 20/20 a year and a half later had 20-minute program discussing prior knowledge—because you can save the children if you know there’s going to be a bomb. Producer Robert Charl was going to assemble an hour-long show, but feds came in and stopped it. Evidence overwhelming that certain government agencies were expecting a bomb that day. Governor Keating’s brother had been working on a novel before the bombing with a character named Thomas McVeigh.

Hoppy Heidelberg: “You could see the change from the morning to the next day. Then everyone except Channel 4 started to fall in line with the official story.” The New York Times bought KFOR-TV (Channel 4) a year and a half later, fired the producer and Jayna Davis, author of The Third Terrorist. Hoppy ran for governor in 1998 on a platform of reopening the OKC Bombing investigation. “The jury was never allowed to see the photographic evidence that would have shown the truck being parked and the people getting out of the truck. That’s all on tape. Nobody’s ever been allowed to see those tapes.” The other jurors were terrified of the prosecution and the FBI, especially after they learned Heidelberg had been visited by the FBI en masse. Hoppy was excluded from governor debate in 1998, yet walked on stage to skewer Keating’s lies.

Withheld Evidence, Spook-Prep for McVeigh

FBI and DOJ withheld thousands of documents from the defense. McVeigh sentenced to death, waived appeals, three week trial, many questions unanswered. McVeigh goes to Buffalo, makes sure he gets noticed, similar to Oswald, working for the government, covert missions. He was designed as the patsy. A psych guy Jolyan West, mind control expert. Was McVeigh’s doctor in prison. McVeigh was a programmed killer/patsy.

No Way ANFO Truck Bomb Does the Job

Explosive evidence: Truck bomb delivers an air blast. Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil (ANFO), blast does not turn corners, could not have broken rebar columns. Explosives planted inside the building. Debris blown outward, could not have come from inward blast. Several witnesses reported bombs going off inside the building before the truck bomb went off outside. Feeling of an earthquake, then explosion.

ANFO would have produced toxic ammonium nitrate gas, will sear the lungs, would have been hours before anyone could have got near it. General Benton K. Partin Brig. General ret USAF. Expert in munitions. Partin Report says explosives on four key columns detonated. Whistleblower in FBI lab, Frederic Whitehurst, says feds falsified data.

Bottom Line

OKC was either a federal-agency sting operation that got out of control, then they weren’t able to stop it. OR the Bombing of the Heartland was orchestrated by high-level US officials, likely with help of foreign resources, to demonize the nascent liberty and truth movements… especially the ‘constitutionalists’ who hold strong with gun freedom.

“It is every patriotic American’s duty, every man, woman, and child’s responsibility to research the facts contained in this film, to verify for yourself that this information is true, and that the rabbit hole goes even deeper, then take action to bring the criminals who perpetrated this attack to justice.” — Alex Jones

General Comments

Though often feeling less structured than I’m comfortable with, A Noble Lie is a courageous and valuable movie… mainly because it provides critical information that few will have seen or heard. I had read the Jayna Davis expose, The Third Terrorist, which is an eye-opener focusing on the other suspects. But so many facts I did not know, such as the valiant efforts of local media and law enforcement initially, prior knowledge by BATF and many others, how McVeigh was sheep-dipped and set up by the intel mob, impossibility of the ANFO bomb to produce the damage, witnesses to the stringing of explosives, government reports indicating explosive demolition, massive evidence withheld, national media complicity in the coverup, etc.

I had no idea there were so many citizen-heroes who kept the pursuit of truth alive. What the movie may lack in structure it more than makes up for in touching all the bases. It flows easily, and you become instantaneously drawn to the real human beings who are still fighting for the truth. The Oklahoma City Bombing was the inception of the idea of the libertarian movement (of honest citizens questioning the government) as terrorists. The film completely demolishes the official story and exposes the vast number of official murderers who have yet to be brought to justice. They will be. As Jones has stated, OKCB is a slam dunk for the truth movement:

The Oklahoma City Bombing was one of the first big stories I covered and it was just shocking to know it was an inside job and to know that the media was involved in the coverup and that the mainstream television stations there in Oklahoma City knew what had really happened. And then years later I was able to actually talk with some of those reporters and they discussed how they were told to shut up. I mean it just showed how people were so willing to be part of the coverup just because the truth was so frightening. And that’s really why we’ve become so enslaved is that we just give into the lies, and they start little but they get bigger and bigger.

So thanks a million James and associates. Noble makes a touching tribute to the real people of this world who care about truth and justice, along with a radical expose of those who kill and maim and get away with it. The OKCB is the granddaddy of the series of state crimes against humanity that remain to be prosecuted. The authors of this movie do their part to move the cart forward; hopefully my review and description will lend a hand.



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