Movie Review: A Noble Lie (2011)

First terror attack on the Heartland…
clearly from the inside

Film by James Lane
Produced by Holland Vandennieuwenhof,
Chris Emery (narrator), Wendy Painting
In Association with We Are Change Oklahoma

“And in the months and weeks building up to the Oklahoma City bombing there was incredible conditioning on the news: ‘These people are scared of the federal government they’re terrorists, they’re going to kill you, they’re gonna bomb you, you watch.’ And then you look at the evidence, and sure enough, government and black op fingerprints are all over it. The establishment is going to have trouble orchestrating future atrocities like the Oklahoma City bombing because the public is really getting wise to their tricks. Oklahoma City is one of the best examples we’ve got where we can prove clearly that the official story is a fraud, that the government was involved, and is using it to demonize good Americans.” — Alex Jones Continue reading