Donut Hole: Eating as We Want to Be

The changing face of Planet Foodalicious
by Brian Wright

Changing EatsPam, pretty woman from India behind the counter, the manager I’ve got to know at Dunkin’ Donuts down the road, gave me another survey to take at in return for a free soft drink with a donut… or is it the other way around? No need to get into the culinary promotions of a modern fast food giant; the idea is to find out what the customers are thinking to better satisfy them. Which is how it’s supposed to be in a free market world. Anyway, this isn’t the first time I’ve had something to say about ol’ Dunkin’… which is rather an icon of corporate gobbledom started by an entrepreneurial Yankee back in the 50s.

dunkin veggie burritoBut like any market entity, it does try to be responsive within its boundary conditions. I’ve moved lately toward a vegetarian diet so on the questionnaire I make some points in that connection. Dunkin’ has a veggie wakeup wrap—the ultimate in simplicity with a flattened egg containing green material, topped with a half-slice of ‘cheese,’ inside a mini soft taco shell—and about a year ago added a full-fledged veggie burrito to the menu. Worthy effort that burrito except I can’t stand eating corn. [Further, according to this Huffpost writeup, it’s best not to look too deeply into the exact ingredients.]

As I’ve already opined in a previous column on the value and virtue of vegetarian eating, human existence will take a quantum leap forward when 95% of us eschew meat and dairy products. Per the watershed book and movie on the subject, Forks over Knives, when the food consuming public decides to quit meat and dairy, that step by itself will eliminate 90% plus of heart disease and cancer. Also, human consciousness will reach the next stage of development as well… where aggression internal and external disappears as a long lost nightmare of a primeval past.

It goes without saying that as humans stop killing animals for food, or at least stop raising animals to kill solely for food such as cattle or hogs, they’re going to become less inclined to kill other human beings. This does promise the release of unparalleled creative energy among our species, the magnitude of which can scarcely be imagined. [At the same time we’re elevating our individual eating habits, we’ll also make sure nobody—or no corporate body—introduces poison into our food supplies via genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or medicines that kill when used as prescribed.]

The new movement of eating toward greater consciousness has recently gone to the next level with a little international group called The Food Revolution, which is holding its first Food Revolution 2013 Summit, starting today April 27, 2013. Check it out. This is an organization that liberty-minded people in particular will want to take part in. Think of it this way: you eat the all-American diet and die on an operating table in your 50s or 60s as a quivering Conestoga of fat cells with clogged blood vessels and a dozen other morbidities OR you eat right and you live in full health and vigor with all your faculties, passing away at 90-100 when your biological clock trips over. Why not simply outlive the statists?

Only, by then, the question will become academic. People who are into health are almost always into truth and freedom. As evidence, check out Day 6 when Mike Adams, the guru of Natural News, speaks. Mike is a multifunctional protolibertarian and truthwalker extraordinaire: when he speaks, even many who have clung to hypnotics of the Old Paradigm snap to. These are exciting times.

The prospect of imminent release from longstanding habits and addictions—that have kept us from realizing our deep inner peace and full actualization as individuals—by coming at the whole problem through what we put in our mouths, is exciting in this graceless age of glitter-flicker-bang-bang. What a marvelously effective indirect strategy. Let me read from the introductory email of the Summit:

Today, with more than 60,000-participants, we launch the Food Revolution Summit. The Summit schedule page, complete with links for each broadcast, is ready for you. We suggest you bookmark it so you can easily return throughout the next 9 days and be sure to catch the interviews that are most important to you. Every day, we will broadcast three more interviews, and they will be available on replay, on demand, for 24 hours. For many participants the optimal listening experience may be online, but the conference call option is great as well, and more convenient for some people.

Mark Hyman

So, let’s climb out there in our personal lives on the leading edge with the food revolution people, and try to keep our friends at Dunkin’ Donuts and the others up to speed with our opinions. Vegetarian fast-food franchises are just around the corner.

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