Brian’s Column: Breaking the Spell

A free society first requires we “snap out of it”
by Brian Wright

Body SnatchersWatching the events surrounding Boston Massacre II on April 15 unfold and then the news and the news of those events, I’m struck once again by the patently absurd official story as the government and media keep the masses woefully entrained and infotained inside the Barrier Cloud du jour. The talking heads don’t even pretend to straighten out the facts or answer the obvious questions any (home-schooled) five-year-old would ask.

Approximately one month ago (after all these 63 years!), it dawned on me that a vast number of people—many of them friends and family, or even hardworking people in the liberty movement—have morphed into a different form of consciousness from my own. Their unquestioned reality, their judgment of what is true or false—in our social system today—comes mainly from a sophisticated mix of assertions and perceptions via the centrally controlled broadcast media[1] by talking heads they have been conditioned to accept as heavenly authorities since childhood. Which talking heads execute a script written by a set of master manipulators working behind the scenes for the Men of the Power Sickness (oligarchy) for decades.

The whole system of audio-visual technology, manipulators, and talking heads becomes the de facto reality for millions of people. Moreover, anyone who holds a different reality from this manufactured one is considered a threat to the new form of consciousness; efforts must be redoubled to convert, marginalize, or eliminate such resistant individuals. The movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), is a nearly perfect metaphor for the modern process:

An extraterrestrial species infects a fictional California town, Santa Mira. The organism initially assumes the form of a giant bean pod, which when in proximity to a sleeping human replaces the consciousness of that person with its own. The pod person looks just like the human person, with the same memories and speech, but its soul has merged into a collective Unity Being with all the other pod people… a life form that seeks to take over all the remaining humans. [I recently came up with a name for this attacking species: the Kleptorians, or better yet, the Kleptorian, since the entire species is one life form composed of the many body cells it absorbs. Frightening notion.]

In our modern Western ‘democracy’ situation, the oligarchy—basically a pack of genetically psychologically defective humans exhibiting control-freak parasitism on the overwhelming majority of normal creative, productive humans—has refined its old tools such that the rulers no longer have to beat the slaves over the head to put them in chains and cages. From the cradle and thru 12 years of compulsory conditioning called public education, modern industrial serfs:

  • learn their place,
  • become adept at a trade or in a profession in return for better treatment and attaboys,
  • with exceptional effort may acquire the trappings of extreme money and power… though rarely equivalent to what the 0.001% takes,
  • pledge unswerving allegiance to the flag,
  • practice blind faith to either a supernatural God or to the secular deity of the Collective itself, and
  • generally tacitly agree to fight and die for the Collective…

… in order to bring the joys of the Collective species (very much like the Kleptorian) to the sooo many ignorant strains of humans the world around. Again, I’ve described the syndrome quite rigorously, if not exhaustively, in my book the Barrier Cloud. The point of this column is merely to suggest that a large number of humans have been led down the garden path so to speak, and, without realizing it, they have come to believe and spew patent bull***t as if it came down from the high priests… which of course it does. Only the high priests are media icons.

All right, so what do we remaining-awake earthlings do about this urgent threat to the life, to the sacred individuality of our species? A very important question. Because we’re talking about hypnosis here. Well, not precisely hypnosis (a medically benign self-help practice), but more like coercive persuasion or brainwashing or conditioning that intentionally alters the perception of a subject contrary to objective reality, and contrary to his self-interest—with no intent of letting go of control. I recently posted a ‘guest column‘ excerpt from Mike Adams: ‘Take the Media Hypnosis Test.’ When it comes to what the media tells us to believe, “it’s not a problem of people not knowing, it’s the problem of people knowing what just ain’t so.”

Please read that column by Mike Adams. Importantly he observes that if a person has been hypnotized to believe a fire truck is a puppy dog, no amount of demonstration will get him to change his mind. So my book The Truth Torpedo, however clearly I present the obvious facts, will not convince people until they are prepared to see the Emperor as naked. Which, as you recall, has to do mainly with people fearing the ridicule or disrespect of their peers in the group more than they fear the group leader(s)—such as a superskilled ‘hypnorator’ president like Obama or the revered ‘Network Anchor’ or their friendly neighborhood SWAT team.

This fear factor suggests a handful of best techniques to dehypnotize the masses, most of them in the perceptual-emotional mode:

  1. counter-imaging en masse, such as the barrage of alternative video contradicting the official-image story of the Boston Marathon killings.
  2. appeals to the same authorities that the people revere, such as the recent New York Times article confirming federal government torture.
  3. closely aligned with 2), the delivery of a realtime video of a major crime against the people being committed by those in authority—think of the Rodney King beating. (In the Boston bombings, we may be close to critical mass of seeing government police agents/contractors commit these Rodney King crimes against all Americans.)
  4. I also like to mention ol’ Captain Kirk’s technique with any alien force that is trying to dominate or kill the weak; you point out that the alien has made an error—in the case of mind-control, assuming that humans will submit—then to exercise its ‘prime directive’ and destroy itself. End of alien.
  5. Finally, simply continue the mass conceptual attack on nonreality by relentlessly pointing out objective reality, thru books, columns, speech, video, social media, etc.

And last but not least, stand in front of someone who is under the media hypnosis spell and, under his or her nose, snap your fingers. 🙂

I did a quick seat-of-the-pants estimate of active, effective truthwalkers in the US: it comes to around 1,000 per state on average. That’s an extremely high number, when one considers the rapidity of growth of the truth via the Internet. Indeed, by next week that number may easily double. So as massive as the current culture of contrived perception has become—with all the bells and whistles, surveillance, goosestepping steroid-popping thugs in uniform, and MKULTRA-bred atrocities of the national security state—we the people are still far more powerful.

SunFLOWerAs soon we wake up and take charge.

… ending the Kleptorian for all time.

[1] TV, which stands for a new term I’ve coined, trancevision (pronounced trance-e-vision). Or we can go with HV = hypnovision.

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