Guest Column: Merry Christmas from Don Siegelman

MerryMy Dear Friends,

This has been my third Holiday Season in federal prison. If the Creator set a purpose for everything, then I know my job:

To fight for justice!

He has given me a personal, hands-on view of the tragedies created by our criminal justice system. It is not balanced or fair. It is not seeking truth or justice. Our system pursues convictions with an “anything goes” attitude!

The President and the Attorney General have spoken out, allowing changes for some…so let’s encourage them to be even bolder, to seek justice for all…Oh, yes we can! We cannot give up on true justice.

Please send a message this holiday season for true reform that honors what our country genuinely stands for – freedom.

I wish you, my dear friend, who have worked so hard, prayed so much, and who have lifted my spirits for so long, a happy Holiday Season.

May you enjoy your loved ones at this time and know that I appreciate you more than you could ever know. I give thanks for you and my wonderful family and look forward to pursuing justice with you, outside these prison walls, very soon!

Happy Holidays!

Don Siegelman

Note: I’ve posted other columns on Don’s situation, such as the one, a direct copy of Dana Siegelman’s heartfelt appeal for her father—former governor of Alabama Don Siegelman—who is doing hard time for a (non) ‘crime’ that was maliciously and wrongfully prosecuted basically by evil ‘friends of Karl Rove.’ [One of the tragic ironies of our demented era that the vicious little turd blossom Rove remains at large, while a good man languishes behind bars.]

From time to time I bring up the Free Don message because a) he’s an admirable and wonderfully decent human being who committed no act of aggression and b) if a former governor, with all his access and resources, can be railroaded and overcharged into harsh prison life because he offended powerful people, anyone else can be sent to the American Gulag at the whim of an office secretary.

It means there is no justice and America is officially a police state. Freeing Don does more than restore a humane, caring individual to liberty, it takes a LARGE BITE out of the prison planet and domination by the Men of the Power Sickness of us all. If Don Siegelman can be sent to jail, anyone can be… and everyone will be. — Ed.

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