Guest Column: “The Biggest Elephant in the Room”

Geoengineering (Global Weather Warfare) Threatens All Life on Earth… Soon
By Dane Wigington,

Commercial_TrafficEditor’s Note: Just when you think people are waking up to deal with the routine ravages of imperial government, along come respected researchers to show that the intentions of “The 4%” (statistically the percentage of psychopaths in society, 95% of whom wind up as leaders in coercive government, corporate, or other criminal gangs) are even more genocidal. Literally. The photo shows the author with a slide revealing normal commercial air traffic contrails in remote California skies. 🙂 wink, wink.

Covert weather modification authorized by the US federal government has a long and sordid history, and the author has made a number of strong presentations describing the Psychosthreat—most recently the video: Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare, and the Collapse of Civilization. [It is recommended for a beginning student of the geoengineering planetary assault to first watch the excellent introductory film narrated by William Baldwin: Look Up! (10 minute free trailer here) and then to download the mobile app from SkyderAlert, which enables you to look up, take photos of aerosol plumes, and send them automatically to elected and other officials and media… with phone numbers for follow up.]

fireSo there, you have what you need to get going. Believe in your own eyes and step up to spread the word. Geoengineering is killing the planet, and despite its claims to reduce global warming, it is in fact heating Earth in record time; if the methane fields in Siberia and the Arctic release their load of this powerful greenhouse gas it’s ‘game over.’ We the people have to end geoengineering NOW, or it will end us. We stop the attacks, then we go after those responsible and put them where the sun don’t shine no mo.

As the guest column, I’m going to include here images of both sides of the activist flier produced by Dane Wigington and These are perfect handouts to friends and business contacts. You can obtain more from the site.

Also I (editor of have scanned them into high quality images for printing, so if you click on the images below you will go to the high-resolution print quality jpg files on the Web. Also the field of geoengineering resistance is growing by leaps and bounds: please go to the above named sites and others, then step up and spread the word. We need all the help we can get; with luck—and it will take a godly amount of it—if we stop the planet killers dead in their tracks this year, next year at the outside, the species stands a small chance of survival and recovery.

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The days of denial are over for everyone. Face reality and make a choice for truth and life.

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