Guest Column: The Devolution of Solitary

Another Statist Mess that Humanity Will Unravel

SolitaryThese infographics come from, not a bad source for innovatively packaged information. I had no idea the practice of solitarily confining prisoners was so widespread. Another good reason to end the nightmare of big corporate global government in as quick and just a manner as possible… because guess who’re going to be the prime candidates for such treatment if the Cabal wins? For sure. Libertarians of all stripes, even people who once had a friend who voted Libertarian, which is most of the population. Individualists will not be tolerated in the New World Order. So global collectivists must be hunted down and segregated into gilded, ant-farming, sand-pounding work colonies as soon as possible—but not solitary… unless perhaps they were presidents and dictators. — Ed.

Courtesy of: Infographic World

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