Brian’s Column: A Latesummer’s Night Dream

Just my own little castle in the sky… or something more?

WDreamhatever the message, this was one of my better nights in the saddle of pleasant visions, with a touch of humor that comes from someplace outside of me. [Not that I don’t have a sense of humor, but this inner motion picture is not any sequence I would have thought up on my own, in a thousand years.] It was the previous Thursday morning (8/7/14) right toward the end of my sleep session, and the dream was so vivid and entertaining, also sad and poignant, I immediately rose to write it down in longhand. It contained so many things I truly care about in this world—and recently departed of this world: golf, Mom, and the dear deceased feline friend of the woman I married. Without further ado, here’s the story… you decide.

Transcribing with occasional clarification:

RyderCupLogo.svgIt’s like the final group coming in with the Ryder Cup in golf. I see Davis Love III and Chris DiMarco in the group cheering on the competitors.[1] The hole, the green is actually inside a temporary building that looks like a greenhouse—oh, I get it now, green house—, where there’s a door to the enclosure that’s open. The Americans need only to reach the green in regulation (with their second shot on the par four) and two-putt to win the Ryder Cup.

The American golfer (I’m also seeing Chris DiMarco as the competitor) is only about 100 yards out and needs to get the ball thru the doorway and onto the putting surface. Everyone is cheering like crazy, other members of the team, especially. DiMarco swings and the ball comes in just short of the doorway and rolls to a stop in a small ravine formed by water runoff, maybe 4-6 feet away on the outside of the enclosure. Which means probably an unplayable lie, a penalty stroke, and very unlikely to hole the ball in one. The American fans are crestfallen.

Botzi_SecretaryJust then a tan-colored tabby house cat who looks like my ex’s “Botzi Boy the Wonder Cat” (sadly passed away last year) emerges from inside the ‘greenhouse’ and walks to the ball. People are cheering for the Botz as he looks the ball over for a while, then plays with it, and eventually cuffs it around so the ball is now between him and the enclosure on line with the open door. He paws it some more, then somehow picks the ball up between his two front feet, leans back on his haunches and tosses it underhand-style thru the doorway into the building and onto the green a few feet from the pin. The crowd goes absolutely bananas! The Americans win the Ryder Cup thanks to Botzi Boy.[2]

Mom_CataractThe kicker is that I have been filming the entire event. I say, Geez, I’d love to share this with my mom. She’d really get a kick out of it. In the dream I’m living alone somewhere off to the side of a strip mall facing out onto a parking lot. Then when I look out I see none other than my dear mother, walking by herself across the expanse of the parking lot—as she would be walking to my car, with me alongside, when I’d be picking her up, say, after a dialysis session. Only now it’s a desolate lot, no cars, and she’s on her own on the vast expanse of the tarmac. She looks okay, not sad or weary, simply walking contentedly.

Laughing_LargeI cheerfully call out, “Hey, Mom, let’s go back and watch this video about Rose’s Wonder Cat saving the day at the Ryder Cup, you’ll get a real charge out of it.” So she comes over and I fire up the TV for viewing the video. We are both laughing to the point of tears. Then just before the dream ends, I phone my ex-wife, then I go over to her place and we watch the video, too—she also cheers and thrills to seeing her Botzi in action.

Despite the camera crews on the scene, I appear to be the only one who has captured all this footage of the Americans winning the Ryder Cup thanks to Rosi’s supercat coming to the rescue.

We—Mom, Rose, Botzi, and myself—are feted across the land as superheroes.

So that’s the story. Good one, huh. Nowadays I try to be open to the coincidences and synchronicities of my dreams. My guess is this dream is extremely positive and optimistic, perhaps a tender touch from the hereafter from both Mom and the Botz. It’s also extremely humorous to me, and, I expect, to anyone who could see the scene as vividly as I’ve tried to describe it. Perhaps the message is: lighten up, BW, everything is proceeding according to destiny and will work out fine for everyone you care about. Take a breather now and then, laugh, tap into the Light Side. You’re on the right track.

[I’m so wound up in what I perceive to be the action plans and causes in my life, I rarely pause to reflect. And I’m not sure whether my reflections are that solid, anyway. If anyone feels like sharing their own impressions of my latesummer’s night dream, please ping me with an email here. Thanks, and all the best dreams and reflections back to you as well.]

[1] These two played on the Ryder Cup team together in 2004, at Oakland Hills, Michigan, where the Americans lost convincingly. I actually attended this event, I believe a practice round on Thursday.

[2] Note the dream assumes special course rules allowing a pet or other nonhuman animal agency to intervene in the movement of the golf ball. (Which might make sense if the course actually constructed a building with a door on top of a green!!!)

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