Guest Column: The Bad Guys Won Again

So now what?
By Shane Trejo (excerpted from The Detroit Constitutionalist)

BanzaiLast week’s election results are being openly celebrated by some misguided conservatives. The partisan cheerleaders are excited and gloating because the Red Team prevailed. This is supposedly going to lead to a profound shift in the direction of the country, according to these people. While it was certainly fun to watch Obama and his stooges take it on the chin, the people who got elected are unfortunately not much of an improvement. By and large, it wasn’t the tea party wing of the party that succeeded on Nov. 4. Instead, it was by-and-large the establishment hacks that were funded by the same corrupt interests that tried to unseat Justin Amash gaining the seats of power.

A dead giveaway that many soul-crushing disappointments are in store for us is the first talking point from the new GOP leadership post-election: We want to work together. Now that they actually have enough power to really gridlock the government and stop Obama’s agenda, they want to move away from that. After all, there are ‘electability’ concerns for 2016. Remember what happened when the establishment talked about electability in 2008 and 2012? Progressive RINO bums got their clocks cleaned by the worst President in history while better candidates waited in the wings.

As for me, I didn’t do the bidding of any RINOs during campaign season. I happily volunteered for many Republican candidates though including David Lonier, Steve Boron, Martin Howyrlak, Bob Brim, Dr. Rob Steele and Tom McMillin, all of whom are conservative champions with the courage to take bold stands on the important issues. If you notice, only one of these candidates secured political victory in the election.

I could have worked for politicians like David Trott or Rick Snyder and hitched my wagons to the winning team, not caring that the people I was supporting were known crooks, liars and cheaters. But rather than taking the coward’s way out, I decided to build the groundwork for a better Republican Party instead. Supporting the corrupt politicians that have bought off voters with federal blood money is simply a poor long-term strategy, regardless of whatever nonsense the apologists have to say.

TextboxDuring the election season, I relished the opportunity to get out there, spread the message of freedom and open people’s eyes. Talking about the issues door-to-door gave me hope for the future of the country. People are frustrated, and they have an acute awareness that the problems emanate from government control. They understand that both major political parties deserve blame, and seek refuge. What was especially startling to me is the GOP’s poor image with voters. While the ideas of freedom and Constitutionally limited government are popular, people were tuning me out as soon as they heard ‘Republican.’ They are not able to buy that Republicans stand for fiscal conservatism, the rule of law, free markets, and American values. How can this be?

Perhaps when Rick Snyder is bailing out Detroit, expanding socialist health care programs, pushing for the federal government’s heist of our educational system, leading the way on tax hikes, fundraising with gun grabbers, palling around with radical Islamists, and crushing family farmers, he actually tarnishes the Republican image. It is well understood that the MIGOP only cares securing electoral victory even if it means jettisoning virtue and principle to do so, and there’s no policy they would not support as long as it meant more power for them. They don’t care that the Republican Party of Rick Snyder is a cronyist, hypocritical, slimy, elitist den of wolves out to ravage the taxpayer. By the time the harmful effects of Snyder’s policies are borne by Michigan residents, he will have already have hightailed it out of here to Washington D.C. Snyder’s name is already being thrown out there for 2016 by establishment insiders, and he is being hailed as a rising star in the party by all of the wrong people. To Snyder, Michigan is nothing but a stepping stone for further political ambitions. Those of us who actually care about this state, American freedom, the Constitution and the future of the country must work diligently to undo the terrible damage that Snyder has done to Michigan families.

By supporting principled candidates with my activism, I can look at myself in the mirror and feel good about what is staring back at me. I did not go for the short-term election victory so I could pat myself on the back that the Red Team’s progressive loser beat the Blue Team’s slightly-more-progressive loser. I worked toward the restoration of the Republic, rather than being a mindlessly obedient drone. That is how the GOP’s brand can be rebuilt. By signing off on so many bad policies over the years for whatever justification, Republican politicians have alienated millions of freedom-loving Americans from the party. I worked to extend the olive branch to these people rather than shoveling more of the same garbage down their throats.

While we wait for the inevitable knife in the back from the new GOP majority, there are many productive ways for us to spend our time. We can either hitch our wagons to these charlatans, and regurgitate their propaganda verbatim like good little sheep. We can be loyalists to the Red Team even after they refuse to impeach the President, push through amnesty, and don’t even repeal Obamacare. Or we can get local and do the gritty work in the grassroots to build a better future for America. We can change the destiny of our country one community at a time, and make the corrupt bipartisan leadership in Washington D.C. irrelevant by doing so.

GadsdenI warn you: This way won’t be as easy as thoughtlessly cheering on Team Red. It requires some backbone. It will involve educating yourself and teaching others about their rights. It will involve being informed about current affairs and explaining them to masses. It will mean door knocking, staging events and getting initiatives going at your town hall and county commission. It will mean driving to Lansing to lobby for important bills introduced by the good folks who survived the election. You can either do the hard work, or join the country club. We all know what option the Founding Fathers would have taken, and the decision should be a no brainer for any true patriot.

Rick Snyder’s second term is not going to be pretty. He is out to ‘reinvent Michigan.’ He uses all of Obama’s “Moving Forward” propaganda, as a wink and a nod to everyone out there that he’s apart of the Big Government gang. Rather than removing the cancer from the party, most Republicans chose to go along to get along. They held their noses and voted for an obvious progressive because he had the R next to his name on the ballot. This is what Republican voters have been doing for many years now. It has caused the country to slip into its present lousy condition, but they are still unwilling to change their behavior. The GOP will slip into full-blown statism of the Obama variety unless we change course immediately. Here are some ideas on how to do just that:


  • Recruiting Delegates
  • Issue Based Campaigns
  • Building community
  • Disaster mitigation teams
  • Running for local office at every opportunity
  • Reaching out to police and military veterans with the truth
  • A late push for important legislation
  • Commandeer a media platform
  • Church outreach
  • Ballot initiatives
  • Vet candidates for important electoral races

… Read the incisive and constructive details of all these strategies from the full text of Shane’s column here.

Or to Sum it All Up


Now, that’s poetry with a purpose: “The country stands on the brink of 1000 years of darkness, and the party hacks are tripping over themselves to congratulate themselves for helping to bring it about at every turn.” Good Republicans who believe in Constitutional liberty must seize the day and restore the republic, starting by cleaning up their own house. — Ed. 

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