Brian’s Column: Letter to the House…

… of Michigan Representatives asking them to vote down 5G
by Brian R. Wright

A few months ago, two bills were quickly approved without debate in the Michigan Senate by overwhelming votes (90% of senators voting), SB 637 and SB 894. These are complementary enabling bills for 5G dense-transmitter, electromagnetic radiating (EMR), weapons-grade, millimeter-wave wireless networks in Michigan, overriding Michigan residents’  rights to be secure in their personal health, safety, and privacy.

A citizens grass roots movement is afoot in the Michigan liberty community—and nationwide/ worldwide—to arrest this blatant EMR high-crime assault on humanity and bring its perpetrators and accomplices to justice. But despite the movement and a sympathetic House Energy committee chair, the bills came through committee without change.

Now the lame duck Michigan House stands prepped to vote these unconstitutional bills into law, probably the Wednesday after the 2018 election, November 7. I was apprised of this fact by two activists, one of which had a listing of all the Michigan representatives email addresses, and I was prompted to write the following email to them:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the House (110 total):

Re: SB 637 and SB 894 Greenlighting for 5G
As the Libertarian candidate for House District 38 this year, I’ve run an modest campaign, yet forthright: Here’s my campaign brochure… also in essence my responses to the League of Women Voters questionnaire that I make a point to fill out for every occasion of candidacy. I’ve also been to Lansing several times during the term that will be concluding in a few weeks. Why? To show solidarity with my people whose lives are being destroyed by wireless tech–especially mandatory ‘smart’ meters and intended-to-be-inflicted ubiquitous 5G weapons-grade, millimeter-wave EMR.

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Guest Column: Soviet-Style Justice

Whistleblower experiences ‘Nightmare’ in federal prison
by Shane Trejo, excerpted from column in Bold Future

Doreen“There is an expression in the English language called Kafka-esque,” an exasperated Pete Hendrickson said about his wife’s treatment by the American ‘Justice’ System. “It refers to being enmeshed in an institutional insanity and an institutional impropriety.”

In his first public interview since his wife was kidnapped and thrown behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit, Pete Hendrickson describes the tragic circumstances surrounding his wife’s condition behind bars. Taped back in October, Hendrickson, the author of Cracking the Code: The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America gives a somber account of the legal nightmare that has torn apart his family. Doreen Hendrickson has now been imprisoned for close to seven months for speaking the truth: Continue reading

Guest Column: 6th Circuit Appeal for Doreen

Free Doreen Hendrickson… and the American 300 million…
via Attorney Mark Cedrone, Pete Hendrickson, reported by Brian Wright

DoreenAppeal… from ignorance, deceit, and malicious behavior of public officials.

Full appeal brief here (7/20/15):

The following text is the summary of the argument in the appeal. From the little I do know about the law, and from the substantially more I know about good writing, the Doreen Hendrickson appeal brief is a stunning statement of the principles of liberty and reason that stands to imminently remedy gross injustice. The court has no moral or legal option but to grant the appeal and restore Doreen Hendrickson to full freedom.

Summary of Argument


The Order Doreen Hendrickson was convicted of contemptuously violating was unlawful. Meanwhile, for a defendant to be convicted of contempt, the underlying Order they are accused of violating must be lawful. Continue reading

Guest Column: The Bad Guys Won Again

So now what?
By Shane Trejo (excerpted from The Detroit Constitutionalist)

BanzaiLast week’s election results are being openly celebrated by some misguided conservatives. The partisan cheerleaders are excited and gloating because the Red Team prevailed. This is supposedly going to lead to a profound shift in the direction of the country, according to these people. While it was certainly fun to watch Obama and his stooges take it on the chin, the people who got elected are unfortunately not much of an improvement. By and large, it wasn’t the tea party wing of the party that succeeded on Nov. 4. Instead, it was by-and-large the establishment hacks that were funded by the same corrupt interests that tried to unseat Justin Amash gaining the seats of power. Continue reading

Book Review: Debates at the Constitutional Convention (1987)

Notes at the Constitutional Convention, 1787 (first posted 12/17/10)
by James Madison

Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787All right, unless you have access to some primo bud (really smooth marijuana conducive to cognition), reading this book may prove to be tedious business. Candidly, it needs to be considered a reference, quite an amazing reference, to the founding document of the American nation.[1] Necessarily, a great deal of the back and forth concerns procedural matters, such as how many senators, reps, terms of office, judicial powers, general composition, qualifications, impeachability, and so on. And these questions are of interest to scholars certainly, to laymen as well. For example, you learn fairly quickly that the high-population states and low-population states tended to have opposed objectives: mainly that the one group should not be allowed to run roughshod over the other. Continue reading

Book Review: The Revolution: A Manifesto (2008)

The undisguised truth about liberty in America
by Ron Paul
Review by Brian Wright

The Revolution: A Manifesto2008, Grand Central Publishing, 167 pages

“The Revolution is an important and timely work, yet its fiery title belies the quiet, more scholarly approach it advocates.  This is most likely a temperament issue: where Jesse Ventura would pound on the podium and call us to the streets to depose modern royalty through mass protest like the 1960s antiwar movement, Dr. Paul would have us read several good books and vote.”

From my trip to Ron Paul’s Rally for the
—which I briefly describe in notes to the VIP list in last week’s column—there in Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Huckleberry Hiatus

Taking vacation to the front lines… for a while
by Brian Wright

HuckleberryThe following open letter represents my Memorial Day 2012 message obliquely offered to the tens of thousands of individuals throughout the world who have come to embrace the freedom philosophy, yet find many of their esteemed peers do not see the value of that philosophy and, more pointedly, the peers deny the imminent, dire central-state threats to our liberty. My poker gang — huckleberries[1] — whom I’ve known for more than 30 years, are engineers I’ve worked with… and drank with. I love ’em, but I have to be away for a while to support the cause. Hope this letter helps some of my freedom people in similar situations. Continue reading