Brian’s Column: The Foreword to After 9/11 Truth

The Death Star in Ashes, Humanity Rises

After_911_Truth_Cover_Front_ReducedHow’s that for a subtitle, eh?

Let me tell you that sometimes I wish I had never come on board the 9/11 Truth Team —rather, as millions of supposed patriotic Americans, I accepted the government’s story and not asked questions. For me the truth journey on 9/11 started in 2005, with the viewing of a shoestring-budget DVD entitled Where’s the Plane? It had a simple message: “Nobody has actually produced evidence that a Boeing 757, much less Flight 77, struck the Pentagon on 9/11/2001…” and as much as I balked at that conclusion, I had to agree.

Where’s the Plane led to more questions, then to a site called Center for an Informed America hosted by gadfly question-asker and citizen-researcher Dave McGowan. Dave presented evidence and analysis about the Pentagon, also the World Trade Center and other aspects of the official conspiracy theory of 9/11… that… JUST… DID… NOT… ADD… UP.  From there I discovered David Ray Griffin, the site 9/, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, etc., and I became a veteran advocate by 2008.

But as I said, some days I wish I never looked into the facts of that awful day.

The polls show that roughly half the population in the US (and 60-70% in Europe) do not believe the official US government (USG) conspiracy theory of 9/11—which isn’t so much a theory as an elaborate cover story for a sophisticated black operation to justify war, massive expropriation of wealth, and destruction of human life and liberty worldwide. [I challenge anyone to read the 9/11 Commission Report—it even omits the complete demolition of 47-storey World Trade Center 7 at 5:20 on 9/11/01—and tell me it doesn’t assume what it pretends to prove. It reads like fiction because it is fiction.]

Unfortunately, the vast majority of respected, established, educated middle class persons I know socially fall squarely in the 50% who do believe the USG conspiracy theory without question. When I say ‘without question,’ I mean that virtually all of my friends, family, and associates are loathe to even touch a book or video that suggests alternative explanations for the events of 9/11. They’re like the townspeople in Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Suit who ridicule the Little Boy who exclaims the king is naked… all the while nervously averting their eyes from the obvious.

In this picture, I’m the ‘First Little Boy,’ as are most of my longstruggling Truther friends.

And it sucks to be ridiculed and dismissed for years on end—with complete acquiescence to the official cover story by all mainstream media and most people in positions of power or prestige in academia, government, and the corporate world. Virtually everyone in the establishment has closed ranks around the 9/11 emperor, refusing to believe he’s a fruitcake or worse. They feel that if the power behind the throne can produce such a Big Lie they’d better go along with it or they’ll wind up outcast like those silly truthers who no one listens to or respects… and whom Rachel Maddow goes into a Berserker Rage about.

Enter The “Second Little Boy”

But here’s a phenomenon that cannot be thwarted short of a complete totalitarian society: when the body of actual knowledge of 9/11 (or any other high-level insider crime) becomes so overwhelming as to obliterate—in fact and in the mind of the average citizen—the official lies, the people rise at the same time some highly placed insider turns. It happens in an instant. The analogy in our Emperor’s New Suit story is when the Second Little Boy comes along and, in response to the ridicule of the First Little Boy by his parents and other respectable adults, says, “The emperor is naked. Just open your eyes.”

Then the townspeople shift en masse to attest to what they see (=> End of Emperor et al).

[The townspeople’s fear of social disapproval from their peers (for being dimwitted) overcomes their fear of the awesome king’s hierarchy of power and mind control. It’s not something they think about, it just happens. Quickly.]

We are now at the point of the Second Little Boy of 9/11 Truth. As summarized in the first chapter, the research into every aspect of the Crime of the Century(s) has reached a critical mass. Very little remains to know except the exact details of the who, what, when, where, and how—and some of those are hammered flat beyond reasonable doubt. We have forensic evidence, and realistic suspects, more than enough to keep a dozen grand juries busy for a year. So it may not be a high-placed insider who turns. Rather, it may be the thorough rejection of the official BS by nearly 100% of our ‘respected, established, educated’ middle class persons. But only if they wake up and stand up.

The Point of the Book

In the beginning chapter I a) summarize a dozen of the esteemed and compelling 9/11 truth works,[1] b) imagine a world free from the lies of 9/11 and several other covert high crimes of the federal mob, and c) offer some analysis to aid in the transition to a humane New Paradigm of peace, freedom, and abundance. But After 9/11 Truth is a ‘do’ book; the remainder of it lays down a systematic method for we truthers reaching out quickly to our ‘respected, established, educated’ middle class persons, to get them to turn. My method is what I call a truth-letter closure campaign that uses a personalized standard letter (usually an email) to request that our contact:

  1. look at the truth (watch one key video or read one key book)
  2. come to the truth (9 out of 10 people who look at truth see the truth)
  3. assert the truth (via several public actions, all low risk and effort)

That’s it. As Preston Tucker said, “It’s the idea that counts, the rest is just machinery.”

I’ve created a funding project via publush here: This I hope will provide the funds for completion and publication of the book. (After 9/11 Truth will be available on Amazon by middle of January 2015. The pubslush project page provides a pdf file, which consists of the four Coffee Coaster columns that are the rough material for the final book.) The funding project starts Christmas Eve Day, 12/24/2014 and lasts for 15 days. For $50 or more, you receive shares in proceeds from book sales. I also welcome Friends and Fans of the pubslush project, pre- and post-launch.

Finally, in consideration of the emotional difficulty many of my friends, family, and associates are going to feel, I’d like to offer a few words on the transition… that is, from a pre-9/11 Truth to post-9/11 Truth world. The Western Cabal, the USG and its syndicate partners, will cease to exist in any meaningful way. For many of our ‘respected, established, educated’ middle class persons, the end of the Cabal will be scary, not unlike  the loss of belief in a deity. I feel your pain and angst. But please know that the period of transition will be brief and relatively painless, especially when you consider:

That the unleashing of creative energy caused by shutting down and taking away the Cabal’s engines of coercion will positively charge our world with unfathomable wealth and life transformation of billions of human beings. Others have described the New Paradigm in glowing terms, and I’m going to devote several paragraphs (in the book) in reference and description of the wonderful world that’s coming. A fabulous environment of our dreams, where we all break free as heroic (or not) individuals in voluntary community destined for the stars.

Then all I have to say to those who still demur is, “You sure don’t want to be the last kid on the block to call the emperor naked.”

For help in concretization of all the above, I recommend the Thrive site and its video.

[1] My own listing of 9/11 Truth masterworks (there are so many more) is as follows:

It seems every day some new major 9/11 masterwork emerges. As Barbara Honegger puts it, we have more than enough facts and argument. Now is the time to go Gandhi, go Satyagraha, assert the moral and spiritual high ground of truth over the usurpers.

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5 thoughts on “Brian’s Column: The Foreword to After 9/11 Truth

  1. Yes, a good question, Kay. Over the centuries I’ll wager the Church of Rome gives Islam a run for its money in terms of body count. Today, though, it seems Christianity is going secular. In the big picture worldwide, I’d like some facts and figures on whether Islam is similarly dying out… only being manipulated as a convenient false flag Bugi Man by the Angloimperialist and Zionist bankster-warlord oligarchy for nefarious ends. In any case, forensic evidence is overwhelming that the official conspiracy theory of the 9/11 attacks is a cover story and the 9/11 attacks were not perpetrated by radical Islamists.

  2. At breakfast this morning I was talking about how Islam is winning.
    Why are so many young people attracted? Why do women wish to be covered from head-to-toe? Why are people attracted to a religion with booklets on how to treat your slaves?
    I walked the fields of my ancestors in Sept drenched in blood from major Muslim attacks when Europe was almost conquered by Muslims during the 16th and 17th centuries. Entire villages were slaughtered. The only survivors were those taken as slaves.
    I walked by the many Muslim beggars in the European cities today. I spontaneously joined an anti Muslim march near St. Stephen’s in Vienna. Do not underestimate the power of a fanatical religion.

  3. Right, Pete, I find it more productive to stick to the facts. Let me know when you’ve read any of the books or viewed any of the videos listed in the footnote. Cheers.

  4. Brian,

    911 was a successful attack on America by Islam and the Big Oil / Rockefeller / Trilateral 5th column. Read David Rockefeller’s AutoBio. The goal was to eliminate American world domination and replace it with something far, far worse: Islamic / UN / world domination. You have fallen for the Islamic cover story which Islamic sources propagated while the ruins were still hot.

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