Brian’s Column: Snowden-Manning Nation

Catharsis and Catalyst to the New Paradigm?

Snowden-Manning_Art_2Roughly a year ago someone or something raised the notion to me of a symbolic Ed Snowden and Bradley/Chelsea Manning presidential ticket. And I thought to myself, “Wow, such a campaign would be like giving the finger to the powers that be for their multiple high-crime assaults on the people… while they always get off scot-free. The gesture being a milder, more thoughtful version of Howard Beale’s passionate appeal in the movie Network, ‘We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!'”

So I promptly went to my account and designed the bumper sticker you see above right. [If you click on the image—and then on the ‘Check out This Design…’ link on the page that comes up—you can order them directly.] I had in mind a trial balloon for an actual write-in campaign for the two persons… though a real write-in campaign would need to find two legally qualified individuals to be the bona fide candidates manifesting for the expelled Snowden and incarcerated Manning.

After a few minutes of thought regarding the federal elections filings and harassment you subject yourself to by running a political campaign, I decided instead to turn the Snowden-Manning effort into a symbolic assertion of consensus. More a mass boycott of the government by the people, or opting out, than participation in a given election. Which starkly condemns the prosecution and ongoing persecution of these two American heroes, whose infractions are that they exposed American government officials’ illegal spying, a litany of crimes against humanity, and myriad acts of low-and-high treason by individuals and whole agencies.[1]

Like most Americans I wonder why aren’t these people facing prosecution?!

A List of Fixes

[Note: what follows is a ‘first cut,’ to be refined considerably with the actual campaign.]

So the conception of Snowden-Manning I’m pursuing now is a) blanket the country this 2016 election season with S&M stickers, t-shirts, coffee cups and b) associate all the paraphernalia (the imagery) with a lowest-common-denominator, plain humanitarian consensus of a few key planks. Here’s where I am so far… and what in shortened form will provide the basis for maybe a $5-$10K crowdfund… that will lead to a Website to push all the baubles and trinkets in conjunction with a Declaration:

We hold these principles[2] to be reasonable and worthy of universal consideration:

  1. Expose federal crime: The exposure of government official felony crimes upon human beings shall not be a felony crime. Any government official committing a crime so exposed shall be investigated, indicted, and prosecuted by the appropriate tribunal. Any government official participating in felony prosecution of individuals for exposing government felonies shall be charged with treason. All individuals imprisoned or expelled for exposure of government crimes shall be freed immediately and their records expunged, with full restitution accorded to them.
  2. Reenable grand juries: Grand ‘juries of our peers’ shall be reenabled by statute (with appropriate funding of jurors for their time) and recognition by sitting judges… who shall empanel, upon  reasonable citizen-complaint, special instances to investigate and indict criminal activity by government or supported by government—such grand juries shall have full authority over all officers of the court and shall have full jurisdiction over all government agencies at any level of secrecy.
  3. Restore innocent lives: No individual who has not aggressed—either by physical force or threat of physical force, or fraud—upon another person shall be subject to investigation, indictment, prosecution, conviction, or imprisonment. All such nonaggressor individuals who have been convicted and imprisoned shall be freed immediately and their records expunged, with full restitution accorded to them. Judges shall inform all petit (trial) juries that they (the juries) are the ultimate judges of law and fact, and may nullify the law in a case for any reason.
  4. Hard stop Big Brother: Immediately deactivate and defund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Security Agency (NSA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), and transfer any legitimate constitutional tasks to other agencies or to the private sector. Immediately repeal the Patriot Act and indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act  (NDAA); repeal all state security measures, dirty tricks, staged massacres, and false-flag attack exercises judged unconstitutional by a special domestic Truth and Remediation Grand Jury (described in plank #6).
  5. Shut down the Empire: Reduce the US military budget 50% per year for the next 10 years. All intelligence and military forces deployed abroad shall stand down immediately, and return to the mainland for disbursement. All entanglements, military support, and foreign aid to other governments shall cease immediately; destroy all weapons of mass destruction, starting with the US arsenal. Demilitarize and defederalize mainland US law enforcement, rigidly adhering to posse comitatus. End all operations judged unconstitutional by the special foreign affairs Truth and Remediation Grand Jury (described in plank #6).
  6. Invoke the Constitution: … at home and abroad… on those who swore an oath to uphold it… and for the restitution of those the government has harmed. Because the list of government-official crimes against the Constitution is so long, a special Truth and Remediation Grand Jury ‘of our peers'[3] shall be formed, with two branches: domestic and foreign. Acts in violation of the Constitution shall be investigated and indicted by the grand juries as treason, including, but not limited to: votes for unconstitutional bills, presidential executive orders, violations of due process, war crimes, torture, illegal surveillance, drone strikes on civilians, mass imprisonment, and mass murder.
  7. Indict high-crime deceptions and assaults: For the past two or three decades, despite the forensic evidence produced by thousands of serious private-citizen investigations, the American people have been subjected to a number of covert, death-dealing federal government programs. These programs include, but are not limited to: toxic atmospheric spraying, GMO crops, vaccinations and forced medicine, injurious radiating/surveillance utility meters, the 9/11 attacks and other false-flag or staged massacres, and military exercises violating posse comitatus. Each of these high-crime assaults needs a criminal investigation with indictments to be brought by a fully empowered grand jury (per plank #2).
  8. Stop funding high crimes: … individually… by not paying the feds what you don’t owe them. In the late 1990s, when the Internal Revenue Code first became digitally available, Pete Hendrickson researched the statutes and regulations, discovering that the legal definition of income is ‘earnings as a consequence of the exercise of a federal privilege.’ Yes, really. Your direct earnings—not from the privilege of federal office holding, or payments from the federal government or a federal corporation—are not income. Read Cracking the Code and claim/reclaim your property as ever-increasing tens of thousands are doing every year. Without the several $trillion the feds get from the ‘income’ tax, they cannot afford to attack us.
  9. Restore sound money… plus!: Control of money and credit = control of society. Per the Wizard of Id, “Remember the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules.” Since the takeover of the American financial system in 1913, the value of the unit of American currency has declined about 24:1. That translates to $trillions of real wealth expropriated over the decades… from the ‘99%’ to the ‘1%.’ The former are entitled to have that wealth returned along with penalties from the latter… in reparations. A good accountant can do the calculations. Ease our transition from the collapse of the Old World to the New Paradigm.
  10. Read the Constitution: Truth be told, strict adherence to the US Constitution offers just about all the liberation we need. Just get out a copy and read it. [By the way, at the time of its signing the Constitution was intended by the founders to be read by literally everyone.] Pay close attention to the 9th Amendment, which says “just because we didn’t specifically list your freedoms here doesn’t mean you don’t have them,” and the 10th Amendment, which says, “unless a federal government power is specifically enumerated here, the federal government does NOT have that power.”  Period.

We can augment (or even replace) the above 10 detailed planks of a Snowden-Manning consensus—which, not yet knowing Ed or Chelsea, I know they’ll each at least have questions about—with a general statement of principles or political program like the following (which I know they’ll both be on board with immediately):

  1. Obey and uphold the Constitution.
  2. Transition any decent unconstitutional program to the private sector humanely.

And then, because it’s so timely, here is one more key plank Ed and Chelsea will go for:

  1. Corporations, not being people, have no rights under the Constitution.

Neither do labor unions, or professional associations, or the lobbyists, etc. Imagine how honestly elections would transpire if we took all these sources of money away from them.

[1] Reading between the lines of government reports on harm created by the Snowden-Manning leaks to genuine Western security (meaning the security of you and me against any actual threats of aggression not presented by our own governments), no harm exists.

[2] A key feature of the Website, aside from its main mission to push paraphernalia, will be elaboration and refinement of these principles.

[3] Each branch shall empanel as many individual subjuries as needed. How we do the grand jury restoration and special grand juries is critical to people taking charge of a runaway rogue, criminal government. It’s fairly simple in principle, but will probably take a few iterations for everyone to be happy with them. For one thing, I submit that nobody on a grand jury investigating corrupt government authority shall be a government official or be employed by government. Also, I feel jurors must have qualifications of having read the Constitution and demonstrated knowledge of it.

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