Brian’s Column: Way Better than Winning the Lottery!

Second-year personal victories for my ‘educated’ tax filing… plus
Also, program for CtC imminent success: Tithe and Tweet
By Brian R. Wright

Just as I had done for the first time in 2015, for 2016 I filed my US 1040 and Michigan income tax forms ‘educated,’ meaning I corrected the amounts erroneously designated as income in the respective filings and entered the amounts of tax incorrectly withheld to be refunded to me. Thus in both years I have recovered my property that was improperly removed from me due to legal ignorance and/or blind obedience to authority. You can do this, too. I wish you would. It’s simple. It’s also morally righteous to NOT pay what you don’t owe… especially to tyrannical, criminal, and terminally corrupt governments:

Message and link: Take back our country one educated tax victory at a time. 200K victories, $2 billion recovered.


The figure above explains most of it. Peter Eric Hendrickson, in the early 2000s—taking advantage of the fact that such records had recently been digitized for computer search—examined the federal income tax statutes and codes and discovered that our direct nonfederally privileged earnings are NOT income as defined therein. Hence, the ‘Hendrickson Discovery,’ and his cleansing, liberating book, Cracking the Code. Then his Website,, where you can find my own filings for this year’s state victory and federal victory by scrolling down on this page… yielding two modest recovery checks:

As I state in the title, the receipt of these recovery checks in the mail—as a consequence of simply applying the Hendrickson Discovery (it’s not brain surgery: you obtain the fed and MI 1040 forms online, then follow one of the victories that applies to you best from the thousands of cases shared by CtC filers on the site, e.g. page 56 where mine lies)—is a lifetime-achievement thrill. Not only because I’m getting my property back, but because I DESERVE to get my property back for standing up for what is true and lawful and right.

Yes, it takes a little bit of courage, because the first time, especially, it’s an unknown and most people have frightful imaginings. But when the checks show up, as in my case, for two years straight, in the mailbox, without question or holdup, you begin to realize that facing your fears was more than worth it and that good people can and will save the republic. The money is nice, too. But as Doreen, Pete’s wife, has told me: “It’s your property, you’re only getting it back.” Like from a thief you won’t back down from.

Next step: we need to get one or two liberty commentators of stature to step up to the plate and either publicly acknowledge that the CtC logic is correct and/or file educated and tell their story to the country. After a Paul Jacob and/or a Paul Craig Roberts and/or a Dr. Mary Ruwart and/or a Sheldon Richman and/or a Lew Rockwell—you get the picture— come aboard, give testimony to the light, and maybe eve receive their first victory, the nuts are off the buggy. They will break the ice: the practice of educating filing will become nearly universal in a heartbeat and Leviathan will shrink like a Triffid being hosed with sea water (The Day of the Triffids, 1963). The program is explained in the graphic below:

What I’m going to do now is refer everyone in the CtC community to two things:

  • First, I want any of you who is interested in spreading the word about CtC to join Twitter and learn the ropes. It’s easy. Do it. Then I want you to go to this Open Office document online here: This odt document contains the graphics I have made up to explain in a nutshell the nature of the Hendrickson Discovery. I want every CtC activist, as they can, to send these images, individually, via Tweets with your own customized short messages, to liberty opinion leaders of stature. I have provided in the doc my own list (w/ a handful of other regular civilian addresses) and Pete’s list of these liberty opinion leader individuals’ Twitter addresses (Pete’s list contains email addresses for some, as well.) Make your own list, if you want.


  • Second, I want every CtC filer who is successful to send 10% of what they recover each year by filing educated… as a check to the ‘Pete Foundation.’ Make your checks out to Pete Hendrickson, with a check note: “Tax Education Foundation,” and send them to the following address:

Pete Hendrickson
232 Oriole Street
Commerce Township, MI 48382
Attn: Tax Education Foundation

Here are my ‘tithe’ checks for 2016:

See, 10% of what I recovered in my two 2016 victories. [Think of it as a fundkeeping fee, consider that any crowdfunding platform for a cause usually takes close to 10% for the service it provides.]

Do It! To all the successful CtC filers out there…

We know that as a conservative number more than 200,000 successful recoveries have been achieved, netting property refunds of more than $2 billion since 2003, when the book was first published and the first refunds were obtained. Do the math: $2 billion ÷ 14 years = $142.8 million recovered. 10% of that is close to $15 million per year on average that the CtC community could be returning/reinvesting to spread the word, educate the public, and share the discovery with all the people…  not to mention develop legal resources to fight the few arbitrary abuses of power by unusually corrupt government officials for the handful of harassed CtC filers. Notably against Pete and Doreen, themselves (pure sadistic harassment having nothing to do with negating the Discovery).

I consider the ‘tithe’—note the quotation marks, I’m not being sacrilegious—a finder’s fee that needs to be remitted back to the heroic individual who has laid his life on the line and given us the Grand Solution to the terminal cancer of our Republic. Without Pete Hendrickson, not one penny of the $2+ billion we’ve recovered would have come our way.

The CtC organization remains small  potatoes. Why? I’ll be blunt: mainly because a large majority of routine beneficiaries are acting like chickens*** misers with no concern for the common cause of American freedom. If that’s you, then time to man up and come to Jesus!

Here lies gutless miser Joe Blow,
now affluent beneficiary of the Hendrickson Discovery..
But because Joe didn’t ‘tithe’ his victories
WE didn’t win… and the Republic died.

You want that as your epitaph?

Recognize that the victories we successful ones have had and continue to have are hanging by the thread of reluctant acquiescence to the law by high government officials. That thread is twisting in the wind as we approach—with civil asset forfeiture, undeclared wars, torture, rendition, SWAT teams for parking tickets, etc.—the complete unhinged lawlessness of arbitrary power. Serious money will give CtC a chance to forestall the bad guys long enough to sweep the country with, in effect, a national boycott… and hard-stop Leviathan in its tracks.

Also note that a big part of the way the liberty movement looks at CtC is: “How is it with all those recoveries, CtC minions can’t muster more than a few thousand dollars to hire lawyers and fight the federales who come after their fearless leaders… or help those sad cases on the forums whom the IRS is trying to twist into pretzels? Has to be a scam.”

My opinion is as follows, again somewhat harsh:

  • If you’re successful with CtC and not ‘tithing’ (or giving back) then you don’t care.
  • ‘Tithing’ is the only reasonable source for the breakthru funds CtC needs.
  • If less than 50% of successful filers do not ‘tithe,’ the CtC solution will die.
  • No other improvements in CtC organization are worth considering w/o ‘tithing.’
  • Spread the word and make ‘tithing’ a custom.

So all you successful victory people, let’s put smiles on our faces and ratchet things up a notch; just as you DESERVE your victories, the CtC organization deserves to be superbly funded by these victories. We are in a war. We have a fine leader, but if we are to win this war, we all have to chip in in a systematic, intelligent fashion. All for one and one for all. Rah rah, and all that. If we can seed the ‘tithing’ program with something on the order of $50K, RIGHT NOW, then we can pursue a professional marketing campaign with pins, stickers, balloons, parties, trips to Hawaii, you name it.

Seriously, a professional, intelligent, genuine promotional campaign can net (what I propose should be the organization’s) goal of $7 MILLION every year. With that kind of funding we can reach the big league of movements overnight… as well as clean up the legitimate issues being reported on the CtC forums, supporting the handful experiencing IRS or state arbitrary harassment—with training, legal aid, and even financial assistance.

Pete and some of the other CtC leaders also need to sit down and come up with a plan or Grand Strategy for how the Tax Education Foundation (or whatever it comes to be called) organization is to be done and how it will use the $7 million. Like any living organism, we grow or we die. There is no “let’s just keep it together and hope for the best” in Mother Nature.  And by the nature of the CtC process, we have at our disposal large funding potential that can make us big potatoes in a hurry. Let’s do it. Many hands make light work. Once again, that address for your check is (let’s kick in the $50K starter kit by Inde- pendence Day, 2017; write that 10% check today if not sooner):

Pete Hendrickson
232 Oriole Street
Commerce Township, MI 48382
Attn: Tax Education Foundation

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2 thoughts on “Brian’s Column: Way Better than Winning the Lottery!

  1. I’m pretty sure there’s a flag raised if you do that, probably somewhere explained on the losthorizons site. I just took the KISS approach and mimicked one of the Michigan victories.

  2. Brian, you really want to set your W4 to give that interest free loan for that much money to the US Gov? $2654.52 To me way too much risk! You could correct your W4/W9 to reflect your accurate tax liability. Fix it so you have a $20 +/- and effect the same fact of a refund check.

    Just a thought,


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