The Bad War (2d edition, 2017)

The truth never told about World War 2 (10/10)
by MS King (reviewed by Brian R. Wright)

The turning point book of the century?

One thing I can say right off the bat, if you give this (what looks like a coffee table book) to your friends next Christmas—unfortunately the printed book does not seem to be available with a color interior (yet)—be prepared for an upheaval in your relationships with those friends. Mike King’s book will radically change the way you look at international affairs, forever… even if you find his facts and points of view disagreeable. I did not. Indeed, I found the gist of what he says inspirational and restorative— though I do have some significant caveats. [Mainly these have to do with what appear to be different ideology: King being more comfortable with the nation-state life form and myself having decided that we the people have been victims of nationalism of any kind long enough. (Though the US Constitution and First Principles of the Declaration I deem sacred enough to accede to governments properly confined by them… so long as people’s independent grand juries are invoked to keep them honest.)]

The positives

Lately, I’m coming to find this iconic statement by the Father of Modern State Propaganda, Edward Bernays, to be pertinent across the whole of roughly the previous 170 years of so-called Western Civilization:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who run this unseen mechanism constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.” (Propaganda, 1928)

In other words, we’ve been lied to from infancy, or at the very minimum, kindergarten. By whom? Well, the Men of the Power Sickness, of course (my generic term), or ‘the DIPs (Dominant Inbred Psychopaths),’ to use a more exact phrase from Islamic scholar and commentator on MOPS/DIPs false-flag terror acts, Dr. Kevin Barrett. Author King for the first time reveals to me just how deep and pervasive the cultural brainwashing has gone; I had always held as a basic premise the Main Construct (from the Bad War sales page):

“We all know the story about World War II. The one about how ‘The Good Guys’ banded together to stop Adolf Hitler and the big bad Germans (and Japanese) from taking over the world.”

Now, thanks to the book, I come to the next shoe dropping:

“There is just one problem with this official version of the history-changing event known as World War II. It’s a LIE! Can you handle the truth about what really happened?”

What King notes, first, is that World War II was decidedly a Grand Strategy from World War I and earlier of the rising Anglo-Zionist (AZ) global-collectivist cabal,[1] which needed to wholly subjugate Germany, mainly, but also Japan—their people as well as their governments. Which brings us back to Edward J. Bernays, who was the chief architect of German demonization required to manipulate ordinary American psyches into climbing aboard the World War I meat wagon. Bernays became the ‘go to’ guy in the original WWI propaganda ministry: the Committee on Public Information (CPI). [Bernays, contrary to the prevalent scare imagery like the one on the right, dug deeper into the control perceptions and coined elevating phrases like the “war to end all wars” and “the fight for democracy.”

Needless to say, the CPI—and false-flag acts of state terror, e.g. the 1915 sinking of the Lusitania, blamed on Germany by the Western AZ media—managed to overcome the good sense that many Americans did have about avoiding European wars. [Note: The Bad War includes writeups on all the significant AZ media disinformation promoting war and vilifying Germany and Germans. The formal US government WWII propaganda department (corresponding to the CPI of WWI) was the Office of War Information. (One can argue that the OWI was hardly needed when the AZs owned and operated the New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, CBS, and NBC—still cornerstones of our modern Mainstream Noise.)]

Sorry to be caught up in the details, though at a high level of subject matter to be sure. The book has an addictive quality: it turns your point of view around 180 degrees such that you’re constantly saying to yourself, “I just have to read the NEXT incident or characterization that, thanks to MS King (and of course his brave sources, many of whom have paid the ultimate price), was just another AZ Matrix Big Lie.”

On the principal subject on the book, WWII, I guarantee that honest readers are going to be slapping their foreheads repeatedly, exclaiming, “I didn’t know THAT.” In a word, virtually everything we, Americans especially, thought we knew about Hitler, Germany, Churchill, FDR, the West, the so-called Holocaust, and major events leading up to and succeeding the catastrophe is DEAD WRONG. Which means that the movies we saw, books we read, newspaper accounts we were hammered with, and so on are rife with propaganda. [For me, it will be particularly difficult to regard the movie Casablanca as one of my favorites any longer; just too many stereotypes and over-the-top Germanophobia.]

WWII was the BAD war instigated by the usual suspects of the globalist AZ, Rothschild ‘war and debt’ juggernaut… that brooked no quarter. You can look at the numbers of deaths (list is from the book):

TOTAL KILLED: 40,000,000 +
GERMANS KILLED: 12 – 15,000,000 + (included here are the 1.5 million who perished in the Eisenhower death camps at war’s end and after)
FRENCH KILLED: 500,000 +
JAPANESE KILLED: 3,000,000 + (and don’t forget the internment camps)
RUSSIANS KILLED: 5,000,000 + during war; 7,000,000 + disappeared or killed afterwards (The official Soviet figure of 20,000,000 total dead cannot be substantiated and does not differentiate between war dead and Stalin’s victims)
U.S. POWs kidnapped by Stalin: *25,000 / 100’s executed (2)
JEWISH DEATHS in the German work camps (mostly from typhus): <100,000 (?)
*Liberated from German POW camps in the east, shipped to Siberian slave labor camps (Gulags), and then abandoned by US Government.

So what about Jewish population(s)? According to the International Red Cross, “the final death count for all internees of the German camps during the war was 270,000 (mainly from typhus). Though the number was based on German records, the Red Cross at the time neither questioned the figure nor ever complained about German cooperation with regard to camp inspection.”

Another alternative source ‘banned’ by Amazon, The Six Million, by Peter Winter, reports that a New York Times story from December 3, 1990, states that the total number of deaths in Auschwitz was nearly 70,000, of which 38,000 were Jews—a considerable reduction from the Auschwitz initial official propaganda number of 4,000,000 blared by the Times claims of the Soviet Union.

[That news story from the 1990 issue, which issue I personally have not been able to find online, is based on then recently released Soviet records from when the Soviets captured the camps. Apparently, the German data released by the Soviets after the fall of the ‘Iron Curtain’ also reveals that “the total number of all persons who died in the entire German prison camp system from 1935 to 1945 was 403,173—of all races, religions, and of whatever cause (typhus, old age, measles, and execution).” ]

That number, 403,173, bears repeating. Of course, people will say the Germans just s***-canned the records, but where’s the evidence of that one way or the other? According to Winter  (per the Daily Telegraph, July 17, 1990, and The Washington Times, July 17, 1990) in July 1989, the Auschwitz Museum announced that the ‘actual’ number of deaths in the camp was not the four million originally asserted by the Soviets but one million. The new figure was immediately endorsed by Israel’s Yad Vashem and its Dr. Shmuel Krakowsky.[2]

No, my review does not want to devolve into a discussion of the reality of the ‘Holocaust.’  But I’m a Holocaust truther and what really happened should matter to any rational human being. People who want to ban and punish judgments of the facts that differ from their own, such as what Amazon and others are doing with a disturbingly high number of books, are certainly not interested in YOU knowing what really happened, are they? Oh, one more demonstrable fact from a pertinent online post (I did not go to the almanac to verify) should be brought to bear here:

Per 1934 World Almanac pre-WWII population numbers:
Christians 682,400,000
Jews 15,315,000
In 1948, after WWII, the 1949 World Almanac notes the following populations:
Christians 592,406,542
Jews 15,753,638
Difference: Christians: – 89,993,458; Jews +438,648

Draw your own conclusions, do your own research. Do NOT accept what the authorities want you to believe. And do NOT accept infringements on what you are allowed to read and speak freely about. That way lies Big Brother and madness.

The negatives

Actually, my main reservation or caveat with has been stated in the first paragraph. The Bad War is such an overwhelming, courageous achievement for ending the mind control and Gargantuan Lies of our political life that I almost hesitate to render criticisms, small though they may be. MS King has certainly raised himself as an AZ Matrix target to the same level of ML King, what, 50 years ago:

“Deep down in our non-violent creed is the conviction there are some things so dear, some things so precious, some things so eternally true, that they’re worth dying for. And if a man happens to be 36-years-old, as I happen to be, and some great truth stands before the door of his life – some great opportunity to stand up for that which is right.

“A man might be afraid his home will get bombed, or he’s afraid that he will lose his job, or he’s afraid that he will get shot, or beat down by state troopers, and he may go on and live until he’s 80. He’s just as dead at 36 as he would be at 80. The cessation of breathing in his life is merely the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit.

“A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr. (probably killed by the AZs, just as JFK, RFK)

Clearly MS stands with ML in spirit. And that’s what matters. And I should have added more positives in the previous section…. Fact is, I disagree or at least question King’s arguments on three or four substantial matters, and feel that he omitted some matters that would have rendered a more realistic assessment of the Third Reich machinery… and Hitler. I’ll take those questions and issues up with the author directly one of these days, because I’m sure we’ll be running into each other.

However, in contrast to his adversaries ol’ Adolph was a choir boy (actually he had been an altar boy)—war hero, talented painter, voracious reader, student of culture and history, adored by the people, lover of children and animals, vegetarian, teetotaler, and antismoker. In the controlled AZ media, all vestiges of Hitler’s humanity, as well as his fervent, lucid appeals for peace against AZ aggression are belittled or expunged. The author provides a page or two of photos I’m sure most of us have never seen:

Let’s talk about the start of WWII for a minute: King demonstrates that Poland initiated the acts that led to the pretext for war that the AZs had been planning since the first one. Hitler responded by liberating the Germans of the Danzig Corridor who had been systematically subjected to horrific atrocities by Red-Jewish terrorists protected by Poland’s warmonger-successor Marshal Edward Rydz-Smigly.

I do wish King had spent more time and drawn an obvious phrase related to the attempted destruction of the German people: World War Two was The German Holocaust… not to mention the Japanese one. Further, he doesn’t emphasize the ethnic cleansing by Tito and his partisans: Upwards of two million noncombatant ethnic Germans were slaughtered and displaced in that ‘revenge,’ after the war, consciously enabled by the high war criminals Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin.


As one who has worked as a professional editor, I see a few usage errors, mainly punctuation lapses. King has a method for giving references, which is novel (basically giving search phrases for the reader to access on the Web), but I’m an old-fashioned kind of guy that way, and prefer having exact citations. So in essence The Bad War—like, say, Jim Fetzer’s book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (also ‘banned’ by Amaglob)—lacks that polished, professional look you find with conventionally published works.

By the way, King’s book makes up for that look and feel issue—and, yes, less rigorous literary scholarship standards—by providing upward of 600 illustrations, many of them in color. You should definitely buy the pdf version of the book in order to appreciate the color images… though also get the print version for the bed stand. Of course, the book provides earthshaknig information you would never have found from conventional mind-control sources.

So, buy the book in droves. Stand up for the right to know. Because, my friends, we are on the threshold of the AZ’s effecting their full-spectrum dominance agenda… and/or World War 3, we do not have much time to arrest them. They are, it is, so diabolical you cannot put it into words. What they did to the Germans and the Japanese is but foreplay to what they will do to Americans and any remaining beings of independent consciousness. Hell will look like paradise. The AZs are already bent on planet destruction and culling the species by any means necessary; demented supremacist doomsday cults such as Chabad Lubavitch have strong influence over all Western governments.

We know the enemy, and it is they. It must be exposed URGENTLY. It’s a zero-sum game. Us or them. If we don’t keep our heads, get the word out, stand up for our country’s constitutionally protected liberties and First Principles, then ‘us’ neither wins nor lives. That’s just how it is.

Read about and buy the book here.

Also, buy the book here.

Now, before Homeland Security puts you on the A-list.

Final comment, especially to those of my readers who are horrified that I’d question so dramatically the conventional knowledge we were inculcated with by the Mainstream Noise and our compulsory government schooling system from Day One. Once again, note the statement from the original Leader of the Mind Control Band in the West, Zionist nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward J. Bernays:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who run this unseen mechanism constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.” (Propaganda, 1928)

What remains unstated in that quote is “and I like it.” The little bugger never thought for a minute on how to create psychological independence, hence liberty, for the individual human being. He was also extremely good at manufacturing consent. To the point very few of us have ever considered that they believe most of what they believe because ‘those who run the mechanism’ have engineered it for them. Especially in foreign affairs, and anything touching any variety of the GPN (Government Propaganda Network). They simply accept what they’re told on faith.

Now is the time to break free my friends, recognize the contradictions and stand up to them, look to the source, turn off the brainwashing immediately, whether the flicker-flicker box or print. Step off the stage as Truman Burbank does in The Truman Show. My novel, The Truman Prophecy (and its corresponding philosophy), enables you to effect and sustain such a breakthru.

[Coffee Coaster Column link]

[1] AKA, New World Order (NWO). The Anglo-imperialists are or stem from the DIPs of the British monarchy-oligarchy. The Zionist component of the global syndicate emerged from the centralization of money and credit under the Rothschild banking dynasty, which dynasty suffered a serious startup blow thanks to American Independence… but was able to apply its war and debt methodology to reestablish finance control of America throughout the 19th century. The Rothschilds were avid supporters of international Zionism, which ideology peaked via Theodore Herzl toward the end of the 19th century.

The zenith of consolidation of AZ power in America occurred via the formation of the Federal Reserve Banking system (ref. G. Edward Griffin’s masterpiece, The Creature from Jekyll Island), which was the final edge of the wedge into the globalists’ agenda of complete full-spectrum dominance we are witnessing today—otherwise known as the tapeworm society of terminal ubiquitous corruption. Ref. the free video Thrive.

[Ostensibly rooted in Judaism, Zionism is a cauldron of liberal sentiment, racial supremacy, Jewish-homeland ultranationalism, and rank aggression against ‘the other.’ At least, as it turns out with the state of Israel. In a nutshell: collectivist-Zionism is to Judaism as the Ku Klux Klan is to Christianity… only more modernly magnified, networked, and messianic. For a good discussion of the rise of Zionism, please refer to Alison Weir’s book, Against Our Better Judgment: How the United States was used to create Israel (2014).]

[2] Yad Vashem is the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem. Interestingly, this radical reduction in deaths from the official six million to the 1989-discovered three million did not make it into what the ‘Holocaust’ scholars and and media report. That is, they should be talking about the “Three Million Jews killed,” but the true arithmetic has not been applied for public consumption.







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