Movie Review: Losing the Liberty (June 8, 1967)

Two films on the Israeli unprovoked, intentional attack on the USS Liberty

Loss LibertyThe 50th anniversary of the assault on the USS Liberty is coming up June 8th of this year. These two videos are important building blocks toward the understanding of what happened… and toward the steps all good Americans need to take now in defense of our own country… and its Liberty.

Thank you so much Dick Kennedy for sending me these DVDs; I’m simply overwhelmed by the treachery and savagery of high officials of both governments, Israeli and American, serving without question the imperial agenda of Zionist Israel at this most critical juncture of history. It’s stunningly clear this was a false flag attack with unmarked planes and gunboats, intended to be blamed on the Arabs, and to sink the ship and kill everyone on board so no one would be available to contest the story. Following which the US could rightly enter the conflict on the side of Israel.

The objective was also to eliminate surveillance of war crimes—the sadistic, perfunctory execution of several hundred Egyptian POWs from the Six-Day War, the invasion and conquest of the Golan Heights, and who knows what else. Israel had planned the ‘War’ years in advance, thus very likely what they were going to do with any prisoners. The standard story that Israel was facing annihilation from massing Arab forces appears to be complete BS… according to sources quoting a large number of Israelis who were in a position to know:

“The entire story of the danger of extermination was invented in every detail, and exaggerated a posteriori to justify the annexation of new Arab territory.”
Mordechai Bentov, Minister of Housing

My review focuses on two videos that cover extensively the stories via interview of officers and crew of the USS Liberty, as well as noted public officials who questioned the coverup story, in effect to this day, that Israel made ‘an understandable mistake’ and did not attack the Liberty intentionally. I’m going to send the reader to the site of the Liberty Veterans Association, and you may read the document LVA prepared in 2005 for the Department of Defense: A Report of War Crimes Committed Against the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967. That briefing—which the DoD refused, according to its own regulations, to acknowledge—includes many allegations of war crimes, notably:

  • The jamming of our radios on both US Navy tactical and international maritime distress frequencies.
  • The use of unmarked aircraft by the forces attacking the USS Liberty.
  • The deliberate machine gunning of life rafts we had dropped over the side in anticipation of abandoning ship.
  • The recall of two flights of rescue aircraft that had been launched from Sixth Fleet aircraft carriers.

That the attacks were criminal and false flag, authorized by the Israeli high command, and intended to sink the USS Liberty and leave absolutely no survivors is beyond reasonable doubt. We may thank these brave men of the Liberty, who by ingenuity, seamanship, and incredible bravery did escape with their lives, for standing up for the truth and demanding justice. Also, for exposing the Big Lie that is the Zionist Israeli state… and, for that matter, the treason of high American officials from President Johnson on down.

These are but two honest stories of the war crime told in film (via notes while watching):

Dead in the Water (2002, 1:16)

DeadWaterMore of a professional rendering, fuller picture, structured, British origin? Yes, BBC. Gives background on the Liberty, and the context of the Six-Day-War. A unique state of the art surveillance ship. The attempted destruction of the USS Liberty was a turning point in US relations, after which we sent all the armaments the Israelis ever asked for to turn the entire Middle East into Armageddon. And paradoxically the security of Israel became a key objective of US foreign policy.

Meeting between head of Israeli security and McNamara before 6-Day. Amit took as green light to aggress. McNamara says not. This film gives both sides, many contradictory statements from leaders and military. Both McNamara and Johnson are clearly lying. [McNamara dies in 2009 after movie made: “I have nothing to say about the USS Liberty.”]

What I didn’t know was that the USS America aircraft carrier sent out nuke-armed planes to Cairo based on commander and Liberty feeling they must be being attacked by Egyptian planes. McNamara orders to recall these six planes. Then admiral says wants to send planes conventional-armed to help out the Liberty. McNamara says no, recall them, too. Admiral challenges. President Johnson comes on the air to state, “I don’t care if the Liberty sinks and everyone dies, I’m not going to embarrass our ‘ally.'” How did he determine these were allied attackers? Israel wrongly states that its attack was already over in half an hour, but it lasted for two hours.

[Operation Cyanide: The US was secretly helping Israel before the war and during the war, part of the attacking force. How illegal is that?! This DVD has an extra with interviews with Russian military officer and intel officer who corroborate that the attack on Liberty was precise and intentional with the desired aim of furthering war on Egypt, but that aim was not achieved because Soviet forces were already in place in Egypt, and America was not ready for direct attack that could lead to nuclear war. One of the Russians was commander of a submarine with nuclear missiles that could have been used against Haifa in Israel. Speculative, but plausible.]

Hours of crew testimony blacked out from the Naval inquiry. Secretive awarding of medals. The captain was not presented his Congressional Medal of Honor (CMH) by the president, which is always the protocol for CMH. None of the description attending the heroic behavior ever mentions that the enemy attack was by Israel. “A coverup of the highest magnitude.”  Important point, a presidential election was coming up, nobody wanted to piss off the Israel Lobby. Especially Johnson. Israeli government inquiry finds errors, but nobody reprimanded or jailed for gross negligence.[1]

“People that gave the orders, they got away with murder.”

All shipboard members were told to keep it quiet or they would go to penitentiary “or worse.” They knew they would face assassination if they talked, even to their families.

Attack on the USS Liberty, June 8, 1967. 34 Dead, 172 Wounded.

LossLiberty2The Loss of Liberty (2002, 0:52)

The men talk. Takes more of the deck level view, from the men of all ranks who suffered through the day. More detail on the attacks especially as they affected the crew. If the captain had not been more capable, more than one torpedo would have hit and they would have sunk the ship. It was not expected to survive. The empty life boats that were jettisoned by crew members (because they were on fire and useless) were shot up by Israeli gunboats to assure no one would survive. Communications intercepted between Israeli high command war room and Israeli pilots: High command was told by the pilots that ship was American. High command said they knew it was American, reiterated, “Continue attack!”

Less professionally done, this is the more heartwrenching of the two versions.

I just want to cry… then I get so angry… and resolved! We cannot let these men who died or suffered horrible injuries to have been victimized in vain. Or their brave brothers who lived through that horror of bloody horrors. Even though most of the organizing leadership of the atrocity on the USS Liberty have gone to their eternal reward, the state of Israel and its client criminal syndicate in the US today must be brought to justice. The truth must be upheld and the survivors properly memorialized.

Final author’s note: The assault on the USS Liberty is a catalytic crime, the sine qua non of what has now morphed into the worldwide Zionist agenda of global domination and democide. Until I had seen these films and considered all the incontrovertible facts they raise, high-level machinations they reveal, and motivations they establish, I had not realized just how pivotal the attack and coverup were to getting us to where we are today as a planet: the eve of destruction. Because the case is so clear cut with epic ramifications, we the people must make justice for the Liberty a Priority 1 rallying cry for liberty itself.

[1] Speculation: After the botched—remember the ship and all its crew had to be destroyed to make it a successful false-flag operation—Liberty attack and its extremely successful coverup, Israel then knew with complete confidence it could do anything it wanted to do, and US leadership would still fall all over itself to do its bidding.










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2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Losing the Liberty (June 8, 1967)

  1. As the former Chaplain for the Liberty Veterans Association I wish to pass this on to whomever will read it. I was two decks down when the torpedo slammed into the starboard side of the ship. Seconds before the torpedo hit and after the prayer for my life, I heard a voice from somewhere which said, and I quote, “Get down, and get down now”!! I didn’t move fast enough and somehow I found myself flat to the steel deck when the explosion occurred, about thirty feet away. I could hear the shrapnel flying over my head, and little did I know it was killing practically all my shipmates in that compartment. The whole area became an instant swimming pool, and I scrambled for the ladder to the next deck above, and safety. Where did the voice come from, and how did I get flat on the steel deck? I leave that to the reader, but I already know the answer. They had everything needed to put us to the bottom and still it didn’t happen. I call it two words. Divine Intervention

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