Guest Column: Independents’ Day

2016-11-08, Novi, Michigan. [Excerpt from the upcoming The Truman Prophecy.]


PuppetDespite the massive parade-style, police-state presence, traffic lanes were fully cleared by local authorities and the Snyder Complex gates opened for parking at 0800 sharp. Long lines of cars queued for entry from east and west along Grand River Avenue. [Picture the ‘If you build it, they will come’ scene in the Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams, only in the morning and in a suburb of Detroit.]

Billed as the Kickoff of the Next Stage [of human evolution]—and because so many wanted to show up in person on a BIG stage for this cosmos-rending Independents’ Day ‘portal’—attendance for ‘official’ Snowden-Manning (S-M) stadium-rally-style events had to be modulated by price.

Standard package was $50 two weeks or more in advance, which covered everything including parking. If you waited an additional week, the cost doubled, and no registrations were accepted after that.

Really, no big deal. Because anyone with an Internet hookup would be able to see and display any ‘official’ large-scale portal event they wished. With WiFi, a laptop, and a TV with an HDMI cable port, Joe’s Bar could host its own Independents’ Day portal… without all the messy traffic and throngs of people.

The only thing the Joe’s Bar altevent might lack would be the high-grade “I Was There” commemorative t-shirt. 🙂

The numbers had become staggering: The American ‘Indie 500’ was now a reality. That’s right, the S-M organizers had set up an average of 10 Big Stage sites per state, averaging 5,000 participants per convention center.

The ‘Vote’

The 500 Big Stage sites were complemented countrywide by 1,000 smaller sites, averaging 1,000 participants apiece. Doing the arithmetic, the Independents’ Day Declaration main portal events were hosting 10x5000x50 + 1000×1000 = 3.5 million persons.

It was estimated that for every Independent attending a Declaration main event, five others were making an official in person appearance at their local S-M-notified Joe’s Bars or other public gathering place. = 17.5 million formally going out for Independents’ Day. Throw in another 7.5 million Indies attending non-S-M-notified establishments but many with their S-M official I-Day Declaration package:

20-25 million publicly stating their political identities.

Then how many declaring online?
25 million?
50 million?!

Who knew what today would bring. In the 2012 presidential election, total votes cast for president was, rounding off, 127 million (66 for O-bomb-ya, 61 for Romney).

The central Independents’ Day Declaration event and ceremony was a symbolic vote for the virtual Snowden-Manning 2016 presidential ticket. Of those in attendance, in person and online, nearly 100% would so ‘vote.’

What effect would a total symbolic vote of 50 to 75 million real persons—organizers had systems in place to ensure online ‘voters’ were, indeed, human—have on the sense of legitimacy of whoever Demopublican goes ahead to win the ‘real’ election in America today? Or on any faux monkeywrench candidate who survives the gauntlet.

LARGE! … surmise the Prophet and the Postmen.
LARGE! … say the Toto Correspondents.
LARGE! … hold the Independents present and voting.

The Rest of the Program

Starting in 4Q 2014, when the Snowden-Manning project was hatched, the Prophet and his coordinators hadbeen working on the Independents’ Day program template. Yes, the central ‘show’ activity was always going to be ‘The Vote’—the demoralizing essential, sending the Dark Forces into disarray.

But the Snowden-Manning campaign was much more than a symbolic political gesture, it was the public face, the carrier frequency, for the truth, justice, and liberty message that animated the whole Independents’ migration.

The bus taking us to the promised land.

What do you do there? What does anyone do who reaches a new stage of life? Celebrate. Share the joy of victory with kindred souls. Accordingly, lit tables and exhibits filled the convention hall periphery. Freedom breakfasts, banquets, parties, hospitality suites, and other social gatherings filled the hours… well into the night.

Nourishing deep friendships, likes, and loves.
Also here at the spiritual launchpad, business to be conducted:
Seven core hours: 1000 to 1700.

  • 1000-1100: Keynote: Prophecy and Independents
  • 1100-1200: Truth: Reports from Toto Affiliates.
  • 1200-1300: Lunch on your own.
  • 1300-1400: Justice: Reports from Dorothy Affiliates.
  • 1500-1600: Liberty: Who we are and will be.
  • 1600-1700: Independents’ Oath and Declaration.
  • 1700: Huzzah! ‘Throwing the caps and tassels.’
  • Core hours: Perform, count, and report ‘The Vote.’

Toward an open planet, a Billion+ Points of Light society.
“Our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

Here at the Snyder of Novi

Soon to be renamed… 🙂

The A-team gets into gear.
The shot heard round the world.
Model for the others.
Cutting the strings, breaking the chains.
Humanity rises! The Death Star in ashes.

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