Book Review: The Truman Prophecy (2015), Excerpt #12

From Part I: Dorothy Scarecrow: Great Lakes Field Office, DOD

Truman_Front[Excerpt from The Truman Prophecy, due for publication 12/25/15.]

“Hello, this is Balph,” answered chief psychiatrist and professor of neuroscience for ‘mastering the human factor’ of Jade Helm North.

At the other end of the line, a woman’s voice said, “Dr. Bufort, I’m Analyst Smith of Ultra Homeland Security Headquarters, running the People’s subsection, Institution section of the Citizen branch of the Civilian division.”

“Geshundheit!” responded Balph.

“Excuse me?” asked Smith.

“Sorry, just kidding, what can I do for you?”

“We’ve been analyzing what appears to be a coordinated lecture and community outreach program to fight what participants see as criminal attacks by government agencies and associates. This program is given the umbrella name: Toto Worldwide foundation—Toto being the little dog in the movie The Wizard of Oz…? Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Truman Prophecy Preview

A preview of the novel by Brian Wright, The Truman Prophecy
Still looking good for publication by 12/15/15

Carrey2PDF version of preview here:

I’ve been publishing excerpts of key sections on my Coffee Coaster site ( leading up to actual publication. Keep in mind these are drafts without final polish and edit. Here are the links in approximate sequence as they will appear in the book. — bw

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Guest Column: Independents’ Day

2016-11-08, Novi, Michigan. [Excerpt from the upcoming The Truman Prophecy.]


PuppetDespite the massive parade-style, police-state presence, traffic lanes were fully cleared by local authorities and the Snyder Complex gates opened for parking at 0800 sharp. Long lines of cars queued for entry from east and west along Grand River Avenue. [Picture the ‘If you build it, they will come’ scene in the Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams, only in the morning and in a suburb of Detroit.]

Billed as the Kickoff of the Next Stage [of human evolution]—and because so many wanted to show up in person on a BIG stage for this cosmos-rending Independents’ Day ‘portal’—attendance for ‘official’ Snowden-Manning (S-M) stadium-rally-style events had to be modulated by price. Continue reading