Brian’s Column: Trumanists of the World Unite!

Trumanism: A political philosophy whose time has come

trumanism_brochure_imageWhat follows is my summary of the phiIosophy recently assembled into a three-fold brochure. You may download the pdf from the image at right, and use all of the active hyperlinks from that document. This column will expand on some areas that brochure space would not allow.

Note: Trumanism is explained more fully and a pathway for “Independents Rising” has been set up on the Website

To paraphrase Ayn Rand, “The world is perishing from an orgy of mind control and blind collective acquiescence to corrupt authority.”[1] Regular people who adhere to the nonaggression principle in their day-to-day lives are being ground down financially, and in their physical health.

Trumanism is a social-activist philosophy stemming from Brian Wright’s novel, The Truman Prophecy.

Toto, Dorothy, and Truman

Truman_Front_NewThree metaphors are key to the novel and to the philosophy, where ‘we the people:’

  • Wake: Expose official lies leading to  ‘high-crime’ assaults on the people
  • Stand: Bring justice via people’s grand juries against such lie-crimes
  • Walk: (Each) declare our Independent Being psychologically and politically

Toto_Curtain_3The Wizard of Oz Metaphor

Wake. Recall Dorothy and co. return to the Wizard where his scary phantasm subjects them to a loud barrage of explosives and condemnation. Toto moves off and pulls back the curtain on a little old man in a room working controls, obviously the Wiz. Dorothy_Wizard(Truth.)

Stand. Dorothy reads Wiz the riot act, “Bad Wizard! Get us back to Kansas! (Justice.)

TrumanThe Truman Show Metaphor

Walk. In the 1998 movie, Truman Burbank discovers he is being controlled by and for purposes of the Collective w/o his consent or knowledge. In the final scene he realizes the truth and chooses to leave the Show with a flourish. (Liberty.)

Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS)

barrier_cloudHistorically, human societies contain two types of men: 1) those who like to live thru their own effort and imagination and 2) those who seek to live by controlling others (or letting others control them). This translates to the two ways men can deal with one another: thru production and trade or enslavement and force.

Civilizations thrive when Type 1 individuals prevail and die when Type 2 individuals prevail. Brian Wright’s book, entitled The Barrier Cloud, develops the concept of Type 2s, calling the deepest-afflicted of them the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS).

Rule_ShadowsMost people are normal Type 1, living by the nonaggression principle (NAP): don’t hit, don’t steal, don’t lie. So the MOPS create a ‘Barrier Cloud’ to this NAP-based society—by engineering normal people’s institutions, perceptions, and emotions… especially today in the age of electronic media. [Ref. Rule DVD link.]

“… and people will have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.” — Aldous Huxley, 1959

The Trumanist Program

ThriveHow do we the normal people break free from the MOPS, esp. with their $trillions in resources taken from us over decades, even centuries?

Wake, Stand, Walk.

But let’s first please watch the Thrive video, from Foster and Kimberly Gamble—which has been viewed 70 million times and counting. Together, Thriveists and Trumanists must bring a groundswell of world attention to the lies and their associated species-ending attacks. [2]

I. Wake to High-Priority Threats

The seven key high-crime assaults are:

  1. Tax Lies—thoroughly exposed and remedied at the practical personal level by The Hendrickson Discovery
  2. False-Flags—the 9/11 attacks/coverup and other major false-flag acts of state terror, many with deep-state, globalist architects
  3. Toxic Skies—covert atmospheric aerosol spraying and electromagnetic bombardment of the ionosphere (HAARP)
  4. Frankenfoods—massive distribution of harmful genetically modified organism (GMO) crops to world populations
  5. Fry & Spy—radio-frequency (RF) and dirty electricity now principally thru electric ‘smart’ meters: surveillance, health/safety violation
  6. Sliming Baby—medical fascism, particularly via mandated vaccines that whack immune systems and escalate the autism epidemic
  7. ‘Botting’ Junior—compulsory state factory schooling, longtime affliction of the body politic, acculturating kids to prison planet

Trumanism_PlateLinks are to seminal books or videos.

For each of the high-crime assaults, the Prophecy describes a truth (’Toto’) action template containing these items:

  1. Booklet regarding the issue
  2. Letter of persuasion regarding the issue
  3. List of recipients for the letter
  4. Card with 10 undisputed facts*

* Link to all the ‘10 Easy Pieces’ Facts.

Toto program does targeted persuasive letter writing w/aim to submit to people’s truth adjudication below.

HIddenII. Stand against the Corrupt

The Stand step basically turns the persuasive letters of the Wake step into petitions for submittal to people’s independent grand juries for investigation and indictment of corrupt public officials. We use author Kelly Mordecai’s Grand Jury Project Plan. Independent grand juries are an America-centric institution with implications for other countries.


A key project of the Truman Prophecy ‘Dorothy’ (Justice) phase is the Snowden-Manning Political Program masquerading as a write-in national ticket. Updated for 2020, click on the bumper sticker for information.  

SM2020_Image_w_BorderIII. walk Independent


Asserting one’s Independent being is the core action of Trumanism. We achieve Independence:

  • Psychologically—by thinking for ourselves
  • Politically—by thinking for ourselves

Our personal Declaration of Independent Being and associated documents outline where we Independents stand.

Government by Contract

Also called panarchy, the Trumanist program develops voluntary subscription ’government’ to opt out with finesse. Elaborated in the Independents’ Field Manual. [Scheduled completion: 6/1/2017.]

Breath, Watch, Be.


The Prophecy outlines what the Prophet calls the Spiritual Magic Move (for quieting the mind). The ’Move’ is elaborated in the booklet The Joy Spot due 3/1/2016. [Link to promo piece here.] Achievement of full Independent Being rests on realization of Being, i.e. full consciousness.

Trumanism embraces all belief systems: One can be a secular Trumanist, Christian Trumanist, Jewish , Muslim… etc.

Learn More, Self-Activate

Read The Truman Prophecy. Please visit, start your own unique ‘Independent-Rising’ adventure en masse.

[1] I believe she spoke these words via Howard Roark’s courtroom speech: “The world is perishing from an orgy of self-sacrificing.”

[2] Trumanism complements Thrive with a structured activist program for independent human beings to live in a free, benevolent community of their choice and achieve their full individual power thru rigorous conceptual knowledge and robust imagination.











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