Brian’s Column: Letting Go of ‘the Noise,’ Part 2

Making the right choices regarding Humpty Dumpty and the king’s men and horses

From Part 1 of this column, I stated:

“I’m addressing the column to Americans, mainly. ‘We the people’ still have a window of time available—a few months, a year, not much more than that—to put our own Humpty Dumpty back together… before the newly imposed US king and king’s men visit our homeboy “USA! USA! USA!” masses with the same acts of kindness bestowed upon Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and all the other ungrateful countries of the world during the former emperor’s eight-year term… and the elite redneck dictator’s regime before that… and the slick pedophile’s one before that… and…. We need to act fast, though.”

The Political Solutions

Then, I said I’d get back to the political solutions after discussing the only spiritual found- ation that renders these solutions possible, even straightforward. Once people discard the noise in their heads, they’ll know enough to eliminate the sources of this noise in the political environment: chiefly deception suborning aggression. By? Well, by our old friends the Men of the Power Sickness. The quick and easy way to eliminate the political noise sources is threefold (per the Trumanist Philosophy), using the following steps and metaphors:

  1. Wake: Expose official lies leading to  ‘high-crime’ assaults on the people
  2. Stand: Bring justice via people’s grand juries against such lie-crimes
  3. Walk: (Each) declare our Independent Being psychologically and politically

The Wizard of Oz Metaphor

Wake. Recall Dorothy and co. return to the Wizard where his scary phantasm subjects them to a loud barrage of explosives and condemnation. Toto moves off and pulls back the curtain on a little old man in a room working controls, obviously the Wiz. (Truth.)

Stand. Dorothy reads Wiz the riot act, “Bad Wizard! Get us back to Kansas! (Justice.)

The Truman Show Metaphor

Walk. In the 1998 movie, Truman Burbank discovers he is being controlled by and for purposes of the Collective w/o his consent or knowledge. In the final scene he realizes the truth and chooses to leave the Show with a flourish. (Liberty.)

Walk—Declare One’s Independent Being (Deny Consent to Your Aggressor State)

In practice, the Walk (Liberty) step comes first, as we individually—using that spiritual dawning of Joy, Ease, and Lightness (JEL) we described Part 1—break through the Barrier Cloud by declaring ourselves individually as Independent beings. [Another way to look at this process is denying consent to the collectivist forces that would rule you, keep you in their cage for whatever reason. I have written a template Declaration of Indepen- dent Being which you may personalize and file as an affidavit with your monopoly govern-ment(s) ‘official’ record keepers.]

Over at the Global-Spring site, we are working on the companion action guide to my Truman Prophecy novel, entitled Independents’ Field Manual… scheduled for completion by early summer 2017. The guide includes procedures for making your transition to a free society as routine and painless as performing the Gravity Golf ® swing like Fred Couples. Just as we do not permit acts of aggression—by government or otherwise—on the outside, we learn (by letting go spiritually) to eliminate aggression by ourselves to our inside. Basically, we beings of Independent consciousness are opting out, leaving the system… think of it as Atlas Shrugged en masse.

Wake and Stand—Truth and Justice via the Justice/Jury Action Movement (JAM)

From the Trumanist philosophy summary brochure:

Stand against the Corrupt

HIddenThe Stand step basically turns the persuasive letters of the Wake step into petitions for submittal to people’s independent grand juries for investigation and indictment of corrupt public officials. We use author Kelly Mordecai’s Grand Jury Project Plan. Independent grand juries are an America-centric institution with implications for other countries.


A key project of the Truman Prophecy ‘Dorothy’ (Justice) phase is the Snowden-Manning Political Program masquerading as a write-in national ticket. Updated for 2020, click on the bumper sticker for information.  

SM2020_Image_w_Borderthe Justice/Jury Action Movement (JAM)

JAM is my latest political idea, to carry the fight against government corruption and the global mobsters running these officials—all of whom aim to destroy humankind—to their front doors… like NOW. Here’s how I envision JAM unfolding, per my message to a promising Facebook Page:

Hello, I’m interested in messaging with Roger Roots, the author of this outstanding article ( [Or anyone else who may want to take part.] I’m a friend and colleague with Daniel Simon (pen name Kelly Mordecai) who wrote The Hidden 4th Branch (

I have in mind a grand jury-centric justice-activist system, tentatively named the Justice (or Jury) Action Movement (JAM), which would implement a concept I have named PRIME (people’s reclaimed independent multilevel everywhere) juries–esp. grand but also petit, I’m thinking because of petit jurors’ authority to judge law and fact and acquit on basis of conscience.

Kelly has a Grand Jury Project he put together and I have reformatted here: He’s apparently already effected an instance of the project, somewhere in California, where he lives–it had to do with voter fraud during the Democratic presidential primary. To me his plan represents a fine starting point to essentially get the state to do the people’s work against its own corruption.

I have a bigger concept for PRIME, in connection with my novel, The Truman Prophecy (, and its derivative social-activist philosophy, Trumanism (… a philosophy in progress: Basically, I want every individual to have 24/7/365 access to a grand jury of his peers to protect him from government corruption and aggressive acts upon the individual personally (i.e. a ‘shield’ for any instance where the amount of real or potential penalty exceeds, say, $50 or more than brief, say, one-hour confinement) and to recognize every individual’s authority to file a complaint against any public official before said grand jury of his peers, and to have that complaint investigated and any indictments for gross misconduct in office (and same for public official associates) issued promptly (a ‘sword’).

JAM and PRIME are ideas whose times have come, to reclaim the people’s direct control of their government… which, because such control has been abdicated and suppressed, has led to a country on the verge of collapse on account of terminal corruption. Corruption both of public officials and those large financial interests who stake them. There are a lot of ideas to work out and hammer flat, and lord knows a HUGE task of cleanup before us.

To do this right will take some younger more energetic ones than I. Or at least many hands who share the same goal. I think Roger’s column is a great place to start laying down some building blocks.

The Hendrickson Discovery—Super Wombat Accelerator of  Truth and Justice

Whoops! Big Whoops, too! I almost forgot the ‘Convenient Truth’ of being an educated federal taxpayer. Initially, I was so wrapped up in the Big Concepts, I neglected to include the most simple concrete action most Americans can take to end global tyranny and reclaim their lives, NOW! Check the textbox on the right and do your own research. This year take a nearly zero-risk approach to recovering those pesky income taxes that have been improperly withheld.

So in a few words, the Big Picture is simple: Starting with 1) reaching the Joy Spot on the spiritual side [Joy, Ease, and Lightness (JEL)], 2) declaring one’s Independent Being [like Truman Burbank leaving the stage/cage in the movie, The Truman Show, let’s use JOIN (for Join Our Independent Network)], and 3a) do some rapid, serious cleanup truth and justice work [JAM (Justice/Jury Action Network)]. Then don’t forget concrete, here-and-now activity 3b) the Jollygood ‘Educated’ Tax (JET: for supercharging your bottom line and laying waste to the Death Star, pronto).

JEL, JOIN, JAM, and JET… the key to a benevolent, bright future for ‘Independent’ humankind. [For those who choose to remain in a trance behind the Barrier Cloud, best wishes. To paraphrase Barbara Branden’s off-the-cuff remark regarding ‘What about the poor?’ in her Girl Objectivist days, “If you want to help them, you won’t be stopped.” The fact is, most Independents will be kind to all entrenched trancers and former ones: we’re just going to take away the Trancetron.]

[Note: JET, unlike the others, takes virtually no time. You just learn a few steps and pull the plug. So do this right away, to retain your property for what you want and need, not to help the government destroy the world.]

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