Movie Review: Improbable Collapse (2006)

The puzzling collapse of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center Bldg #7 (10/10)

Written by Rebecca Cerese
and Michael Berger
Directed by Michael Berger

Rebecca Cerese … Narrator (voice)
Glenn Corbett … Himself
Dr. David Ray Griffin … Himself
James T. Hoffman … Himself
Mark Jacobson … Himself
Steven E. Jones … Himself
Kevin Ryan … Himself
William Veale … Himself

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, you will be aware that a large number of people are convinced the official story[1] of 911 is balderdash. I’m proud to be one of them. Numerous organizations and researchers have pointed out glaring errors, contradictions, physical impossibilities, falsehoods, and government deceits/coverups including:

  • high-level obstruction of discovery of plotters’ operations
  • govt monitoring of hijackers, foreknowledge of attacks
  • no normal expedited fighter jet intercept of errant planes
  • war games were in effect in North American skies, 9/11/01
  • unknowns made $$$ via puts on stocks affected by attacks
  • no publicly released evidence of remains of plane victims
  • no publicly released evidence of plane debris of flight planes
  • flight recorders alleged damaged but not released publicly
  • no visual evidence of a 757 (F. 77) having hit the Pentagon
  • required maneuvers of F. 77 virtually impossible for a 757
  • private video recordings of Pentagon confiscated by govt
  • cellphone conversations from F. 93 incapable at that altitude
  • debris of F. 93 scattered over several miles, false siting
  • reports from reputable UK news orgs several hijackers alive
  • lack of crime investigation; instead 911 Commission “novel”
  • inability of fuel fires to penetrate fireproofing of WTC steel
  • inability of fuel fires to weaken/melt steel columns of WTC
  • no steel-framed building in history has collapsed from fire
  • building collapses “in place” always = controlled demolition
  • no other causal mechanism could have collapsed WTC #7
  • govt disposes of the WTC structural steel w/o examining

Access this page for or a list of the top 40 reasons to question the official explanation.

Implausible Collapse concerns itself almost exclusively with the latter six bullets. Michael Berger and Rebecca Cerese, with great patience and care, develop the case articulated by Dr. Steven Jones, Professor of Physics from BYU, and others: the most likely cause of the collapse of WTC buildings 1, 2, and 7 is controlled explosive demolition. (Recall WTC 7 is the 47-story building that collapsed in place not having been struck by an airplane.)

The film begins with the standard footage of 911 from CNN and other news organizations that fateful day.  As we know, the Bushoviks attempted to tie 911 to Al Qaeda and to Iraq, using 911 as substantial justification for war and (full) abrogation of the US Constitution and human rights around the world by the Cartel.

Yet skepticism emerged and is solidifying with good science and brave scholarly assertion.  An epic confrontation is shaping up now between those who accept the “official story” and those who seek full recognition of the laws of identity and causality.  Many documentaries have been made already, including one of my favorites Loose Change.

What I like about Improbable Collapse is its low key quality. The soft-spoken, avuncular Jones makes his case with a gleam in his eye; one can imagine him delivering a lecture on elementary physics to an audience of freshmen just getting their logical feet wet. He calmly, dispassionately slices and dices the official view.  He knows what he’s talking about.

The World Trade Center was built bulletproof and overdesigned for calamities including hurricanes, direct hits by jetliners, and jet fuel fires.

Controlled explosive demolition is the only explanation for collapse of the towers that makes any engineering sense, certainly for WTC7. The only other explanation I find compelling is that WTC7, sitting there crying for several hours after his friends WTC1 and WTC2 died, committed suicide out of an inconsolable sense of loss.

The movie ends with a stirring of the blood of patriots. Right arm, brother. Pick it up.  Seize the day. Now’s the time. See you at the ramparts.

Here’s some closing poetry from an “ordinary citizen” shown in the movie: Beverly Eckert lost her husband in the South Tower:

“I respect the law very much and I think the rights of the ordinary citizen are extremely important and should not be simply trampled on or forgotten because of the size of the event.  We have a civil justice system that should be in place for [us] to get the answers that [we] need.”

This beautiful woman deserves answers… as do we.

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[1] There is no “official story” in the sense of a report stating explicitly what happened on 911 and stipulating causes. Especially with respect to the Pentagon, “what there is instead is an officially encouraged, and notably vague, group consensus—a consensus shaped and reinforced by Washington’s political and media institutions, which have carefully avoided fleshing out too many details. This strategy is apparently intended to disarm critics, since it is much harder to point out the lies and absurdities in the official story if that official story has never been formally presented.” [quote from a Center for an Informed America analysis]  (The 911 Commission Report is a speculative political narrative without any underlying crime detective work.)


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2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Improbable Collapse (2006)

  1. Very well put, Danno. Barbara Honegger’s excellent presentation on the Pentagon, Behind the Smoke Curtain, is dynamite, too. Forgive the pun.

  2. My quick synopsis;
    1) On September 10, 2001, then, Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld, announced $2.3 trillion missing from the Pentagon budget and vowed to get to the bottom of it.
    2) The very next day the accounting section of the Pentagon is taken out with all the files and all but one of about 30 people whose job it was to track the 2.3 trillion.
    3) At about 5;20 PM on September 11, 2001 WTC building #7 comes down at free fall speed onto it’s own foundation, and all the back-up files for the Pentagon accounting records are destroyed.
    4) All News about the $2.3 trillion missing ceases, we have a new war on terror, and a piece of legislation called “the patriot act” which makes the federal government worse than King George, relative to basic human rights
    Follow the money, but be very careful about how you do it because these criminals are very, very powerful, and ruthless.
    Dan .

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