Book Review: The Occult Technology of Power (1974/2016)

The initiation of the son of a finance capitalist …
by “The Transcriber”
Reviewed by Brian R. Wright

Reissued, republished September 2016, 76 pages

occult… by Underworld Amusments, LLC, edited and designed by Kevin I. Slaughter. Kevin approached me for consent to use my review, to which I replied, “of course.” The new OTP is a stunning artistic reinvention doing more than justice to the original. The only additional comment I would insert in my review has to do with keeping up with the Joneses in the metaconspiracy literature. My judgment is that OTP latched onto the Rockefellers (in league with the Angloimperialists of the 19th centrury) as the template of maximum sleaze when it comes to world domination, with nary a peep on the longer-standing Rothschild dynasty or the rise of Zionism in the early 20th century.

Further, I hear from the Transcriber from time to time, and I find him dismissive of virtually all the modern integrated truth movements, from 9/11 to toxic geoengineering… or any argument that puts the Israeli deep state toward the center of the global imperial architecture.

Nonetheless, his book remains a classic by virtue of being one of the first to describe the the key qualities and processes that the ‘Men of the Power Sickness‘ have always used to rule the masses by systematic deception.  And it’s a great read! Especially good to hand to others who are conventionally minded about what moves the world.

Initial review: October 31, 2014

1974, Alpine Enterprises, 52 pages

OccultThe Occult Technology of Power (OTP) is one of those sleeper-cell books, a book ahead of its time, more-or-less self-published by a disillusioned early Libertarian/ libertarian activist.  The author/publisher and I, with a handful of other young (it turns out naive) idealists, has a role in the founding of the Libertarian Party of Michigan… in June 1972 in Taylor, Michigan.

I say sleeper-cell because most in our milieu of those days were asleep when it came to understanding who actually stood behind the curtain of the Leviathan State.  It didn’t matter; we were going to crush the little commie pukes no matter what… and in record time.  When OTP was issued, I think it meant something to about three really radical left-wing, hippie libertarians[1] living in a rundown flat somewhere in Long Beach, CA. Continue reading