Book Review: The Occult Technology of Power (1974/2016)

The initiation of the son of a finance capitalist …
by “The Transcriber”
Reviewed by Brian R. Wright

Reissued, republished September 2016, 76 pages

occult… by Underworld Amusments, LLC, edited and designed by Kevin I. Slaughter. Kevin approached me for consent to use my review, to which I replied, “of course.” The new OTP is a stunning artistic reinvention doing more than justice to the original. The only additional comment I would insert in my review has to do with keeping up with the Joneses in the metaconspiracy literature. My judgment is that OTP latched onto the Rockefellers (in league with the Angloimperialists of the 19th centrury) as the template of maximum sleaze when it comes to world domination, with nary a peep on the longer-standing Rothschild dynasty or the rise of Zionism in the early 20th century.

Further, I hear from the Transcriber from time to time, and I find him dismissive of virtually all the modern integrated truth movements, from 9/11 to toxic geoengineering… or any argument that puts the Israeli deep state toward the center of the global imperial architecture.

Nonetheless, his book remains a classic by virtue of being one of the first to describe the the key qualities and processes that the ‘Men of the Power Sickness‘ have always used to rule the masses by systematic deception.  And it’s a great read! Especially good to hand to others who are conventionally minded about what moves the world.

Initial review: October 31, 2014

1974, Alpine Enterprises, 52 pages

OccultThe Occult Technology of Power (OTP) is one of those sleeper-cell books, a book ahead of its time, more-or-less self-published by a disillusioned early Libertarian/ libertarian activist.  The author/publisher and I, with a handful of other young (it turns out naive) idealists, has a role in the founding of the Libertarian Party of Michigan… in June 1972 in Taylor, Michigan.

I say sleeper-cell because most in our milieu of those days were asleep when it came to understanding who actually stood behind the curtain of the Leviathan State.  It didn’t matter; we were going to crush the little commie pukes no matter what… and in record time.  When OTP was issued, I think it meant something to about three really radical left-wing, hippie libertarians[1] living in a rundown flat somewhere in Long Beach, CA.

The movement I had entered was mainly of the right, initially Barry Goldwater libertarian-conservatism then leading through Ayn Rand rational-egoist individualism.  We saw leftists as our supreme enemy, representing in extremis the Communist collectivist dictatorships of the time.  By virtue of our own ideological alignment with private property and free enterprise we were largely oblivious to corporate-state corruption.  Corporations were good guys in white hats, not evil beneficiaries of bonecrushing government franchise.

As arguments and protests emerged during the (60s and 70s) antiwar movement against the military-industrial complex and the ruling class, I admit to shamefully siding with what actually composed the police/corporate-state I so loathed.  Indeed, only relatively recently I understand how that state and its corporate and banking Mob have established frightening domination over the individual.

This little book, OTP, is probably the most succinct statement of who “they” are.  Who rules, who pulls the strings, who picks the winners, who precipitates the wars, who commits the treachery… most important, who steals the wealth?!!  The Transcriber locates the dead center of maximum political-economic sleaze in America and the world and delivers a smartbomb on target.

You read this book you understand the contrived conflict between right and left.  You will know whose purposes it serves to have defenders of liberty hate those who question concentrations of power.  As we fight among ourselves on higher-level issues—immigration, wars, terrorism, education, taxes, etc.—we leave the fundamental premise of state coercion intact… and make no mistake, the state we’re talking about is the Cartel with a capital C.

You see the role of the government schools:

A general state education is a mere contrivance for molding the people to be exactly like one another; and as the mold in which it casts them is that which pleases the predominant power in the government—whether this be a monarch, a priesthood, an aristocracy, or the majority of the existing generation—in proportion as it is efficient and successful, it establishes a despotism over the mind, leading by natural tendency to one over the body.—John Stuart Mill

You see the role of the central bank and taxes:

As early as ancient Babylon and India, central banking, the art of monopolizing the issuance of money, had been developed into a perfect method for looting the general public.  Even today many bankers copy the traditions of the earlier exploitative priesthoods and design their banks to resemble temples! Defenses of central banking are simply part of the deception that lies at the heart of all power elites.—page 17

The book conveys the instruction of a man in full, under auspices of his father, the leader of the Dynasty.    (Speculation is the father-son pair is patterned after John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and David Rockefeller.  Considering the Rockefeller family through banking, business, foundations, and other holdings controls trillions of dollars in human wealth, the pattern is apt.)

The father introduces his soon-to-be Supreme Financial Politician (finpol) successor to the mysteries of how the Dynasty—by the way, the Rockefeller dynasty is the predominant component in what I typically call the Cartel, or sometimes the Beast or the Empire—exercises its nearly complete control of society.

It’s a quick read, showing astonishing and timely insight into the Big Universal Problem (BUP) that ails us.  I wish the Transcriber had covered the income tax a bit more thoroughly and that he would have elaborated on the controlled-media propaganda machinery.  Quibbles. [On a personal note, in current times (2010+) my understanding of the corporotocracy/toxocracy has taken a turn toward the view of the Thrive movement, et al, which has elicited more than a few contrary emotional reactions on my site from Mr. Transcriber. We both live in the greater Detroit area.]

As honest journalists and ‘causality theorists,’ we cannot close the book on further inquiry… that may augment or even contradict an earlier consensus.  That said, Occult is a book that demands to be resurrected and handed out to your friends and acquaintances in all walks of life.  We’ve reached a point where increasing numbers of real people intuitively realize what’s going on; OTP will cement that knowledge.

Interestingly, the Ron Paul Nation phenomenon is a direct result of people being “mad as hell and not about to take it any more.”  Dr. Paul is a strong advocate of schools freed from state compulsion and a firm opponent of the Federal Reserve System and its corollary interest-earning tool, the income tax.  It is not difficult to see why the Cartel politicians and media are excreting Frisbees for fear the RP message may catch on: they’ll all wind up in the dustbin of history along with Divine Kings.

[1] The prototype of libertarians receptive to the ruling-class-expose OTP message was Samuel Edward Konkin III (1947-2004), author of the New Libertarian Manifesto (1983) and founder of the Agorist Institute and the Movement of the Libertarian Left.







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2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Occult Technology of Power (1974/2016)

  1. The final paragraph actually begins, “One of our bright Warlocks in the early 1970s was Peter McAlpine…”

  2. Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set is one of the book’s biggest fans, and previous comments on the book (he’s since given a glowing review of the new edition on Amazon) reveal why Anton LaVey crops up in the book. I reproduce Aquino’s earlier ruminations below. Shame that Pete has become besotted with Zionism and thus seems to have turned a blind eye to the premier player in international power politics. The Rothschilds run Wall Street (as revealed by Catherine Fitts, the former Managing Director of Dillon Read), so the sole focus on the Rockefellers is a diversion, although for many I suspect – in the current climate – an understandable one.

    “[Michael Shermer’s article in Scientific American on conspiracy thinking] is actually a rather pompous & blind piece exemplifying the masses’ need to believe in officialisms that makes PSYOP that much easier. Indeed I while I am amused by really bizarre C-theories, I am far more amazed by the extent and power of blind trust in ‘authority’.

    “Even before my friend Col. Fletcher Prouty (‘X’ in Stone’s JFK) told me about the assassination, I had seen the Zapruder flm, saw Jack the K shot from the front, and dismissed the lone-Oswald story. While sitting in a dentist’s chair getting my teeth whitened on 9/11, I saw on TV the two towers drop instantly, neatly, and simultaneously into their footprints, followed by Building 7 just for the hell of it, and realized demolition. The bin Laden tapes/videos are knee-slappers whose only fault is that the faking should have been done much better, and ‘killing, then disappearing his body’ [instead of bringing him back alive for interrogation & trial] is yet another hoot. Yet people swallow all this easily and automatically, with bell-ringing salivation that would make Orwell shrug his shoulders.

    “It would take too long to go into all the PSYOP principles here, but in something as simple as stage magic this phenomenon can be summed up as ‘expectation’ (what the audience is predisposed to see) and ‘misdirection’. In Black Magic this of course applies to LBM in a variety of contexts, motives, skills, and ethics.

    “‘All of the above’ was as familiar, and habitual, to Anton LaVey as an old pair of Levis, and [as glaring from the Satanic Bible] he was particularly amazed and contemptuous at the power and use of conventional religions in this regard. Many critics dismiss him as a huckster and con-artist, but that was only ‘outside the sanitarium of Herr Dr. Andelsprutz’, where the roobs were begging for it. Within the Church he expected clear eyes and brains in members, and demanded it of the Priesthood.

    “The very term ‘conspiracy theory’ is PSYOP/SM/LBM of the most basic kind, in that its mere mention slaps a prejudgment on anything that follows. There are, of course, a great many such knee-jerk labels, from ‘communist’ to ‘antisemite’.

    “The very beginning of Our curriculum is to remove the ring from your nose so that you cannot be led around by it any longer. The sooner you develop the ability to look at everything around you dispassionately and sensibly, the more you will be able to identify and use the tools of control.

    “The Occult Technology of Power is a very concise and coherent primer which Anton admired and recommended, For years it was almost impossible to find copies. Now, happily, it is available in its entirety . . . Don’t even think of stumbling around in this subject until you have assimilated it.” — M.A. Aquino

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