Book Review: Little Pink House (2009)

One woman’s historic battle against eminent domain
A true story of defiance and courage
by Jeff Benedict
Review by Brian Wright

Kelo_Pink_HouseIt’s with the greatest pleasure that I review this epochal action-crime drama of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Little Pink House is the exhilarating literary ride about the Kelo vs. City of New London eminent domain case that shook the country. It’s chock full of heroes (Susette Kelo and her many partners in the freedom fight) and villains (the several local, state, federal, and corporate poobahs who think nothing of bulldozing the poor and handing the vacated land to the looting rich… minus a healthy commission for their thuggery). If you ever entertained doubts about the confiscatory evil of eminent domain (ED), this book will dispel them: ED = Erector-set Dysfunction. The book makes crystal clear that public takings are nothing but expropriation of some persons for connected, well-to-do other persons… and those who participate in the action are the slimiest scum: cowards who steal under protection of law. Continue reading

Human Interest: Sound Wall When?! — Part 1

“the quiet enjoyment of one’s property”
by Brian Wright

private nuisance:
n. the interference with an individual’s peaceful enjoyment of one’s property, which can be the basis for a lawsuit both for damages caused by the nuisance and an order (injunction) against continuing the noxious (offensive) activity or condition. Examples: fumes from a factory above the legal limit, loud noises well above the norm, directing rain water onto another person’s property, operating an auto repair business in a neighborhood zoned residential, or numerous barking dogs… [and government-highway noise?]
—courtesy Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Happy Birthday Lauren Canario

Validating the SNaP with a striking illustration

This column can really be seen as a continuation of my early two-parter on the Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP), because it brings up one of the main social justifications for state aggression (eminent domain) and shows the damage to real human flesh and blood of accepting that justification.

Lauren Canario is this marvelous woman I know from the Free State who took a stand against property theft by the state of Connecticut (the celebrated Kelo vs. New London, CT case), and now sits somewhere in that state’s incarceration system awaiting trial. Continue reading