Book Review: Goldie: A Lotus Grows in the Mud (2005)

by Goldie Hawn (with Wendy Holden)
Reviewed by Brian Wright
2005, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 446 pages

GoldieGoldie I picked up from a lady friend in Okemos, Michigan, who has always been a book person… and a fan of Goldie Hawn: entertainer, actress, producer, director, and human person seeking enlightenment, in no particular order.

It’s a nice respite from heavier fare, the sort of nonfiction I’m constantly drawn to dealing with the freedom movement and the eternal search for justice.  Goldie Jean Hawn (her real name) was born in Washington DC, and grew up in a suburb of DC, Takoma Park, Maryland.  She took dance lessons early and became quite accomplished in ballet, then in drama school, worked as a dancer, and found her way into TV and the entertainment business.  Most of us remember her goofy “dumb blond” act on the series Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Girl from Petrovka (1974)

Early Goldie magic, 2d time’s the charm __ 7/10

The Girl from Petrovka

Minister: What’s the transition phase between communism and socialism?
Joe: You tell me.
Minister: Alcoholism.

Tag line: A Russian girl, an American reporter, the love they shared …and the country that made it impossible. Pretty good line, but as I say in the subtitle, The Girl from Petrovka is one for viewing a second time. After reading the Goldie autobiography, I made a special effort to acquire this VHS tape, which is rather rare but still inexpensive. Continue reading

Movie Review: Swing Shift (1984)

Small WWII movie with big-budget impact

Swing Shift

“Mable Stoddard’s husband is in the Pacific. She took this job for the duration.
‘Mrs. Stoddard, how do you like your job?’
‘I love it.’
‘How about after the war, do you plan to keep on working.’
‘Well as I was saying, when my husband comes back, I’m going    to be busy, at home.’
‘Good for you.’
“Each returning serviceman will get his job back when the war is won.  And you girls and women, you’ll be going home.  Back to being housewives and mothers as you promised to do when you came to work for us. Your lives will return to normal.”
— Post-war announcement by industry spokesman Continue reading