Movie Review: Swing Shift (1984)

Small WWII movie with big-budget impact

Swing Shift

“Mable Stoddard’s husband is in the Pacific. She took this job for the duration.
‘Mrs. Stoddard, how do you like your job?’
‘I love it.’
‘How about after the war, do you plan to keep on working.’
‘Well as I was saying, when my husband comes back, I’m going    to be busy, at home.’
‘Good for you.’
“Each returning serviceman will get his job back when the war is won.  And you girls and women, you’ll be going home.  Back to being housewives and mothers as you promised to do when you came to work for us. Your lives will return to normal.”
— Post-war announcement by industry spokesman Continue reading

Movie Review: Gilda (1946)

Postwar Casablanca lookalike is truly gilded fare
by Phyllis Wright

GildaSome time ago I saw the piano sheet music for the song, “Put the Blame on Mame,” with a picture of Rita Hayworth from the motion picture Gilda. The movie brings back strong memories, even though I had seen it more than fifty years ago as a young woman attending Western Michigan University. Why had it made such an impression on me? Through Barnes and Noble online I located a DVD of Gilda— which starred Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth in black and white—and bought it. After viewing the film, I checked out the special features… which, among others, showed Rita dancing with Fred Astaire. How interesting and entertaining in its own right! I was reminded of her grace and expertise in the art of dance; in fact, Astaire once asserted that Rita was his favorite dance partner. Continue reading