Guest Column: DTE Power-Shutoff Attacks Continue

Michigan Nazis deprive elderly and infirm of electric power for disobeying orders

PusteIn the same month a 92-year-old disabled and blind Lincoln Park woman, Ms. Olga Puste, had her power shut off by DTE for refusing to allow a harmful-radiation-emitting surveillance electric meter to be installed on her home—feeble corporate apologetic from WXYZ-TV on 9/19/15 still conveys the atrocity committed on this poor woman by DTE—several Michigan citizens have been assaulted for the same reason.

This is a letter sent by David and Glenna Lonier (shown below right) of Auburn Hills to WXYZ-TV informing the station that they, too, have had their power stolen by DTE gangsta scum—accompanied by two local police officers also behaving like gangsters, violating their oaths of office to protect the life, liberty, and property of residents—under pretense of law… for the same reason as Ms. Puste.   Continue reading