Guest Column: Comment NOW! on New Michigan ‘Smart’ Meter Rules

New State Rules Will Force You into Orwellian Hell!
by Shane Trejo [from column for Michigan Tenth Amendment Center]


I have some troubling new information to report about Smart Meters. Unaccountable bureaucrats have cooked up some new rules that will limit consumer choices to maximize profits for the utility companies. This is another example of public-private collusion that has made our state government a national laughingstock.

I was able talk to Lori Ebaugh, an expert on the topic of Smart Meters. She was able to give me the run-down on the topic, along with some action steps on what you can do to fight back.

What are the most troubling aspects of these new proposed rule changes?

There are several troubling aspects of these rules. First, there was no input elicited from actual consumers or the public until now, although work has been on-going to rewrite these rules for over two years. Secondly, these rules cement the supposed right of the utilities to shut power off from customers who refuse installation of a new AMI (“smart”) meter. Thirdly, there is no provision made for customers who refuse a smart meter for medical reasons. These people may have doctor’s letters verifying their health conditions, electromagnetic sensitivity or cancer susceptibility. They may require electrical power for their medical equipment (for instance, breathing machines). Yet, there is no provision for them to keep their analog meter. In fact, there is not even the provision to delay a power shut-off for any length of time. Compare that to the extensive provisions given to customers who risk a power shut-off in cases of non-payment. Continue reading

Book Review: The Truman Prophecy (2015), Excerpt #7

From Part 2: Toto, Curtain #5: Fry & Spy on the Doorstep

Flag_II[Excerpt from The Truman Prophecy,
due for publication 12/25/15.]

“It is never wrong to take freedom for yourself…
It is never right to take freedom from another.”
— Jerry Day,

_____________________________ 4Q 2015

Auburn Heights, Michigan. Feisty, bantam-weight Jake Foster had scrapped for his living since he was a boy on the tough streets of Pontiac. This latest dustup with the Michigan monopoly power company (DTE Energy—nee Detroit Edison) would yield the same response: a fight… perhaps to the finish.

Could he and his dear wife, Brenda, prevail?

The cards were stacked against them.

Today, without so much as a pleasant voice on the phone or polite notice in the mail, a pack of variously uniformed human-shaped entities showed up in and around his yard to shut off electric power to his home. Continue reading

Guest Column: DTE Power-Shutoff Attacks Continue

Michigan Nazis deprive elderly and infirm of electric power for disobeying orders

PusteIn the same month a 92-year-old disabled and blind Lincoln Park woman, Ms. Olga Puste, had her power shut off by DTE for refusing to allow a harmful-radiation-emitting surveillance electric meter to be installed on her home—feeble corporate apologetic from WXYZ-TV on 9/19/15 still conveys the atrocity committed on this poor woman by DTE—several Michigan citizens have been assaulted for the same reason.

This is a letter sent by David and Glenna Lonier (shown below right) of Auburn Hills to WXYZ-TV informing the station that they, too, have had their power stolen by DTE gangsta scum—accompanied by two local police officers also behaving like gangsters, violating their oaths of office to protect the life, liberty, and property of residents—under pretense of law… for the same reason as Ms. Puste.   Continue reading

Donut Hole: Take Action for Michigan Analog Meter Choice Bill

The Time to Strike Is Now!
Urgent Call to Action

[From mailing by Smart Meter Education Network of Michigan]

House version will look like this:

Senate version will look like this:

We’ve hit a milestone! A well-written Analog Choice Bill will be introduced in the House this month. It’s time to build a fire under our lawmakers. The bill has a great chance of success if every one of us participates in the actions outlined in this newsletter!

THE STRATEGY OUTLINED IN THIS NEWSLETTER COMES FROM THE MAN WHO IS BEHIND THE BILL. [Gary Glenn, representative of the 98th district (Midland and Bay counties) phone is (517) 373-1791, email Make sure to call or write to thank him for his work.] He says if we follow these instructions, the chances that this bill will be passed by the House and then the Senate are excellent. That requires every one of us to do our part.

If you want an analog opt-out bill to pass, you must participate. The lawmakers must see incredible grassroots support from people all across the state. That’s where you come in. We outline the strategy in this newsletter. Your participation is absolutely necessary if we are to succeed. Continue reading

Guest Column: The Government and Radiation Poisoning

Connecting the dots, do we want to accept the government’s control of radiation?
By David Lonier

New Picture (19)The Department of Energy (DoE) was formerly known as the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). The Smart Meter Program was initiated by the U.S. Department of Energy. Congress appropriated $4.5 Billion to the DOE to implement the Smart Meter Program nationwide. The DoE awarded DTE $85 Million toward the cost of installing smart meters in Michigan.

Government has no money of its own. From whom did it get the $4 Billion/$85 Million?

DTE had $9.63 Billion in earnings in 2013. From whom did it get that money? Continue reading