Guest Column: Trump vs. Newspeak

Why the elite media were completely wrong about his chances
by Jon Rappoport [full March 2, 2016, column here]

Exit From the MatrixBecause they live in a bubble of their own making. That’s why.

And in that bubble, everything about America is manageable. Things can get worse, but then they get better. Money is tight, then it’s loose. Employment figures drop, then they rebound. Wars start, and then they end.

Looking at the country and the population through the wrong end of the telescope, these media creatures feel themselves positioned high above the madding crowd. To them, phrases like “street smart” and “savvy” are the closest they get to anything real.

Occasionally, they remark that people are restless “out there” and looking for a change—as if Obama, with his massive slogans, somehow supplied that need for eight years and solved the whole problem for a while. As if the problem was simply a psychological kink that needed to be worked out. Continue reading