Stonebeam 33. Please, My Darling, NO Jab

Open letter to ex pleading NOT to get the ‘covid’ poison-death jab
Story Shot 33, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 25 September 2021


These are touching stories from women, mainly, who had serious permanent adverse reactions—neurological damage that caused them to have violent tremors 24/7. And they became invisible. There’s no legal liability for any damages and they have no recourse; their doctors primarily told them the damage was psychosomatic, imagined. Shawn Skelton →

They had a Facebook Group with 10s of thousands of victims, my memory is more than 200,000 members. Facebook shut it down, cancelled it. Hence the Website.

I found out about it in this episode of (footage 1:19-1:50):

You will be touched by these three women’s stories, guaranteed. The latest numbers from the government’s database on adverse reactions (

And we know from a Harvard Medical School study that the actual reported AEs are 1/100th of real numbers. Meaning deaths from the ‘covid’ Frankenshot are on the order of 14000 x 100 = 1.4 million… but the reported 14K number is still about three times more than the TOTAL of all VAERS reported deaths for ALL VACCINES since the reporting system was implemented in 1990. [The FDA stopped the Swine Flu Vaccine at something like 53 deaths.] Continue reading