Stonebeam 33. Please, My Darling, NO Jab

Open letter to ex pleading NOT to get the ‘covid’ poison-death jab
Story Shot 33, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 25 September 2021


These are touching stories from women, mainly, who had serious permanent adverse reactions—neurological damage that caused them to have violent tremors 24/7. And they became invisible. There’s no legal liability for any damages and they have no recourse; their doctors primarily told them the damage was psychosomatic, imagined. Shawn Skelton →

They had a Facebook Group with 10s of thousands of victims, my memory is more than 200,000 members. Facebook shut it down, cancelled it. Hence the Website.

I found out about it in this episode of (footage 1:19-1:50):

You will be touched by these three women’s stories, guaranteed. The latest numbers from the government’s database on adverse reactions (

And we know from a Harvard Medical School study that the actual reported AEs are 1/100th of real numbers. Meaning deaths from the ‘covid’ Frankenshot are on the order of 14000 x 100 = 1.4 million… but the reported 14K number is still about three times more than the TOTAL of all VAERS reported deaths for ALL VACCINES since the reporting system was implemented in 1990. [The FDA stopped the Swine Flu Vaccine at something like 53 deaths.]

The current spike-protein-poison generating shots are not legally vaccines; they do not confer immunity from the alleged virus. The manufacturers admit that their shots merely “reduce symptoms.” Further, the waning effectiveness (acknowledged by the government) of all the ‘covid’ shots is the indication that Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) has started to come into the picture:

The ADE phenomenon was seen in all the previous mRNA spike-protein-technology coronavirus injections in animal tests; the animals virtually all died from the reexposure to the pathogen ‘in the wild’ a few weeks from the injection.

Leading vaxhole pushers, during Trump’s capitulating Warp Speed Horror, warned strongly about the ADE phenomenon, but these craven vaxmongers have since caved to the official sacred cow narrative, endorsing the g-word. ADE, unless treatment is discovered, will result in 10s of millions of deaths.

Which should tell you—along with other key facts—that the push by the globalists to inject everyone is purely g-word-al. Other key facts indicating the g-word are the pushing of the Frankenshots on 12-15 year olds (puberty), who have statistically zero chance of dying from ‘covid’ (and close to zero incidence of getting the disease; they become naturally immune without symptoms). The data from this CDC chart on IFR hasn’t changed from the start. Here are the IFRs for ‘covid:’

If anyone does contract ‘covid’ there are now a wide range of established clinical cures, virtually all criminally censored and suppressed and even banned by state authorities. The data on ivermectin comes from 63 studies that average to an 86% reduction in hospitalizations and deaths. Dr. McCullough, the premier early treatment advocate, suggests educated application of a battery of the safe antiviral treatments to severe cases:

After all, it’s the censoring of alternative views by leading experts that should concern anyone looking for knowledge in any critical field. All the expert doctors who are independent are being censored. The fix is in. Please, please do not fall for the official sacred cow story in this time of universal deceit. You’re smarter than that, and better than that.

Many of our peers seem to have taken the jabs without any serious problems surfacing. But these are still experimental injections and long term effects have neither been tested nor shown to be safe in light of what we know of coronavirus injections in the past—which caused universal death and serious injuries to test animals. ADE for human populations is right on schedule, as shown by the rapid rise in the jabbed displaying severe ‘covid’ symptoms. People are the test animals.

In israel, now implementing the second Pfizer booster, virtually all cases of ‘covid’ are from the injected. Ironically, israel is implementing the g-word in spades with these shots: the injected are dying like flies. And still government officials double down in loyalty to the global Great Reset agenda ( Now that’s what I call arrogance of power! The US and other Great Reset governments aim to follow suit. “Dam the reality and evidence, we’re going to kill you.”

It’s a demented and totalitarian mass psychosis as with the witch hunts in Medieval Times, where the healthy unjabbed become the scapegoats for the feeding frenzy. And I don’t want you to be part of it. I don’t want to lose you to the Frankenshot madness where no one will care and there will be no one to treat you.

Having said that, I am keeping a column of information for potential cures and remedies for those who have mistakenly or under coercion and threats have taken the #clotshots. [By the way, the nearly universal effect of the injections on humans starts with blood clots, which are time bombs that lead to strokes, myocarditis, and a range of untreatable injuries.]

But I’m hopeful:

The ‘covid’ operation is part of the global domination agenda of the predatory ruling class. It cannot happen without the PRC managing to convince large numbers of collective brain syndrome (CBS)-afflicted of the massive illusion. Which it does via mainstream media propaganda. It’s all in my book… along with the cure for CBS, which will decisively end the PRC for all time.

I know you’re busy these days, but I appeal to you, “Please do not fall asleep beside the giant media seed pods that will turn you into a Becky Driscoll bot.” My Six-Step Program works. Ref. Chapter 6 But to offer you the background and the facts, please take a few minutes to read the following two segments of the book:

The front matter:

The chapter on the ‘covid’ op:

I do hope you’ll eventually read the entire The Decollaring Book, and that it will turn you from the widespread CBS affliction toward full Independent-ness. But in the meantime, please, please, please do NOT subject yourself to the ‘covid’ injections, which are, in fact, Genocidal, and worse, with a capital G. There. I spelled it out!

Love always,

Brian (Dr. Miles J. Bennell)
Nam myoho renge chi
The Decollaring Book and promotionals at

Liberty is the soul’s right to BREATHE…
and when it cannot take a long breath, the laws are girdled too tight. — Henry Ward Beecher

PS: I cannot let this go unmentioned, it’s a heartfelt appeal from a UK undertaker describing the mass murder that’s really going on in the hospitals and in conjunction with the g-word—not just in the UK.

He warns of the imminent police state and gulag for dissenters like him… and me… then you and everyone else. [Don’t think that if you buy the official story, you’re going to be exempt from extermination programs of the Great Reset.] Unless we end collective-brain syndrome and evolve to Independent consciousness worldwide en masse, and post haste.

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