Stonebeam 10. Taking out the ‘Noise-Mind’ III

Story Shot 10, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 19 November 2020

Continuing from NM II:

“You already have it [“peace beyond understanding”].
Your mind is just making too much noise.”
— Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now (1999)

Where I left it in II was with a passage from the PON on the practice of keeping some of the attention for all your daily actions in your inner body, so as never to lose touch with your own Field.

What you’ll find is that if you’ve been used to ‘mind’ running on automatic, as I have, for years, it’s quite difficult to change your ways… to keep your attention partly always into your living, breathing body. Stick with it, the noise-reducing result is well worth the clock time. You’ll start feeling life. Presence power.

A side benefit is you won’t be frequently wondering what you went upstairs for. J

The inner body attention retention practice is on page 97.[1]

Tolle describes a few other spiritual practices in the PON:

  • Simply ‘watching the thinker’ — pg 15. Tends to stop it, thus the noise.
  • Give full attention to a task — pg 17. Also gives ‘mind’ a quiet rest.
  • Focusing consciousness on a feeling — pg 33. No judgment, again mind rests.
  • Listen to the silence between sounds — pg 85. Portal to Being, deep quiet.
  • Going into the inner body — pg 93. The deep sea beneath the waves.
  • Flooding your body with consciousness — pg 103. Bestows silent, alert waiting.
  • Be aware of the space surrounding things — pg 113. The Field, ref. Thrive II.

These and many others, from other sources as well as Tolle. Note the similarity of effect, namely stillness and silence… the ending of noise-mind—the, or certainly a, cornerstone of full human Independent consciousness.

Those of us embodying or aspiring to embody such indie soul clearly gravitate toward such cultivation practices. What about the collective-brainers—the normie order-followers and the (psychopath) order-issuers? Will they reach an inner discomfort sufficient to fold up their tents and stop aggressing against Human 1.0 rising?

“What will it take” (Thrive) to make that discomfort effective? The question du jour.

By analogy let’s think of the meta-entity behind the Global Crime Syndicate (GDS) as an alien life form—qua Invasion of the Body Snatchers—that aims to enslave individuals by implanting a tapeworm-like organism integrated with a collective-brain identity symbol to cause individuals to submit [either addictively (all your problems will be solved) or coercively (by social pressure or initiation of force)].

I highly recommend the Dark Skies TV-series (1995). It is more on point.

In the reality upon us, the life-form/GCS applies sophisticated high-tech mind control to plug us in to the new NWO, e.g. the (World Economic Forum’s) Great Reset. [The Great Reset, fortunately, is so lampoonable based on its founder, Klaus Schwab, being a stodgy spitting image of Dr. Evil of the Mike Myers’ Austin Powers movies.]

What’s the preventive and remedy… besides ridicule?

The alien-collective works on the level of noise-mind. Solely by capturing an individual’s ‘mind’ can it germinate and grow. Stilling noise-mind/collective-brain makes you immune. Consciousness—cultivated as in the exercises above—ends the alien-collective threat… and heals you if you’ve been infected. The would-be body snatchers sense no mind to absorb. “Nothing to ‘hear’ here, my alien buddies.” And they move on.

Strategy-tactic to effect? Much like what they’re doing at

[1]  The New World Library hardcover version. 1999.

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