Stonebeam 9: Taking out the ‘Noise Mind’ II

Story Shot 9, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 14 November 2020

Referring back to the Eckhart Tolle quote in NM I:

“You already have it [“peace beyond understanding”].
Your mind is just making too much noise.”
— Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now (1999)

Let’s talk about Tolle for a minute. [And realize that he’s one of many true spiritual teachers down the ages who has conveyed, with his own special flavor, the same central spiritual message—he’d be the first to admit that he’s one of many in the tradition.]

What is that central spiritual message?

That ‘you’ are not your mind. To have the inner peace we would like to enjoy in our lives we need to learn to stop identifying with (and being hammered senseless by) the ‘runaway’ mind, which “creates an opaque screen of concepts, labels, images words, judgments, and definitions that blocks all true relationship.” [page 12 in the PON.]

Thus Tolle focuses on …the mind keeping you awake when you’re trying to sleep on a Sunday night. Several modifiers apply: runaway mind, reactive mind, compulsive mind. I believe the Buddhists use the phrase ‘monkey brain’ to describe the tail-wagging-the-dog phenomenon that goes on in the heads of 99.5% (?) of us all day long.

THAT usage is what I mean for ‘noise mind’ and what humanity has to take out.

Which is a tall order when you consider the numbers afflicted worldwide.

Ol’ Eckhart is just one cockeyed optimist, pony-in-the-pile-o-manure kind o’ guy.

Isn’t he?

While we’re talking about Mr. Tolle (I believe it is pronounced Toll-eh), frankly, I don’t know much about the man himself, except what I’ve heard. And that’s all to the good. Apparently his PON received a nod from Oprah on her show, which launched it like a rocket in our mainstream celebrity-worship culture.

Yet Eckhart retained his modest, low-profile way of life, did not try to stand out front as a political force, did not commercialize, did not put his image on cereal boxes. He stayed true to his truth. Highly admirable….

Not to say that I see eye to eye with him on everything. That’s what my is all about—consider it a complement and a compliment. One thing we do make common cause on is noise-mind relief and eradication. What I bring to the table is the tie-in of ending noise-mind to full human Independent consciousness.

And the immediate political-social benefits that full consciousness entails.

Face it, a good share of noise-mind for nearly everyone today is world degeneration. Especially with the ‘covid’ genocide in effect now by the Syndicate. The longer-term solution, lies along the Thrive ( path. But our major crisis is NOW.

What if I were to present to you a brief universal noise-mind relief exercise that will help you NOW to a) bring to your consciousness joy, ease, and lightness while b) taking a major step toward liberating the planet from, Thrive’s term, the Global Domination Agenda. Here it is, straight from the PON, an exercise toward constant Being:

“Please examine where your attention is right now. You are reading my words on a screen. You are peripherally aware of your surroundings, maybe other people, etc. And there may be some mind activity around what you are reading. Yet there is no need for any of this to absorb all your attention. See if you can be in touch with your whole body at the same time. Keep some of your attention within. Don’t let it all flow out. Feel your whole body from within, as a single field of energy. It is as if you are reading with your whole body. Let this be your practice with all activities, daily, from now on.”

That’s it. I’ll pick up from here in the next installment on ending noise-mind.

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