Stonebeam 18: Open Letter to Class of ’67: Hive or Thrive?

Story Shot 18, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 25 December 2020

This is one of those open letters that’s taken me several attempts to get close to feeling right. If I were in that old Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell movie His Girl Friday, there would be discarded crumpled up typewriter sheets all over the floor.

Second, and related, I don’t want to stand out as a square peg unless I have to.

Third, I have a special fondness for my now-70-something-fellow-cocaptive_kids (i.e. forced to be there by the compulsory government-school system) with whom I was thrown together in a warmly structured suburban middle-class high school in a Leave it to Beaver/Ozzie and Harriet would-be Land of Oz.

And I don’t want to lose that 50-year-reunion-kindled fondness with several of you.

Still, let me take you through a story of our youth that haunts me now. Raise your hand if you haven’t seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the original 1955 version. [Spoiler alert!] Remember the scene toward the end where Dr. Miles J. Bennell and his restored sweetheart-beauty, Becky Driscoll, are on the run and wind up in the cave?

They manage to shake off the townsfolk-zombie posse on their tails, and are struggling to stay awake so as not to be turned into pod people themselves, when they hear this ethereal melody of voices. Miles goes to check it out and is horrified to find these voices are heralding an agricultural operation producing thousands-MORE PODS.

Miles rushes back to the cave, where Becky has fallen asleep. He’s carrying Becky, resuming their getaway to the highway, he stumbles, she exclaims that she can’t go on. He kisses her right there with mud puddle residue all over ‘em. But the true love of his life has TURNED… into “an alien being bent on his destruction.” [End Spoiler.]

This scene haunts me like a recurring nightmare, more now with the ‘covid’ op.

It’s not only that my own dear love of my life has lain (fallen asleep) with the giant mainstream media seed pods daily blaring “come-obey, join-the-hive” messages into her ears—and into her sisters’, other family and friends’, former coworkers’, new senior skins golf buddies’, 30-yrs.-running fantasy football league coaches’, etc.

It’s that the mass of my graduating HS class has fallen, too, as a bellwether.

Why assume that? Because no one even mentions the 900# gorilla of covtardia.[1]

That’s right. On our Shawnee Mission West 1967 Facebook Group page, the only posts have been in passing—“We have to cancel this event or that one because of the generic <‘covid’> la de dah.” Our primitive limbic system brain structure (fright, flight) emotionally turns to ‘authority’ to relieve the panic of a perceived MONSTER THREAT.

But what if that threat is faked by an organized crime syndicate and its lackeys inside the authority? Their exact aim being to drive people to fear and frailty for purposes of control. Does anyone else see the analogy between Invasion and covtardia?

The alien ‘hive’ entity (corrupt syndicate) by promising to still our hive-magnified mental noise (limbic system terror of a pandemic threat) induces its target (you and me) to sleep (nestle into the illusory comfort of collective-brain) then turns humanity into hive-drones without prospect of joy, love, or real sporting events (enslaves, tortures, and kills us).

My dear former classmates et al, as a large subset of mine-shaft canaries, please awaken and call out. Show courage, think for yourselves, ask questions. Stand publicly in concert for your answers, despite Syndicate-media censorship.

  • Please read and branch from one breakthru piece:
  • Then realize what percentage of ad revenue for mainstream news comes from ‘Pharma.’
  • Last, does Human 2.0 killer ‘vax’ (which only claims to lessen mild symptoms, NOT prevent the alleged covid disease; the manufacturers cannot be sued for harming you or killing you) make any sense when ‘covid’ recovery is 99.9%?

Truly, whether or not you, individually, rise to the challenge determines whether the movie that best represents the continuation of our species is Braveheart (1995) or On the Beach (1959). Only if it’s the latter, death with dignity will not be an option for the many… because the many won’t actually be human—not Human 1.0 individuals at any rate. It’s actually that grim a choice, and it’s yours alone to make. No sugar coating.

If we choose wrong, well, Merry Christmas! for what is perhaps the final one.


PS: I’ve just written what I’m hoping helps bring the Thrive solution ( to humanity. If the Thrive solution does not materialize, or something very like it, then you may consider this column to be my epitaph… and most likely the rest of the world’s. I have interim columns that refer you to key data to make rational individual and political choices:

The so-called vaccine is a killer-zombie concoction that is intended to be used with 5G radiation for absolute Syndicate-AI Collective (Hive) domination of all human individuals:

More conventional criticisms are from Robert Kennedy, Jr’s. Website:

If any of you takes this vaccine without investigating its dangers, or even after knowing and dismissing its dangers, it’s over. The recovery rate from ‘covid’ is minimally 99.9%. It is absolute madness and destruction of the human genome to take a long-term untested injectable that will kill and harm you and solely claims to protect you from the sniffles of a cold–NOT AGAINST ‘COVID.’

Further the claims of 90% and 95% effectiveness against cold symptoms are utter LIES because they ignore 15-20% of the vaccine trial recipients’ having serious adverse reactions OUTSIDE THE 45 DAY WINDOW THEY ARE MONITORING… which window starts upon the time of injection.

Burn the masks. Reclaim your freedom. The SARS CoV-2 virus does not exist. The PCR test produces meaningless test results (false positives) above 30 cycles; Fauci says as much. US and UK PCR devices are set at 35-40 cycles. A meaningless test for the existence of a unidentified virus proves zero. The serious symptoms are from other toxins in the environment and they are iatrogenic–caused by medical treatment, in particular directing weak, cruelly isolated, panicked patients to a ventilator that kills 9 of 10.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel: Watch this once in a lifetime interview on Del BigTree’s of Dr. Zach Bush:

Bush is the second coming in terms of rescuing humanity from crazed and malicious medical tyrants, a more universally brilliant man of science and humanity you will never encounter. Regardless of how deeply herd mentality has afflicted you, he will break the chains and set you free to Thrive and FLOW as a fully independent consciousness. A man or woman of one’s own.

[1]  Covtardia: a between-the-ears disease (ref. footnote, previous Stonebeam 17) contrived by the global “Syndicate” to facilitate the Global Reset. The Global Reset is real; I’ll leave it to the reader to look up this horror.

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