Stonebeam 19. Thrive or Hive: Maskes ‘n’ Vaxxes

Story Shot 19, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 31 December 2020


Here I go again, on a polemicist bender.

Almost. But I’m catching myself in stride in order to draw in the FLOW from real life—the same sort of life situations virtually all of my peers (still in the pre-mRNA-‘covid’-‘vax’ Human 1.0 community) face.

I make that pre-‘vax’ caveat because it takes months and boosters for the newly ‘covid’-‘vaccinated’ subjects to become fully programmed… and the 5G wireless networks thru which the programming is done are not completely implemented—outside of the Hubei province of China, anyway.

Last night, I was watching the classic Nobody’s Fool (1994) movie—watershed film for Paul Newman as an ‘old guy.’ He’s a dead ringer in a couple of key scenes for my dear departed brother, Forrest, who died 13 years ago at the to-soon-to-go age of 56.

The wave of teary-eyed sadness came over me immediately. Also a depth of connection that I had also felt with the loss of Dad… and Mom especially. Only this time, perhaps due to the immediate effect, I wound up with this deep sense of a cosmic channel into the power of Being, itself. Whoa! “This needs to get out there!” I said to myself.

Recently, I’d seen and heard from Dr. Robert Young, and Dr. Neil Bush (in his wondrous interview by Del Bigtree on, episode 195) that each of us is a spiritual being with a physical body. Not vice versa. So true. Yet so rarely realized.

And it’s from that quality of connection to Being, via specific beings we care about, that I offer up my stonebeam today… that is, from FLOWer aligned with Field.[1]

We all need to distill motive power from what’s real in our lives, not illusions via devices of control—the trance-o-tron (TV), the Web (computer), and the “official”-story machinery in other media. [A fine reference for cutting these woobie puppeteer strings is “Rule from the Shadows” — DuckDuckGo it.]

Thrive (… or Hive (collective-brain wannabe)? THAT is the question.

It takes the courage of thinking for oneself to choose Thrive.

If you don’t choose, Hive wins and ‘you’ die. In terms of the patriotic imperative:

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot. — Mark Twain

Do any of my readers remember George Bush I in his heyday blathering on (with assorted other ‘world leaders’ and ‘experts’) about the New World Order (NWO)? That’s right, they came right out and told us of their Global Domination Agenda (GDA).

6 O’Clock News: “We’re comin’ to take you(r freedom) away, ha ha, ho ho…!”

Well, Hive is using ‘covid,’ esp. maskes and vaxxes to rush the “Great Reset”… a NWO2 Huxleyian vision of cradle-to-grave Big Sibling[2] pleasant tyranny. It’s leveraging altruism—“wear a mask take a vax, save a geezer” (Looks like the Ayn Rand lesson of some 60-80 years ago didn’t kick in.)—to create a new race of dummie automatons.

Only why do ‘they’ need the dummie-human-zombie step when they have AI and robots? The Puppeteers aren’t waiting: “What do you think ‘covid’ and the lockdowns are for… you pathetic retard?! We’re skipping Huxley, where the superiors take care of hordes of ‘useless eaters,’ culling most all of you save the children we molest.”

You virtual signaling maskers and vaxxers lead others to the abattoir. Thanks.

Showdown time. See Foster at Then act!

[1]  In connection with Stonebeam 16: Thrive and FLOW, I’m working on a practical shortcut to ‘raise’ FLOWers.

[2]  PC update to “Big Brother.” Women or nongenders are fully capable of taking the role of HiveSupremeOne.

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