Brian’s Column: Ultimate Mask…

… for the Ultimate Sacrifice
By Brian R. Wright
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It seems no matter what anyone with expertise, from private practice or the government health establishment, shows us about the general public’s persistent use of surgical masks—both as to their unhealthful effect on the wearers as well as to their ineffectiveness against viruses, indeed that they spread disease[1]—the great unwashed continue to wear them.

Doesn’t matter that several months ago, Sheep Nation was told by NIH and Fauci, CDC, US Surgeon General, and WHO: “DO NOT WEAR MASKS!”

Que pasa? What changed? Why did they FESS UP then and why do they FESS DOWN now? Have there been studies that show mask wearing to be effective against ‘covid?’ No. The opposite.

Let’s leave that BIG QUESTION hanging for now. You decide.

What I want to do today is put my Great Reset hat on and look at things from the global syndicate’s point of view. In case you haven’t heard, the Great Reset is New World Order #2 that the Men of the Power Sickness want the rest of humanity to fall in line with. Like NWO, its champions are proud to tell you about it. See DuckDuckGo.

The reality is stated by Catherine Fitts. [Bitchute, look up, Fitts | Lockdown.]

Anyway, back to masks, let’s say you’re a high official in the Great Reset—which by the way entails a major depopulation effort, because controlling 500 million people is a lot easier than keeping 7.5 billion planetary citizens under el Thumbo Grande.

So you look around and the death and disablement toll from the killer-zombie ‘vax’ (KZV) hasn’t fully kicked in, still too many people are working to feed their families, and the ‘covid’ diagnosis has only shunted hundreds of thousands critically ill away from professional medical attention. What’s an ambitious death merchant to do?

Worry not. Here’s how to get those mortality numbers into the millions:

Enter Ultimate Mask™. Ta Da! Came to me in a dream. It’s efficient and cheap.

I’ve trademarked the invention to take advantage of the various product enhancements that entrepreneurs may come to apply… such as framing, attachment, tinting, fashion accouterments, celebrity endorsements and better clinging performance.

But the new concept comes from Saran Wrap®, which I guess is a special clearpolymer right out of the oil refinery with clinging properties.

So here’s a national project tailor-made for slower sheepsters of the world: trundle on down to your grocery store and pick up a small roll of the store brand for Saran Wrap. Small roll is all you’ll need. When it’s time to virtue signal in public, affix the section to your face as shown in figure at right.

Note the coverage over the eyes. Note also that, unlike conventional surgical masks that allow jets and plumes to reach store shelves and project viruses to the ceilings, Ultimate Mask keeps all that dirt and microbial life nearer to thee, the wearer.

Attractive? Not at all. Mask neither. But, you’re helping your fellow man in his hour o’ need. Virtue is not a beauty contest.

Key accessory: spray adhesive. First few days, you’ll want to, you know, breathe; just let the sides of the mask cling lightly on the cheeks. For your “ultimate-sacrifice” day, simply apply spray at edges of mask before entering the store. As a courtesy, call ahead to enable store to efficiently dispose of you qua novel breathless item.

“Cleanup on aisle 5!”

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