Brian’s Column: “One Man with Courage”…

… is shamed by the mob for going maskless at the Super Bowl
By Brian R. Wright

“One man with courage makes a majority.” — Charles Lindbergh

I was always a huge fan of Tom Brady. Now I’m even MORE of a fan thanks to him so boldly refusing to wear a PC face diaper in response to the nothing-burger ‘virus’ that no medical authority has even identified (
and for which the gold standard PCR test is meaningless ( AND for which 99.76% of those who test positive have no or mild symptoms or otherwise recover completely from.

… and these statistics are WITHOUT the widely applied antimicrobial cures available and suppressed by medical authorities and public officials—who are committing crimes against humanity on the people in a state near you—, e.g.

What’s more, masks are entirely useless against viruses, as all the randomized control tests have shown. Further, masks impede breathing and cause ENORMOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS for the wearers, including ‘covid.’, plus please get the latest book–you may have to get the Nook version here:–by Dr. Judy Mikovits’ The Case against Masks. And to put it all in perspective, statistics show that “More Masks = More ‘covid.'”

Against all the mainstream superstition driving the weakminded to a vaccine that is not a vaccine, rather a murderous gene therapy experiment ( that according to many experts will kill millions and seriously injure with chronic illness 10s of millions more
( | |,
Tom Brady stands tall and provides an heroic example of supporting what is right and true against the hysterical mind-controlled collective blinded by fear and the snake oil hawked by the sadistic profit mongers of NO LIABILITY Pharma who are out to kill and maim as many of you as will let them.

If this be anti-globalist-tyranny, make the most of it.

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