Stonebeam 22: One Man with Courage

Story Shot 22, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 09 February 2021

I wasn’t going to watch the Super Bowl this year.

For one thing, the remote on my TV doesn’t seem to be working, and I can’t switch between computer screen emulation and the TV signal. And another, I’m never sure sans cable if I can pick up the channel from the antenna.

Mainly, though, I felt that league officials surrendered their balls and the balls of their players and coaches to the political correctness of covtardia… all year… in spades!

C’mon, how effing ridiculous is it to mask up players and coaches, and empty stadiums except for a few masked “privileged!!” The mask-free players on the field breathe and sweat and intersect bloodied body parts…

…but then they’re supposed to sit on the bench in ill-fitting ear loop zombie disguise to impede their breathing and destroy brain cells, and occasionally jabber with fellow jocksters. Then think about the coaches!

Good coaches have to speak, yell often, their orders and instructions.

And HEAR what other coaches are telling them.

And, of course, the players have to HEAR them, not some mumbled gobbledegook.

After a few games of the mask protocol, too many coaches were ignoring the irrational rules and either letting their masks hang low or losing their masks altogether. I remember some of them being fined, like, $50,000 by league pussy-enforcers.

If any of the coaches made a stink, we sure didn’t hear it from Pharmedia.

What of masks in general?

A minute’s research will tell you in skywriting-sized letters that not only are a) masks totally useless in filtering out viruses, b) they are SERIOUSLY HARMFUL to the health of wearers and surrounders. Facts and arguments at Two recent major knockout blows to the idea that general masking is good for us:

  • Russell Blaylock’s presentation on Citizens for Freedom of Speech.
  • Judy Mikovits’ The Case against Masks, $2.99 via Barnes&Noble Nook.

Fun Fact to Know and Tell:

CDC: Non-masking states have 30% less ‘covid’ than mask-mandatory ones.[1]

Mystery solved. The only reason people are wearing masks—even doubling and tripling up on the health-crushing buggers—is a) voluntary slavishness to authority or b) involuntary obedience to authority out of social pressure and fear of police action.

So assuming contagion is real,[2] how do we handle it? Answer: Focused Protection, similar to before the ‘covid’ contrivance came along. Ref. Great Barrington Declaration. Independent experts are speaking out, it’s our responsibility to hear what they say.

Does Superbowl Tampa Bay winning-quarterback Tom Brady know all this? Probably not. Does Aaron Rodgers, the equally esteemed 1st-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback for the Green Bay Packers know it? Not likely. But they’ve both made clear their disdain for the idiotic practice in the NFL… not to mention emptying the stands.

Aaron was interviewed a few weeks ago and directly commented on the HYPOCRISY of Nancy Pelosi taking a maskless beauty parlor sojourn and California governor Gavin Newsom going sans mask at an intimate fundraising gathering. And now Tom Terrific, pictured above, consciously dons zero mask during the entire Superbowl!

My true sports heroes. Standing vs. the shaming mask-morons of STUPID-19.

[1]  Links to the Blaylock, Mikovits, and “more masks = more ‘covid’ presentations I’ll put in

[2]  Dr. Thomas Cowan (The Contagion Myth) and others make a reasonable case for causation via Terrain Theory in conjunction with environmental ‘poisons,’ rather than the prevailing virological ‘Germ Theory.’

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