Book Review: After 9/11 Truth (2015)

The Death Star in Ashes: Humanity Rises
by Brian Wright (reviewed by the author)

After_911_Truth_Cover_Front_ReducedMore of a description than a review.  I want to hold a place in Book Reviews for my Coffee Coaster Website, and point to the book both with the intent to encourage sales and to promote the cause-oriented, 9/11 Truth movement activities that the book After 9/11 Truth founds. These activities are a ‘new model’ for achieving success for the truth—’truth’ defined simply as debunking the official story (OS) of 9/11 and beginning to empanel fully empowered grand juries to investigate and bring indictments of legitimate suspects in the case.

My aim was break the logjam in the movement of incessant talk with actions that yet produce no real prospect of a tipping point to a sea change of public opinion… that we require to obtain healing justice for the Crime of the Century. From the book jacket:

“A mission of ‘healing justice’… 
and positive life transformation.”

This is a book about driving a stake thru the heart of the on-the-ropes 900# Gorilla of the Big Lie of 9/11… which will lead to the abrupt end of other high-crime assaults on the people worldwide by the global debt-and-war lords (aka the ‘Death Star’): torture, illegal wars, climate fouling, GMO Frankenfoods, spy-and-fry RF meters, blanket surveillance, fraud media, etc.

After 9/11 Truth finishes off the pathocracy as we:

  • Note a summary of truth home runs
  • Make email lists of our respected deniers
  • Send personal requests that they:
    • Be aware of this book, After 9/11 Truth
    • View/read at least one truth work
    • Make their convictions known

Which gives you a summary of what activities the book seeds. As for a more general description, I’m going to refer the reader to, which is my landing page portal to the Amazon listing.

Synopsis and Extended Summary

This is a book of action… to further three ends: First, the specific aim to hasten the awareness of the basic truths of 9/11, then to bring ‘healing justice’ to the victims and to the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. Second, the general aim to use the tools and methods in the specific 9/11 truth campaign to roll back and prosecute other high-crime assaults directed by the globalist ‘Death Star’ on the lives and liberties of humankind. Third, and most important, leveraging our truth energies toward cathartically releasing, in each participant, positive life transformation—spirit, health, and wealth—launching humanity starward as a ‘billion+ points of light.’

This is a book that should prove crucial to bringing justice to those responsible for the attacks of 9/11/2001 (and for their victims). The book has two basic sections:

  1. laying out a brief listing and description of innumerable key presentations—videos, books, papers, oral testimony—of scientific, political, and forensic evidence that show the government’s official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is an absurd ‘pigs fly out of my butt’ cover story for a horrendous false-flag act of state terror perpetrated by a rogue cabal of US and US-allied global security-freak insiders.
  2. providing a simple process for spreading the truth about 9/11 by writing personal letters (mainly email)—based on a simple template included in the book—that make sincere requests to friends, family, esteemed acquaintances, and notables to a) seriously view or read at least one such truth presentation, then b) publicly declare their support for a real investigation to bring indictments.

The action component (item 2) in After 9/11 Truth serves to measure positive responses and then to propagate the personalized letters further, thus facilitating rapid realization of 9/11 justice. (Likely leading perpetrators of the crime have already been idenfitied, ref. Kevin Ryan’s book, Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects.)

This truth-letter closure campaign also leads to fast sales of the book.

Finally, by driving a stake thru the heart of the critically wounded 900# Gorilla of the Big Lie of 9/11, humankind sees the abrupt end of other high-crime assaults on the people worldwide by the global warlord syndicate (aka the ‘Death Star’): torture, illegal wars, climate fouling, GMO Frankenfoods, spy-and-fry RF meters, blanket surveillance, fraud media, and half a dozen other heinous acts of aggression.

So by expediting the fall of the Western Junta, After 9/11 Truth stands an excellent chance of crystalizing a benevolent New Paradigm for humankind of peace, liberty, and abundance. We reclaim our precious human lives and our future from forces that clearly have the intent to destroy us.

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