Brian’s Column: Coming to Jesus on Vaccines

Deactivating ‘compulsive mind’ on such important issues

jesus_180First, I want to apologize to those I’ve already contacted with a flurry of posts and bcc emails reacting to events of early last week (~9 February 2015) when commentators and Big Pharma pushers called for harsh measures to punish those who resist forced vaccination. [The recent hysteria calling for forced vax stems from a presumably contrived outbreak of measles at Disneyland.] I myself went straight into reactive mode at the horrifying vision of medical fascism coming full bore to the streets, homes, and schools of America.

The problem is that this mental ‘reactive’ or compulsive-mind approach merely spins the wheels of conflict, and fails to break the cycle of medical aggression or to disrupt the reactive/compulsive mind-rack of many otherwise intelligent and decent people who support such vax aggression. Instead what we need to do, particularly with the latter, is adopt what I’ve come to call a ‘Jesus Mode’ consciousness. As someone who fully understands that 99% of the human population is victimized by compulsive mind, Jesus puts himself in a position to break thru that compulsion by parables and simple logic.

Most certainly NOT what my still-bothersome tendencies have too often been: flamboyant emotion-laden language. 🙁 So again, I’m sorry, and I’m writing this column in an attempt to redeem myself by bringing the simple parables and logic to bear on the issue of vaccines.

Rising Above the Image-Emotional Mode of Consciousness

The best single article or column to address the logic of vaccines per se, and mandatory vaccines in particular is Jon Rappoport’s, “Dumbed-Down Populations Accept Outrageous Vaccine (Il)ogic.” Let me put Mr. R’s major points in the form of a questionnaire:

Did you know that…

  1. … for many diseases, when a person is given a blood test to see if he is infected, quite often the standard for infection is “presence of antibodies?”
  2. … and if vaccination produces those antibodies, it is heralded as protection… but if a diagnostic blood test reveals those same antibodies, it’s a signal of infection and disease?
  3. … nobody has shown that the body needs a vaccine in order to be prepared for the later invasion of germs (the immune system attacks germs any time they arise)?
  4. … the inference that bulking up antibodies, through vaccination, is sufficient to provide successful immune system response is not proven, it is in fact a naked assumption?
  5. … vaccination is supposedly a rehearsal for defeating a real attack, but that no need for such preparation or rehearsal to effectively defeat attacks has been established?
  6. … there is no basis for inferring that a body undergoes an effective rehearsal when vaccinated and will somehow ‘remember’ that lesson years later?
  7. … for reasons having nothing to do with vaccination, diseases for which vaccination was applied, were on the way out… due to nutrition, sanitation, other health factors?
  8. no controlled INDEPENDENT scientific study has ever been performed that demonstrates the safety or effectiveness of any vaccine?
  9. … substances in vaccines like mercury, formaldehyde, and aluminum, classified as toxic by themselves, have not been proven safe in vaccines?
  10. … no studies exist that show that the stated risks in the literature accompanying vaccines are less than the risks of the disease being vaccinated against?[1]

So that’s my simple Jesus Mode quiet logic that I put out there for all my so-called liberal friends who positively glow in the “appearance of science” conferred by their good friends in the academic and state hierarchies of authority … funded by… ???  Never guess.

[No, sadly, I’m not optimistic that many of you will convert to reason and freedom on this issue or any other, really. Intellectual authoritarianism is almost always compulsively so, and seldom yields to common sense. But maybe you’ll at least concede the nonaggression principle to those of us who prefer to be left alone by your benign, all-knowing high priests of state domination. How about it? I’d do the same for you. 🙂 ]

Some Kickers

For the past week, the Web has been abuzz with so many pointed counters to the main- stream media’s giant suckup sound (to the Big Pharma trillion-dollar fog machine). And, at the risk of once again descending into reactive mind mode—away from Jesus Mode—I’m going to take this opportunity to promote several brilliant posts contra the glitter-flicker-bang-bang medicine men du jour:

So many others, but I’m going to conclude this piece in Jesus Mode, in quiet justice mode, by excerpting from the piece by Rappoport on the spurious notion of herd immunity:

“Vaccination is, in fact, a cover story used to conceal the fact that the health of populations has everything to do with good nutrition, adequate sanitation, and an absence of toxic elements in the environment. There are many doctors who know this, but they refuse to speak out, because they know they’ll suffer consequences. Vaccination, as a propaganda strategy, is used to medicalize the population—to assert that good health is fundamentally a medical matter.

“It isn’t.

“If tomorrow, two things happened, they would change the face of health in any industrialized country: One, millions more people buying healthy food and/or growing their own food, in yards; and in inner cities, growing food in community gardens; And two, the courts delivering justice in the form of billion-dollar fines and long, long prison sentences to corporate employees (including CEOs) for severe and real pollution.

“Note: That justice would eliminate GMO crops which rely on toxic pesticide use.

“I’m not spinning rainbows. I’m just pointing out that, with these two changes alone, hospitals and clinics and doctors’ offices would empty out, and the medical cartel would finally experience vast comeuppance. Health and life are not medical functions. Any science that claims they are is false science, and the people who make those claims are liars or morons or criminals, or some combination of all three.”

Jesus Mode Says We Need Vaccine Justice

Remain calm and focused on legitimate health concerns. Reject the vaccine ‘Hystericons.’ Investigate and indict (via fully empowered grand jury) CDC officials, pharma chieftains, government figures, and media personnel who have participated in massive scientific fraud—hiding data that shows horrific vaccine dangers. And forcefully poisoning large populations. When the facts are known, a lot of these high profiteers on the people’s suffering will be going away to pound sand for a long, long time.

[1] To be consistent with my 9/11 Truth-Letter Closure campaign questionnaire—because it is proving so effective in removing knee-jerk compulsion from people’s minds, I’m calling these special ‘Did you know’ lists ‘trance breakers’ :)—I’m going to include two “Now What?” actions:

Because the above statements of fact are undisputed by any reasonable person, I shall:

  1. read a vaccine truth work, e.g. Suzanne Humphries Dissolving Illusions ___
  2. publicly declare for vaccine truth… and freedom from forced injections ___

Signed: __________________________________.
Also please sign the White House petition to ban forced vaccinations.

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